Monday, October 05, 2020


 This place has lots of insects and spiders!

Everywhere I look I see a spider, a fly, a skink or a bug.

ABOVE:  That is, according to Ron:  "Just a fly".

*** JUST A MONSTER FLY if ya ask me! ***

Luckily, this house has been bug sprayed, so it the come inside, they fairly quickly die.

Every day there's at least a dozen dead flies on the window sills.  Ikkk.

ABOVE: It's heating up.  And the damn fluid retention is REAL.

My lower legs, ankles and feet are hideous by the end of the day.

I try to put them up as often as possible... but clearly it's not enough.

ABOVE:  I'm so relieved I thought to bring over my personal fan!  I can take it with me anywhere.  I just plug it into my computer overnight to recharge it.

Today... well I have no idea what will happen.  It all depends on how Mum is.  If I get out for a walk or to the shops... time will tell.


Well it was an unsettled night for Mum. So a quiet day here today while she sleeps it off. 

It's going to be another hot day by the look of it. 

Lunchtime here and I made us sandwiches with left over corned beef and salad.  And caramelised onion relish.  Soooo yum.

Mum didn't manage that so she got a little creamed rice pudding, which she loves.

I've been trying to keep my feet up a bit more today... ha ha ha!  Not too many moments when that happens sadly.

But, it is what it is... and we soldier on.

ABOVE:  Ron mows this lawn to within an inch of it's life!  I swear, it's smoother than a golf course.

Dinner tonight:  I made a Chicken/Bacon/Mushroom Cabonara.  It was damn lovely.  Even Mum has had a few mouthfuls.  She kept saying "Mmmmm, mmmmm" ... so I think she liked it. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹

Wrapping the day up now, we are coming up to a busy time.

Changes, repositioning etc.


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Good Morning DCR 😊
    Hey Ma Granny and Ron xx πŸ’™
    #Lacy πŸ’™

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Lol it’s a blow fly πŸ˜‚ With so much lush vegetation it’s no wonder there are lots of bugs and insects around
    I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to Tag team with Ron so that you both get a bit of free time

  3. Chris I am sorry to advise that drinking water is very good for getting rid of retained water. Have you tried even sparkling water. Woolworths (and Coles) supermarkets sell their home brand sparkling water for 75c a bottle. I know, I hate water πŸ™„

    1. Wash your mouth out with soap... off ya go!

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    What brand is that fan Chris? Havent seen anything like it but could certainly benefit from one. Kj

    1. Sorry there is no name on it and its packaging is long gone. I got it from Aquisitions in their novelty section. It was cheap as too.

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      KJ are you in Australia .... I am and I bought one from a surf shop of all places a few weeks ago. Only $15. I work in an unairconditioned school kitchen and I though my it would be worth a try. I can’t remember the name of the shop but I will look it up if you are in Oz. I got it online.Michelle

  5. I think you are about to discover what real heat is all about! Hopefully you can cope with it. Glad you have your fan. A brilliant idea.

    1. I am pretty sure I will wither and die. Or just stay inside with a fan in me face!

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I absolutely freaking hate the heat but heat with humidity is the worst. If you need a break just for a bit find out from hospice if you can get respite care for a few hours, it will help prevent carer fatigue. I hope your day is calm and not to hot, Jo x

    1. I agree with this. An hour out and about it necessary.

  7. Hope today improves for you Chris & everything crossed for Steve & that a medication tweak is all that's needed. X

  8. Kiwionholidays2:52 PM

    Love the wee fan idea Chris


  9. Hope your Mum does well!! Argh... bugs and flies are so frustrating. You need one of those electrified bug killer paddles. If they get in the house. They work.

    1. Dang... I have two of them at home in New Zealand.

  10. Take care of yourself -

  11. Yum, dinner sounds delicious! I'm sure Ron is loving having his meals cooked. I'd be like you in the heat - I don't cope at all.

  12. My legs have been swelling up a lot when I sit and sew all day and it's hot. If I eat anything salty it is worse. I bet that Corned beef isn't helping you with the swelling (but sure sounds good lol)


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