Friday, October 09, 2020


 I did not sleep well again last night.

I'm going to be a walking ZOMBIE soon.

But never mind.

Ron and I will be heading back to the hospital first thing this morning.

Fingers crossed Mum's had a good night.

Anyone in the family reading this, I will be giving you all an update ONCE I've seen her and had a report from the nurses on how she's been overnight.

NO more texts asking for personal updates all day long OK?  I'm damn well over having added stress heaped on me.

This is HARD.  I am doing the best I can.  

ABOVE:  Last night's dinner. Darling (Stew), from now on lets not peel the cucumbers!  They are just fine with the skin on. 😋

ABOVE:  I mean... can you IMAGINE it?  OMG.

And on that funny note, I'm out of here.  Time to hit the road.


4.00 pm:

ABOVE: Well, the butterflies lied.  We've had NO RAIN at all.  Not even a suggestion of rain.
It's stinking hot again today.

Ron and I got to the hospital around 8 am today.
Mum is again having a 'sleeping' day.  But so thankful, she is in no pain most of the time.

I cannot stress how much I LOVE all the nurses and doctors at Bellingen Hospital!  They truly are angels on earth.  So loving, so caring, so KIND.

It's now late afternoon, I've got the washing in that's been out there for two days... almost time to sort out some dinner for Ron and I.
And then?


All done.  Dinner.  Checking in with family. Relaxing.  Off to bed in a couple of hours, maybe less.  Signing off cos I'm damn tired.  Story of my life right now. 


  1. Oh the girls would be cute lamas tho lol. Xx

    1. Haha imagine Chris's reaction if the girls came back from the groomers like that :-)

  2. I saw my father through illness by myself. I was the only family member in the area. It is hard. You are doing an amazing job and you're stronger than you think. After my Dad passed, I knew that I could fall asleep at night knowing that I was there and did everything that I could to make him feel loved. I feel for you. To be strong around someone who is so weak is hard. Just remember that you need to take care of yourself and don't have to be so strong when you're not with her. It's ok to break down and have a cry. I hope that you get some good quality sleep soon. Take care.

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Good Morning DCR 😊
    I want a Llama now lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  4. Morning Mum,Ron and dearest Grandma..
    Hope you have a good day..

    Love Kelly and the Girls.

  5. Thinking of you Chris, sending hugs 🤗

  6. In my thoughts as always today, Chris! xx

  7. Hope you get some rest soon. You got to take of yourself too. Sending prayers for your family.

  8. I hope your day is going well and who peels cucumbers? LOL... I'm with you at the moment with not sleeping -- I sure hope a get a good night's sleep tonight.

  9. Kiwionholidays4:33 PM

    Loved your dress yesterday, colours are beautiful,

    Hope you are having a fab day with Mum,,Chris

    Lovely dinner done for you last night

    Talking of llamas Lacy last year at this time,,, booked in to a motel just out of Oamaru ,,,woke up to lambs baaing then out other window were Llamas 🦙

    Fab really town like n country all in one ,,

    Take care You and Ron n Mum n all the families back home

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Anonymous6:02 PM

      thanks #Kiwionholidays xx 💜 💙
      I think they a pretty neat looking fluff balls 😊
      #Lacy 💙

  10. Anonymous6:24 PM

    what a lovely video, so peaceful and yea...and so miss your voice Ma xx💙💜
    #Lacy 💙

  11. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I'm thinking of you all the time. It is so awesome that you can be there. Hope you get some sleep soon. Kj

  12. It is good that your mum is getting good care from the team at the hospital, so that you and Ron can be there for her.


  13. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Glad to hear your Mum is being so well looked after by these amazing nurses. When my mum was in the hospice they were so kind, offering her different meals if she didn't fancy what was on the menu, and sometimes the lovely cook would even bring in ingredients from her own home. Dad used to say, if we asked them to provide a limousine to drive her around Inverness town they would somehow make it happen! Hope you are able to get a decent rest soon to keep your strength up. Lacy, you do suit your glasses, it's a whole new world when you can see properly ! I hope things are going ok for Steve and Bex too, and that Stewart and Brylee are coping without you - they will all be missing you so much but know you are doibg a wonderful thing for your Mum and Ron. Take care
    Jane G

  14. Hope you had a more rested night. Glad to hear mom is being well cared for. Take care.


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