Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 Yesterday Ron and I had jobs to do.

The biggest and most important one was visiting the Funeral Home and making a start on organising Mum's funeral.

And can you believe it?  We got almost everything sorted out.

Mum's funeral will be this Friday at 2 pm.  The minister visited us yesterday afternoon and we worked on, and finalised the service.

Readings/songs/eulogies etc. All done.

I couldn't believe how easy it went. Such a relief.

Now we just have to sort out the 'wake', to be held at Ron's Daughter's home.

We are 'live streaming' the funeral so family far and wide can 'attend'.  How amazing is modern technology!

The other really BIG thing I had to do was apply to New Zealand Immigration for a 'quarantine booking' for my return home.

That is a new step recently added for people returning to New Zealand. I already had a return flight booked for the end of November.  I really thought I would be here much longer than this!

So, I had to try and get an earlier flight.  I was really worried I might not be able to.

But... I am flying HOME on the 30th of October!

Two weeks and two days until I am on New Zealand soil again.  Then I have to do the mandatory two weeks in quarantine in Auckland.

I will be FREE to leave quarantine on the 13th of November.

I have cried and cried over this... I just want to be home again. 

I want to feel Stew's arms around me, giving me the biggest ever hug.  ***31 DAYS to go.***


I got some really comforting news last night.

My Brother-in-law, Richard, has flown in from Western Australia to comfort his daughter Maxine, who sadly did not get out of Quarantine in time to see her Grandmother before she passed away.

He has always been 'there' when we need him.  His help over the coming days will be invaluable.

Today's 'jobs' for me are to order food for the 'wake'. Arrange viewing times for us to see Mum again.  And find out why I'm having so much trouble using my damn phone!

I can call and text some people, but not others.  It's very frustrating. 

1.32 pm:  I went out this morning and organised the food and drink for after the service on Friday.

That's another BIG job done.

I have arranged a viewing for us and my niece and BIL for later this afternoon.

I've paid my Australian Quarantine Fee. 

I bought a 2nd suitcase for my return home.

Telstra didn't know why my phones not working properly.  I give up on that one.  There's plenty of other ways to contact people at the end of the day.

Ron and I went on a 'reccy to the Crematorium ... it's easy to find.

Home now and just going to wait till it's time to go into town for our viewing of Mum.

My niece Christina said to me the other day, after Mum died ... "Look for the signs, Grandma is still hanging around you"... and today while Ron and I were sitting outside on the deck having lunch, this freakin' blue butterfly kept just flying around us.

Over and over again, for half an hour at least.

***Blue*** is my favourite colour, and it was Mum's too.

ABOVE: I don't know if you can see the butterfly that clearly in both photos.  It is very clear in the Left hand photo though.

Maxine (Niece) and Richard (BIL) arrived into Coffs Harbour around midday. Ron and I met up with them at the Funeral home and we all went and saw Mum again.
Then it was back to the house for a chat and then dinner.

They are now on their way to their accommodation, Ron is driving them back.  I opted to stay home as my head is pounding.

I will be heading off to bed early... it's become a bit of a habit. Ron goes to bed very early so I just follow suit.
I sit in bed and listen to music, watch some YouTube videos etc till I'm ready to turn out the light.


  1. This might be a silly question, but under the circumstances, Is Stew allowed to quarantine with you?

  2. Barbara Anne7:46 AM

    I'm glad all has been worked out for your Mum's funeral as well as for your return to NZ on Oct. 30.
    Will Ron be able to safely stay in the house he shared with your Mum or will he be moving - making it necessary to clear out the house? If this is so, hope your remaining time in OZ will allow you to do all that's needed.


  3. Yeh!!!!!!! Bring on the 13th of Nov!!! 💙

  4. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Oh goodness Chris I admire your energy considering what you are going through best wishes to you all 💞 George's Mum.

    1. Keeping busy will help me get through this.

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I’m glad things worked out well for you yesterday, it’s not an easy time. Hopefully you will get a chance to at least get your feet wet at the beach. Look after yourself and Ron over the next two weeks.

  6. I know this has been a strain but thankfully you have been able to make all the arrangements and then return home to those you love and love you and will comfort you. You all will be in my prayers this Friday. And I am glad you were able to get your flight changed to Oct 30th and quarantine arrangements all set up too. Hugs! Dawn Pinnataro, Albany, Georgia USA

  7. Sending love. If you need anything just give me a call. I can message you my number. xx

  8. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Glad things are doable it certainly makes life easier, Take care Chris xx

  9. there is always so much to do, but luckily you are there and getting things done. So much sadness right now but reuniting with Stew and everyone will be very beneficial xxxxxxx

  10. It will a hectic few days but keeping busy is good. Be prepared for the few days after the funeral when all of a sudden you have time to sit down & think, that is when the grief will hit you again. I am glad you are going to be there for a few days after the service because Ron will need some company, especially of someone who loved your Mum as much as he did and understands the pain of losing her.

  11. Anonymous3:49 PM

    When my parents died our kids called the wake an after party, that name has stuck. I hope your days continue to go smoothly, are you having a eulogy? Take care, Jo xx

    1. Jo, that is a great way refer to someone's life. I want my wake to be an after party!

  12. I'm sad that Maxine didn't get to see your Mum but hopefully she can get to the funeral. It's great that everything is coming together and that you have a 'home' and 'Stew' date! I'm sure you will be able to see him over a fence or something when you are in quarantine here - it seems others do that. You can also get food from outsiders apparently, I read that one lady had every single meal delivered to her by family because she hated the food. Hopefully your food experience won't be as bad as Australia.

  13. As others have said it will be a crazy few days but then you and Ron can sit down in relative peace and quiet and remember mum. Then home to your beloved Stew and all the kids and grandkids knowing you have done an amazing job. I really believe that helping someone leave this world with love and dignity is a greater gift than bringing someone into it.

  14. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Christina is so very very right 💙💜
    #Lacy 💙

  15. I still get the butterflies around and believe it is a
    sign - and the day of Peters funeral the cemetery flooded and couldn’t bury him so bought him home again for a couple more days - felt that was a huge sign from him.

    Thinking of you all xx

  16. That blue butterfly is definitely a sign that your mum is still around. How beautiful for you and Ron. I hope that you found some comfort from its visit. Paula

  17. I do believe you Mum is still around. These signs are comforting.
    My mum sends me feathers.

  18. Yes im sure the blue butterfly is your mum saying she is fine. Xxx hugs

  19. Consider cooking extra with each meal the next two weeks and stocking his freezer with individual meals. Maybe you are already doing that.

  20. Anonymous8:42 PM

    That's awesome a out the visit from the blue butterfly.i totally believe and have had signs before. Love you Chris. Kj

  21. The butterfly is gorgeous things are definitely falling into place it is a great comfort to Ron I’m sure you being there.
    A home date fantastic for all x

  22. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I love the fact you had a sign from your mum. I strongly believe that our loved ones do that for us. My grandparents died within three weeks of each other, and as my mum and I were clearing out their house after their joint funeral, two white butterflies flew in the open bedroom window and fluttered around. I knew it was them. Your mum is just letting you know that she’s ok xx
    AllyS. Melbourne

  23. Lovely butterfly! (Take care)

  24. What a whirlwind. So glad you were able to get there in time and have some time with mom. Won't be long until you are home.


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