Thursday, August 19, 2021



ABOVE:  yep.  I have not read the news yet this morning.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that our numbers of infected people hasn't sky rocketed!

This is so true!  Stop raiding the supermarkets like twats.  Shop normally!

Leave some of the damn loo paper, flour, bread, butter etc for other people too.

Today I am going to do some sewing!  Maybe I'll make a table runner. Or carry on with a cot quilt I started a couple of months ago.

Either way... I need to get back into it, and get productive again.

12.33 pm :  Well I've had a busy morning doing housework.
Stew had to go into work to get case files to work on at home.
There's queues outside supermarkets.
Glad we don't have to get anything.

Waiting for the 1 pm update from the government on case numbers etc.

It looks like the Delta variant of Covid has been in the community for at least 2 weeks!  So, there is bound to be more cases out there. 

ABOVE:  Stew just put his new number plates on his car.  Looks so neat!

Now... we are both sitting waiting for the latest Covid update on telly...

Well... 12 more cases, and a fairly good idea how Delta arrived in New Zealand.  It looks like it was a traveller from Australia, but how that person managed to spread Covid to our community is still unknown.
Also, it is still up in the air as to how far this community spread has progressed.

We find out tomorrow if our lockdown will get extended or not.

Now... back to my movie!

This afternoon I started a new runner.  I'm feeling really happy, it is fun.
I will show you tomorrow what it is gunna be.

For now... my lower back is killing me from all the bending over involved with cutting out patterns and fabric, bla bla bla.

Stew (the poor bugger) has been tasked with cooking dinner tonight.  Lamb cutlets and veges.

10.45 pm:  Stew and I are totally hooked on a new channel on the TV.  It has cop shows on it... Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Law and Order etc.  I don't think we have watched anything else in the evening for a couple of months now!  Well... except I still do watch Coronation Street!  
Can't break a habit of 58 years can I?

First time I watched Coronation Street I was 4 years old!  It came on after the News.  I still remember it.  Black and White TV.  Ena Sharples, Minnie Caldwell, Albert Tatlock, Annie Walker and so many more!

Right ... enough reminiscing, time to sign off for the day.


  1. I took the exact same toilet paper photo a year ago!

  2. No one bothers to even look at the numbers now. We're just like oh so and so has/had covid.

  3. Thank goodness I have supplies of everything here and will get deliveries when I need more stuff. I don't want to go near a supermarket!

  4. The rush on loo paper cracks me up....why they making it everyday.
    Im completely out of bread and butter, so will ring local supervalue see if there order has arrived yet although I think its usually Friday. Other wise that is all i need.

  5. I had to go today to get a few items and since both my closest Countdowns have been closed for deep cleaning as they are places of interest , I went to the one near Siobhan's work, pretty well stocked except for mince and chicken (apart from fancy organic stuff at $ 20 for 2 small pieces). Good thing I did go then, they have just been advised that they are also a place of interest so will have to close for a deep clean too.

  6. Oh how I wish the USA would be this concerned…..

  7. Anonymous1:07 PM

    681 cases in NSW, 0 in Qld

  8. Just finished work Happy Lockdown Birthday to me 🤣🤣💙💙

  9. I pray for your lockdown to be extended. Twelve more people?? Ugh. And you know there are more that didn't get tested or know they were exposed or are asymptomatic and so on! You can start eating all that stuff in the back of the cabinets and freezer! Then - just make sure you always have a couple weeks of food on hand (which you probably already have). A few boxes of pasta - and you are set!

  10. We are so lucky here in WA...1 lockdown of 3 days in 2 years. Always have extra in pantry just in case though.


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