Thursday, October 01, 2020


 Well... The OLD MOO is certainly coming along well since last week's little dip!

Last night she was having a right bitch about not being able to go shopping.  In fact, she tried blaming Ron and me!

It was all our fault apparently.

So... I do wonder if she will try and get us to take her out today?

If we do, we will have to go to a mall and use a loaner wheelchair, to get her in and out of the shops.

I must admit I am dying to check out the shops.  I walked past quite a few in the mall a couple of days ago on my way to the supermarket.

There were some really LOVELY clothing shops... I was virtually drooling! 😂😉😊

I'm sure I've not mentioned this yet?  I LOST 5 kilos while in Quarantine!!!

5 KILOS.  Sure proves I was starved in there.  Even if I ate everything that came through that door, I would have still lost weight, I'm sure.

Probably the only positive thing about Quarantine was:  it kick started me into eating less.  And I've certainly carried that on since I arrived here at Mum and Ron's.

When I saw the Doctor the other day she said I was to stop my diabetes medication, as I was having too many lows.  Which meant I didn't need the medication while following a very low carb, no sugar diet.

I'm happy about that.

So anyway, back to today.  We MIGHT end up going shopping with Mum, if at all possible.  If not, I will take a couple of hours 'time out', and go on my own.  As long as Ron's OK with that.


9.29 pm:  Well there's not been any talk to shopping so far today. Mum woke for her breakfast and is now napping again.

We had forecast rain, and it arrived!

ABOVE:  LOL, ya probably can't even tell it's raining by the photos, but it sure is!  Quite heavy too.  And it's gotten cold!  Brrrrr.  Got me jacket back on. 

ABOVE:  Saw it on Facebook, had to laugh.  Reminded me of the chicken and the road ... and we still don't know why it crossed the road!  😂😆😏

I got out to the mall after lunch.  I was only out for one hour exactly, so that I didn't leave Ron alone with Mum too long.
I managed to find something for Brylee's birthday tomorrow.  She will just have to wait for it to arrive in the post though.

ABOVE:  Ya know you're in another country when ya see this!  lol  We sure don't have Koala's in New Zealand.

After getting home from the shops.... it's been rough.
I don't even want to talk about how confronting it's been today. 😟😞😒
I just wanted to cry this afternoon.  And go home.

6.34 pm:  did some editing. Thanks *** CRANKY ***.

Ron cooked dinner tonight. We had roast chicken drumsticks, roast potatoes and veges.  So yummy.  I smeared Whitlocks Caramelised Onion on top of mine.  Evil shit that is!!!

I'm signing off early again... cos I'm just over today!


  1. Morning Mum, Grandmar and Ron,
    Hope shopping goes well today if you end up going..

    Wow 5kgs that's awesome Mum...

  2. Oh Boy! I hope your Mom can go. That would be splendid. Probably the hardest part would be getting in/out of the car. Once she is in a chair at the shopping place the hard work will be up to you! HAHA. But - shopping.... Worth it! If she is ANYTHING like you this could be a VERY FUN DAY! Take pictures, even if you just drool over it and don't buy it.

  3. I hope your day goes well and that you can get out with your Mum. Well done too on the eating and weight loss -- at least some positives came out of that damned quarantine!

  4. Chris well done on the weight loss, consider it a real plus for your health, health is everything as I am sure you’re well aware of, very proud of you. Marie

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    The garden is absolutely stunning! Good job on the weight loss. Sarah

  6. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud. Even a quarantine one.
    Your mum and Ron's place is absolutely stunning. What beautifully maintained gardens.

  7. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I told you that you had lost weight 😉 man that place of Ron's and THE OLD MOO is gorgeous 😍 so relaxing for you. How's Brylee's cooking for Stew going? George's Mum.

  8. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Quarantine Australia was worth it for the weight loss but disgusting food. You mums place is amazing and much cuedos to her and Ron for all that work to establish it over the years. Wow. A beautiful place to be Chris. Kj

  9. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Xx 💜 💙 Ma
    #Lacy 💙

    1. Ditto what Lacy said.

    2. Anonymous10:02 PM

      thanks Lynda xx
      #Lacy 💙

  10. Hang in there. It's the hardest thing in the world to do but we get there. You're strong. You'll make it 💛

  11. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Stay strong Chris, you can do this. Every day will have it's ups and downs, just remember you are being a loving and caring daughter, and your Mum and Ron appreciate everything you are doing for them. Take care
    Jane G

  12. Anonymous8:47 PM

    It’s truly horrendous, it’s horrible in every way. Ask for more help in caring for your Mum so you can comfort her.Jo x

  13. Kiwionholidays8:47 PM

    Hang in there
    Chris , and remember it’s not personal what goes down or is said ,,,or done etc , and being there I know it’s easier said than done but know the love care and support you all give each other will give you extra strength to pace yourself and try and get some quiet time to keep in touch with Stew and your kind support back home

    Love the tranquility as you do but you need some hugs as well 🌹🌹💐💐


  14. 🥰🤗 never forget what a wonderful job you are doing xx

  15. Hang in there kiddo. Your mum is dealing with the drugs, the disease and the fear. She will say things that hurt that she wouldn't normally. Even if she bitches and moans don't give up. Ron needs support and you are doing the best you can. Caring for someone in the final stage of life is a privilege but not an easy task. She brought you into the world and you have the task of seeing her out of it. Be proud. Be brave. And be gentle with yourself.

    1. I so agree with this comment. It's extremely difficult and painful emotionally. Try and grab some space for yourself even if it us just a walk to get the mail. Xx

  16. I agree so much with sparklingmerlot's comment. My hubby was the same, so I know what you are experiencing. Sending you love and courage to do this. Hugz Mxx

  17. I hope some retail therapy was pleasant and distracting at least xxxxx

    1. No it wasn't! I rushed rushed rushed... just to get a gift for Brylee's birthday tomorrow. She may not get it right now, but I wanted her to know I was thinking of her on her special 20th Birthday tomorrow. I was out for exactly 1 hour... and got told off on my return for not taking her too! *sigh*

  18. So sorry, very upsetting.

    If “shopping” is triggering for her, maybe just tell her you are going for a walk. Or going back to the doctor.

    1. Frigg... what a damn good idea! Thanks for that.

  19. I just hope your Mum will be able to go shopping with you one of these days. It would be good for everyone. Can those helper people (not sure what they are called) help you get her out and about?


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