Tuesday, October 06, 2020


 Late yesterday afternoon I decided to get out of the house and set foot on the soil ... first time that day!

I thought I'd wander down past the clothesline...

ABOVE:  I wasn't sure how far I could go before running out of track.

ABOVE:  I couldn't go too far in fact.  But I was enjoying taking a few photos of new growth, and the lovely trees on the property.

Then this happened:

ABOVE:  I was like, OH HELL NO... I'm outta here!
BUT, being the very diligent blogger that I am... I gathered my wits about me, took a deep gulp, and went back and took a photo and a video.  You can all thank me now.

ABOVE: Of course, this means wandering down THAT track is no longer an option!

If there's more of those monsters I'm staying inside the house, thank you very much!  I mean, doesn't it look friggin EVIL?

Now... as per usual, it's too early for me to comment on my forthcoming day's activities.
They are pretty much the same most days.

Care for Mum.

Sit with Mum.

Field countless messages, emails, texts, phone calls and so on about Mum.  
I'm doing my very best to keep everyone up to date, let me assure you all.


EXHAUSTED... and it's only 6.45 in the morning.
Mum has been awake since about 3 am.  Not in pain thankfully, just having a rough night with delirium and other issues.
Hopefully she's now going to settle down and have a rest.  

I just went to get fresh bread out of the chest freezer in the laundry.  And DAMN!
It's totally defrosted.  Lost everything.
Last time it was moved to access inside of it, it must have unplugged from the wall.
So that just added to a shitty start to the day.

5.04 pm:  Mum got admitted to Bellingen Hospital today. It is a Rehabilitation Hospital.   Ron and I were both allowed in today to settle her in.
After today, she is only allowed ONE VISITOR per day, so we will have to take it in turns to see her.
That sucks.

But at least she is getting better care that Ron and I can provide her right now.

I'm rather tired today, it's been busy as.

ABOVE:  These two adore each other.  It's just so heartbreaking that they have to be apart right now.

I'm now going to try and relax for a little while before getting our dinner.

The day is done.  It's been a bit fraught really, so all going well, Ron and I will get a good sleep tonight.


  1. YIKES! What a bummer you won't walk that trail anymore - Everything is so incredibly beautiful. And so well maintained. It's just amazing!

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    When I was in WA they had bird eating spiders! I never saw one thank goodness.

  3. OMG bigger than the palm of your hand? That would be a nope for me and I'm not usually scared of spiders lol

  4. Don't forget the snakes... that's what would freak me out! Oh how I love that we don't have them in New Zealand. Have a good day -- I hope your Mum has a good day too :)

  5. Keep a look out for giant goannas as well!
    Hope mum has a better day than she did the night.

  6. We saw lots of those spiders in Sydney a few years back, they were in the trees above a board walk, apparently the park rangers walk through each morning with a stick above their heads to clear the cobwebs that have come too low!!! It was the fastest walk I have ever done, there were hundred of the spiders. The yard there is beautiful, I hope your Mum has a good day today.

  7. The garden is so pretty .... even with those delightful eight-legged creatures lurking.

    Sorry to hear that your Mum has had a restless night. Fingers crossed she manages to get some quality sleep today.

    I can totally empathise re the freezer incident ... I've had that happen twice to us now - once because the door wasn't shut properly and once because someone dislodged the plug when doing something in the garage. If there was a lot in the freezer, make sure to take photos and contact the insurance company - the loss may be covered by insurance.

    I hope your day improves!

  8. Anonymous12:28 PM

    In all my years I’ve never been bitten by a spider or snake. The freezer is just sheer bad luck, I’m so sorry it’s added to your worries. My Mum had dreadful delirium, at night when she was in hospital this woman who was not tech savvy in any shape or form scrolled through her phone found my number and called me in the middle of the night to tell me people were stealing her money. That’s just 1 of her delirium antics, scary as hell for us but they said not for her. Take care Chris, Jo x

  9. Bugger about the freezer - still, remember not so long ago when it happened at your place, you used it as the opportunity to cook up as much as possible so here is another opportunity to get some meals prepped or part prepped for you guys :-).

    Hopefully your Mum is feeling much better later today.

  10. Oh no,so sorry your day started off so bad. Hope it gets better and you can get out today and take a walk in the gardens

  11. Oh gosh, what a nightmare. Remember to clean the "secret' spots so a giant stench is avoided.

  12. Hope there wasnt much in the freezer that got spoiled. Hope today hasnt been to stressfull. Xx

  13. So sorry to hear about your mum and the restrictions they have in place! :(

  14. Kiwionholidays7:58 PM

    The rest you and Ron get now , will recharge you both to spend some lovely time back with Mum in Bellingen Without the stress of trying to be nurses and Drs,

    She is in great hands and feel for you all,

    Bellingen is a quieter spot than Coffs ,,,so nice for her to be there In a more relaxed place


  15. So sorry to hear Chris. Trusting they will be able to keep her comfortable and pain free and give her the care that she needs at this moment. You and Ron take care and get some rest xxx

  16. I'm a very slack commenter but I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you Chris xx

  17. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Sorry to hear that thinks got worse as the day progressed Chris. Hopefully you and Ron can get a good nights rest after sorting that freezer out and knowing that your mum is being looked after.


  18. Sorry to read will be a worrying time for you poor Ron and here’s to some sleep/ rest the old moo is in great hands there too x

  19. One visitor a day, that's a shame you couldn't both go at different times or something? What a gorgeous photo of the two of them together.

  20. Just read your update re your mum sorry to hear she is in hospital care ❤

  21. Sorry to hear Mom is back in hospital. Take care.

  22. Sorry to hear that Mum is in the hospital. There is relief in knowing she is safe and sound and in the best hands. Rest up and put your feet in the sea as you ready for her return. Take care!

  23. Sorry to read your Mother is now in hospital, she is in the best place right now for the case she needs. One visitor a day restrictions is upsetting for her and for you and Ron. It will give you both the time you need to rest and recharge your batteries. Thinking of you all


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