Wednesday, October 28, 2020


 I remembered late yesterday that I had a sewing kit in my luggage.  From when I was going to do some sewing while over here!

ha ha... like that happened.  I posted all my fabric home when I realised I was not going to do any sewing.

Anyway, I decided last night to stitch Mum's little lock of hair into the soft toy right there and then:

ABOVE:  Now safely inside the Koala.  CeeEm is going to be my special Marsupial from now on.
Seems Koalas are not Bears!  Thanks for the info Dee. 😊

ABOVE:  The Family Pyromaniac at it AGAIN last night.  And Amanda with her 'littles'. 

Now... what am I gunna get up to today?  I know I said I couldn't be arsed going out and about again... BUT... the days drag if I stay inside.

AND as ya all know, I'm going to be stuck inside in Quarantine for two weeks soon enough, so I suppose I really should be getting out while I can. 

So... I checked out the price of taking a train into the city from out here (at the airport).  And bugger me, it's around $50!  One way.  Yeah, NAH.

I think I might head off to a different mall, one much closer to here instead.

I know most malls are similar, but at least it's somewhere to spend some time.

OR... or... I might just get a freakin' taxi into the city and go to Paddy's Market!  It's no more expensive to do that than catch a train, which I'd have to walk a distance to catch.

Lesson learnt from yesterday though, DON'T  catch a taxi at 8.30 in the morning!  Rush hour traffic... it takes LONGER, so ya pay more.

I will just kill time here till after 9, then go.

Great.  I have a plan for the day.


ABOVE: I have me walking shoes on.  Let's see where they take me!  And the patches?  Ironed on to cover the holes me big toes make. 

Because I decided to take a train, I left earlier than 9 am.
AND...  I walked 20 minutes to Mascot train station...


2 pm:  And sheesh!  I'm exhausted.
I caught the train to Central Station, got off and walked over to Paddy's Market.

ABOVE: That was an hour of my life I'm never getting back.  It was boring as f*#k.  Half the stalls were shut up.  And the other half were all the same shit... fruit and veges, electronics and cheap knock off clothes. Bugger all else.
Though !!! ... I did find something there that I loved and bought for Christmas presents.

So after wandering around there for a little while, I walked downtown to Pitt Street Mall.
It was a good walk.

You really can't get lost when you use Google Maps, and get directions from Point A to Point B.
Gotta love Google Maps.

Pitt Street Mall... OMG.  TOO MANY SHOPS ... in every direction.  Left, Right, Up, Down, Sideways you name it.   I finally gave up and just went to my favourite shop, Taking Shape.

And yeah... got some more clothes.  Seems I'm fixated on clothes right now.  Taking Shape had quite a few 'last seasons' clothes on sale, so I took advantage of that.
As ya do.

ABOVE:  A very pretty Arcade off Pitt Street.  It was full of jewellery shops, eateries and not much else.
I saw a Shoe Shine man!  Never seen one of them before.

ABOVE:  Seriously, I can't even remember what that building was.  I used it as a 'compass' point for my journey back to the train station.

ABOVE:  OMG!  Pikachu! I went in that shop, thinking Dante and Archer would flip for a really simple Pikachu bag.  Picked up the smallest Pikachu bag and asked for it's price?
And yeah, it stayed in the shop.
They were more 'ladies' bags really. 

ABOVE:  I got another nice view of the harbour as we passed on the train.  Derr, forgot to turn off the flash.

It's now 2.13 pm and I'm going to put my feet up for a while and just listen to music.

6.45 pm:  And well.... I've had a very nice afternoon, chatting with family back home.
I even laughed a few times, that felt neat.  I have had A GOOD DAY.  Felt happy for the most part.
Now... winding down.  Had some salad for my dinner.  And a Mocca too.  Nice for a change.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Morning Mum, the hair in the teddy is a Beautiful Idea..
    Rena and Keera say Morning Grandma

    Loves to you 💙💙

  2. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Glad you have decided to get out of your room Chris. As you say there will be plenty of time stuck inside when you get back to NZ..
    By the way Koalas aren’t bears 🐻.
    Have a great day exploring

  3. Hi Chris, Paramatta Westfield is a lovely mall. You can take the ferry from Circular Quay to Paramatta and then there is a free city bus that will take you into / around Paramatta and back to the ferry wharf later. It really is a lovely ride - it goes every hour and takes about an hour and is pretty cheap from memory. Have a lovely day whatever you decide to do xx

  4. I too, think it's a good idea to get out while you can. Even just "people watching". Anything but sitting in a hotel room.

  5. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Good morning Chris! When we were in Sydney last, we found it easier and cheaper to grab UBers, maybe a thought? And I agree, get out and about while you can, people watching down at the harbour, The Rocks and the Opera House Steps are great to get in some incidental exercise too, the Opera House is huge and the views are really are amazing! Sharnee, Melbourne

  6. Hey Chris, grab a bus from the airport into CBD, pretty cheap from memory and takes about 20/30 mins. You could get one to Central station and grab a train from there.
    IKEA Tempe is near the airport to fill in an indoors walk 🤭

    Otherwise there is a few nice cafes around Alexandria like
    The Grounds of Alexandria.
    It’s about a 10 min car ride away and costs about $9 in an uber from your hotel.

    Download the uber or ola Or didi app for ride shares as often they give you a few free rides just for signing up.

    Taxis are a tad dearer.

  7. It's only about $18 for a train from the airport to Central station one way. There's a great web page you can go on to find public transport things. Type in where you want to leave from, where you want to go, and what time you want to leave/arrive. Definitely take the train!!

    1. Wow very good info! I just did a google search for train cost from airport to city... and it said $45 - $50! Clearly wrong.

  8. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Hi I looked up the fares and it says it is only about $15 each can get an all day travel ticket for trains and buses I thought for quite cheap? ask the hotel? do they have a couresty bus?


  9. Awww Chris... I love that you were able to get a lock of your Mum’s hair. I surely wish I had been able to do the same. I have several things, mostly jewelry, that I’ll wear on days that I need her with me.
    You’re in my thoughts daily. This grieving process is a long row to hoe, and little things like having a piece of your Mum with you, will help tremendously.
    Hugs and much love, Caroline.

  10. Go you! Exciting = where are you going?

  11. Oh good! I can't imagine that you will regret being out and about considering the two weeks that lie ahead of you! Have fun!

  12. Enjoy your tiki tour today.
    Wish I was in Sydney to join you.

  13. that building was the Queen Victoria Building and it's a great marking point for Town Hall station, and where abouts you are in the City. Paddy's Markets might not have been "open" today. I think they are in full swing some only a few days a week. That area past that is all Chinatown district, which is different but worth a look around.

    Pitt Street Mall is an easy place to get lost in if you are just window shopping. If you have a place to go to it's great, but otherwise it's a minefield! My favourite place is Haigh's Chocolates on the corner at the other end of the Queen Victoria Building :). Naturally :)

  14. What an adventure! Yes, that's Queen Victoria Building - such a beautiful place. You will be exhausted after all of that. I can't wait until I can walk properly again (new knee next Friday). It's something you take for granted until you can't do it.

  15. Tomorrow's adventure?

  16. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Night Night DCR 💙

    Have a good sleep Ma xx
    #Lacy 💙

  17. Sounds as though you had a very busy day. Hope you rest well.


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