Friday, October 23, 2020


 I have nothing today.

Just counting down the days until I make a start on my journey home.

MONDAY.  Can't come soon enough really.

I just want to be home, getting life back to 'normal'.

THREE MORE SLEEPS HERE, then I'm officially on my way... I wish the days didn't drag so slowly.

Tomorrow will be a bit different though.

I will be going to the Sawtell Family Market, and helping out at the CWA stall.

Of course, I will no doubt get a chance to have a look around the market as well.  That should be nice.

Mum loved going to this market.

ABOVE:  Amanda and Lacy hitting the town yesterday.  I'm loving the blues.

So ME.

I bought a blue dress here, did I show you?  It's still a bit 'snug' over the boobage, but should fit good soon.

I'm losing weight people!  Not hand over fist, or lots of weight, but certainly a few kilos.

Feels good.

ABOVE:  Steve is on a 'soft' diet, to give his bowel a chance to recover.  Can you see how enthusiastically he's contemplating his dinner?  lol

Last night they gave him a piece of steak, rice and carrots.  Oh... and custard.  Sound just wonderful eh? 

He has his first infusion today!

If it goes well he might be allowed out of hospital tonight or tomorrow.  

ABOVE:  The little boys, taking advantage of their Dad not being in the bed.  I've no idea what they are playing with.

Right, I'm off to drag me sneakers on and go for a walk.  It's such a nice way to start the day.


12.22 pm:  I'm bored out of my brain.

I've been for a walk.

I've wandered around the garden.

Got garden photos.... cos I can.

ABOVE: I've been taking a photo of this tree fern for weeks.  It's new fronds are growing so big.

ABOVE:  The garden is SO GORGEOUS!

I have not been doing much this morning!  In fact, I've done nothing but sit and yak. lol

ABOVE:  This is a 'Brush Turkey', though Ron calls it a Bush Turkey.  He lives on this property.
And he's damn cheeky.
Today he waltzed inside the house!  Ron chased him out, but he came back.

I've never seen a bird with a vertical tail... quite unique.

He has a HUGE nest down in the bush... the female lays her eggs on some leaves, then they both heap more leaves and vegetative matter on top until it's a HUGE pile, as big as a small car.
That is what incubates the eggs.  God knows how the baby birds get out of the pile!
The male does all of the work once the eggs are hatched.  I like that idea! 
And there ya go.  An update finally!
I'll be back later to yabber on about more nothing-ness.  lol

ABOVE:  Yaaa!  He's finished his first infusion, and is waiting for his discharge papers.
He can go home!
Thank god.
Now he just has to build up his strength again.

And... that's a wrap from me today.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. How is steak, rice and carrots considered a soft diet? I hope the infusion goes well so he can gtfo of the hospital. This has to suck for him. The girls look great! Who is the cute little canine in the background. No dog on the blog shall go by unnoticed.

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Good Morning DCR 😊

    I'm sure my top was Purple lol 😂 seems I may be a tad colour blind as well then lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    It's bizarre how they give Steve red meat when he has bowel issues. Red meat is proven to be a carcinogenic and a major contributor to bowel cancer.
    Hope Steve gets better soon, poor guy looks miserable.

  4. Hope you and Ron are having a fabulous day....

    The Girls say Hi Grandmar...

    Love to you both Kelly.

  5. He always looks miserable in photos because hes like his mother and dosnt smile. Lol sounds like hes getting infusion soon fingers crossed would be amazing if he got to come home today. We have all been pretty miserable with him in hospital the boys struggle with dad away. Hope ya have a lovely day its beautiful in the waikato today so hot. Xx

    1. I think Chris will have a different opinion of hot once she gets home!!

    2. Must have been a bloody long walk. Or did you get stuck on the hill?
      Hope you've had a good day regardless. :) :) :)

  6. The girls look lovely in blue that’s for sure my mum calls them bush turkey too.........
    Stunning photos I love tree ferns.

  7. OMG I adore that turkey, although I have to admit: I would not want him in the house lololololol

  8. Lovely photos ... and cute video of the turkey. Good to hear that Steve has had his first infusion and can be home for the weekend. Only one week until you are back on NZ soil ... not long now!! Have fun at the market tomorrow.

  9. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Thank you for telling us how the turkeys nest their eggs, I had no idea! And "can be as large as a small car"....that is insane and boggles my mind! Good to see Steve up and dressed and ready to go home. I send continued healing wishes his way!! Ky Girl

  10. I hope Steve is on the mend. That turkey is a bold fellow. Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy these last few days before moving on. Safe travels.

  11. I hope the Steve is feeling better soon :(

  12. Cool bird!
    You are seeing lots of new things on this trip. What are the chances you could leave Ron's a bit early and spend a few days on the beach somewhere before your next quarantine?
    Congrats Steve! Hope this treatment keeps you safe at home for a good long while!


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