Sunday, October 04, 2020


 I'm now in turmoil.

I'm here in Australia to be with and help care for my Mum.

Meanwhile back in New Zealand our son Steve is having another bad flare up of his Pancolitis... and I desperately want to be there too.

Bawled my eyes out last night, just so TORN... I want and need to be here... but I so badly want to be there for him too.

If things don't settle down for him, he MIGHT have to go into hospital and have his lower bowel removed.  

So, please if you pray... pray for him.

If you cross ya fingers and toes... do that too!

I'm crossing EVERYTHING for a good outcome... that he just needs his medications tweaked.

Not sure yet how Mum went overnight, I haven't ventured out of my bedroom yet.  When I went to bed she was a bit restless and needed a little more medication to help her settle.

So, we might end up with another sleepy day today?

Just another day where anything can happen.


OMLord... it got HOT today!

So the start of the day was quite good.  We got Mum her breakfast, all clean and tidy for the day, then she had a morning nap.

While she was napping I took 'time out' and went to the Plaza to try and find some bed jackets for her.

BED JACKETS?  Ha ha ha!  None anywhere.  So I will go to 'town' in a couple of days and see if I can find anything there.

While I was out I did get her a couple of lightweight cotton cardigans to act as bed jackets in the meantime.

And I might have bought myself something too...

ABOVE:  It was (of course) a SALE... buy one, get the 2nd one half price.  I fell in love with the dress and really didn't think it would look good on me at all... but it does! And the top is just lovely too. 

Ahhh, retail therapy, there is nothing like it! 😊😏😄

Have I said how good THE OLD MOO  has been today?  When she had her awake moments (and they are just moments at this time), she has been really clear headed and responsive.  So neat to know she is aware of us and can have a little conversation.

Seems no one is killing her today at all!  😂😅😆

I had hoped to get to visit the sea today after being at the Plaza, BUT no.  I was running out of time.  So maybe tomorrow or the next day that will happen.

It's crazy, I sit here and look at it half the day, and I've not even set foot on the beach yet. 

We just had a lovely dinner of corned beef reheated with bacon and onion, mixed leaf salad and hot potato.

I'm going to call it a night here... and get me poor, swollen feet up.


  1. Sandy in the USA7:34 AM

    Oh boy what a dilemma for you, a difficult situation. Hopefully Steve will be feeling better after seeing the doctor and revising his meds, it sounds like he's having a rough time of it too. Try not to get yourself stressed out because then YOU might end up ill as well and it could all prove to be too much. What is your gut feeling? If you start to feel that you need to leave for home, maybe that's what you should do. Is it possible to leave Ron with some daily help from a visiting nurse if needed? It's exhausting trying to take care of everyone.

  2. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I am so sorry to hear that Steve's illness has cropped up and I hope the doctors can get him feeling better soon. I know this must be so hard on you but know that he is surrounded by so many who love him and he seems to have good care and good doctors. I send Steve the best of wishes that this is soon behind him.

    And I send the best of wishes for your mum, you and Ron that your mum is not in pain today and that she is able to spend time with you and that she has restful nights. That is so important.

    Hang in there Chris, you are sent love and peace and calming wishes. XO, Ky Girl

  3. Oh, no. Praying that it is just a medication adjustment. Erin

  4. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Very difficult for you Chris but you know where you are needed most. You will never have this time with your mum again. I will be thinking of Steve and hoping they can treat this quickly and without invasive surgery.

  5. Kiwionholidays9:22 AM

    Much love and prayers for you all Chris
    Hopefully Steve’s May be due to medication ,,,and you will feel better once the Specialists have him sorted again,
    Thinking of him and Bex and family too


  6. I am so very sorry that Steve is having troubles. You really are in a difficult spot. If you return to New Zealand and have to sit in quarantine for 2 weeks - I think that would be worse, because you won't able to be with ANYONE. Hang tight.
    Steve - get better! I am sending healing thoughts your way...

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM

      U agree with you, Dogstars. Imagine being stuck in quarantine in NZ with your Mum sick in Oz and Steve sick in Hamilton and not being able to be with either of them. Hopefully the doctors can sort out Steve's issues quickly again. Audrey

  7. Dogstars makes a good point. Steve has good doctors, Bex, Stew and other family. Your mum has you and Ron. I fully understand as a mother you want to be with your kid (they are always kids to us!) but your mum really needs you now, too. Even if sometimes she says otherwise - that's the meds talking. Such a difficult decision. Crossing everything for the best outcome for Steve and that you won't have to make that decision.

  8. Oh sorry hear about Steve everything crossed for him. Not wat you wanting when you so fanr away but someone else said quarantine would be horrid if you did head neeed be with ya mum. Steve Bex and boys know y u there and Stew Brylee will do what they can and fill your shoes at home

  9. You are all in my prayers, & crossing my fingers & toes. Dawn from Albany, Ga USA

  10. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Feel better soon Steve.
    For bedjackets look in Millers or Myer Dept as well thats where I have bought but...prob out of season now

  11. Oh it is so hard to be both a daughter and a mom, when both your mom and your son need you. I pray that your son heals and that he won't need surgery and that you find some peace in these difficult days.

  12. Awwwww you do what’s best for you xx
    The dress is utterly gorgeous. What’s about done shrugs or crop top cardigans? Shawl? Pashmina and brooch

  13. Thinking of you. The old saying - It doesn't rain but it pours etc. Yep Murphy's Law etc. Take care and try not to stress. Love the dress and love the top even more. That spot of retail therapy was good for you. xx

  14. Kiwionholidays6:04 PM

    Well what fabulous shopping you ended up bringing back to Mum and Ron’s ,
    Really brightens up your day to get such bargains as well.

    You may have to look up local directory for somewhere to get those bed jackets as it’s more summer things now probably in the malls .
    I am sure you will fare better in town too,

    Love that Mum is having a happy day with you ones as well,

    Take care

    Cheers 🥂

  15. Is there any way to get your mom to the sea? Bring chairs, blankets, umbrella - and plant yourselves somewhere for an hour or so?

    1. NO. Mum is completely bedridden.

  16. I'm sorry to hear that Steve is unwell again. Thank goodness they are living close to family now though so there is more support. Do try to get to the water - there is a beautiful jetty there (Coffs Harbour Jetty) I have a photo of my Stu on it!

  17. Hi Chris - praying for Steve to get better quickly. Thinking of you - hugs

  18. Sending love and hugs to all and prayers tonight x

  19. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Oh Wow Chris.those new clothes are beautiful. My thoughts are with you all. Virtual hugs. Kj

  20. Hope Steve ok and gets well soon.
    Hope those poor feet of yours are OK, take care.

    Sending love.

  21. I'm sorry to hear that Steve isn't well at the moment and sending positive thoughts that he's feeling a lot better soon. I love your new clothes ... do you mind me asking the name of the shop? Would love to see if they have a website.

    1. Ts14+ in NZ ... Its called Taking Shape in Aussy

    2. Thanks Chris 🙂

  22. Love the 2nd one with the black stripes. Glad you got to get out and do some shopping :)


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