Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 Everything is fine here.

But I'm just needing a bit of time out.  I'm feeling quite stressed out.

So.  Today's post will be brief, for now.

8.22 am:  Well Mum has had an excellent night, and has woken up a box of birds!

Eating, talking, wanting to go shopping... she's BACK!

ABOVE:  Meanwhile, I go into the laundry to get some washing on, and open a cupboard to THAT!

OMG I nearly died on the spot.   But, ever the good blogger, I grabbed me camera and took a photo before getting Ron to kill it! 😂😆😅

NOW Brylee, THAT is a big spider.

But not a Huntsman.  They are even bigger.

4 pm:  I've spent the entire day with Mum, chatting, helping her do a few things, going through fabric etc.

I finally got out for a walk up to the letterbox just before.

It's only about .8 kms to the letterbox, but what  a road!  Metal and very up and down the whole way.

There is one stretch on the way back that is called 'Murder Hill'.  I totally get why!

Anyway... The only mail today was for me.

ABOVE:  I also scored myself a spoon and a crescent spanner from off the road.  lol

Wonder what I might find next time?😏😊😂

7.34 pm:  OMG I'm so tired!  Sitting most of the day (again) being with Mum ... sure gets to you.

I am glad I did get a little (steep!) walk in this afternoon though.  It did help perk me up enough to turn around and cook dinner.

Tomorrow night we are having takeaways!

Dang, I was going to take a photo of our dinner then forgot.  We had Honey Mustard Chicken, with Mushrooms, red onions and some left over potato from last night's dinner.  It was a 10/10 as far as I was concerned.  The olds seemed to enjoy it... they ate everything on their plates.  😊

Time to wrap up the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. And Chris, that is understandable. My sister was my father's and then my mother's primary caregiver; my niece & her husband and my brother in law also all shared the home so she had several hands, plus my Mom, to care for Dad - when mom got very bad cancer [discovered during hysterectomy] of the stomach, she was then living just with my sister & brother in law now in same state as me. I went down to FL and gave my sis & mom (the primary carers) breaks a week at a time (I had to take time off my work to do that and travel 6 hours down to FL) and then I did same for my sister and drove over to Savannah and used all my vacation time off again to give them respite from caring for mom. Dad was on hospice from May 10 - Aug 29 (when he passed 8.29.2018) and mom went had her hysterectomy April 9th and then tried chemo but was so ill she choose to discontinue (as she was so advanced she would have only maybe gotten 3 months more at the max) so hospice for her July - Nov 7th 2019. I know how emotionally draining each and every day is caring for one with advanced cancer and the strain in puts on heart, soul, body. You ALL are in my deep prayers. You have to get rest as well to be able to carry on. Bless you all.

  2. You have more important things to worry about than keeping us up to date! Look after yourself, your mum and Ron. We are all thinking of you and know you'll post when you're ready. Chin up girl.

  3. Stay strong Mum, love you 💙💙

  4. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Look after yourself Chris. While we all enjoy your up dates on your mum and the views/ gardens self care is much more important. Lots of Hugs and good thoughts headed your way.


  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    oh send it back here and I'll pet it and call it Bob 😂😁👍
    #Lacy 💙

  6. Kiwionholidays1:21 PM


  7. OMG! I thought it was a Halloween Decoration! A big black spider on an ORANGE towel!

  8. Anonymous3:23 PM

    That is a huge spider and I would have flipped out! I'm thinking of you these days Chris, I know they are busy ones, take care and I send love and peace to all of you.

  9. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Pfft that's just a baby lol

  10. I'm 99.999% sure that's a huntsman. I've seen plenty!!!

  11. Take care of you and just breathe take time and absorb every moment haze at the sunrise sunset star gaze just let your mind wander .... meditate
    Your a great mum grandma daughter friend and wife x

  12. Anonymous1:36 AM

    I bet your Mum is so proud of you, she did a great job raising you, Jo x

  13. Dear me that is one big spider! Take all the time you need I wouldn't worry too much about blogging. All the best.

  14. Score! gifts from the road lol.


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