Thursday, October 29, 2020


 WHOOP WHOOP!  Today a blogger friend (Christy) is going to pop on by and pick me up!

We are going to Bondi Beach for a walk along the coast!  I can hardly wait.

Someone to talk to!  Spend some time with!  I've 'known' Christy for years and years through blogging, it will be amazing to actually meet her.

I don't think I mentioned this, but last Monday Stew and Bex 'did' the Cambridge Market.

Bex sold a lot of her crocheted toys, but sadly, Stew did not sell much of my stuff at all.

It was a total waste of a day really.

Not sure why... seems people were 'just looking'.

Sadly a sign of the times I think.

ANYWAY, because I thought I'd be over here in Australia much longer than I was, I canceled my participation in a local market (Rototuna High Market).  

Now that I'm going to be home in time for it, I've reapplied to attend.  And the lovely girl running the market has added me back on the stall holder list.

So, I will be home for two weeks, then have a market to attend.

I really hope it goes better than the Cambridge one!  As it's closer to Christmas, and I've not sold my wares in a Hamilton market before, it might go well?

Only time will tell I suppose.  But I'm excited at the prospect of doing a market again.

ABOVE: two of the dresses I bought yesterday.  I love that they both have pockets.  And the one on the left was only like $40! 

ABOVE:  No idea why, but late yesterday I decided to put some makeup on.  I can't remember the last time I put some on?
WEEKS ago for sure.  Stupid thing was, I was going NOWHERE, just to bed in a couple of hours.  But I'll tell ya this, I felt so happy with my face on!


Down in the lobby of this motel they have a baggage weight scale. So this morning I decided to see what my bags weigh now that I've thrown out a bit of stuff.
My BIG suitcase has gone from 29.8 kilos to 21.3!
My MEDIUM/BIG suitcase has gone from 24.6 kilos to 18.7 kilos.
And my 'carry on' suitcase has gone from 12.3 kilos to 8.4 kilos.

That's a grand LOSS of 18.3 kilos!!!

AND... I can actually now ADD 6 kilos to the bigger suitcase and still be BANG ON WEIGHT.
NO EXCESS charges for me on the return trip.

Friggin awesome.

CHRISTY guess what?   I can go SHOPPING !!!

The weather is looking a bit 'iffy' for walking along the coast in my humble opinion!  

Well.. the weather was a bit gloomy to begin with this morning, but by midday it was lovely.
Christy picked me up bang on time and off we went to walk along the coast from Bondi Beach.

Although Christy and I had never met in person before, after being 'blog friends' for nigh on 14 years; we got on just fine!

Now photos:

ABOVE:  A deserted Bondi Beach!  There were just a handful of hardy surfers out there today.

ABOVE: There was a small bulldozer moving fresh sand around.  I wonder if it's brought in from elsewhere?

ABOVE:  Someone got creative with some rocks.

ABOVE:  Hmmm... my sorta eatery I think. lol

ABOVE:  New Zealand... off my left shoulder and 2,161 kms away ... see ya tomorrow!

ABOVE:  TWO views of the same rock!  I have decided the 'profile' view looks like a crocodile's skull.  Creepy!

ABOVE:  On the way back from our walk... the weather was clearing, making the water look amazing.

ABOVE:  Christy it was a pleasure meeting you in person!  Next time I'm over I will certainly be catching up with you again.
THANK YOU  so much for taking time to take me out and about.  

Once back at the motel this afternoon... I felt the nerves start to kick in.
I really hate travelling, and flying... particularly the LANDINGS.
So... my stomach is churning already!

And I'm feeling rather tearful too.
Not so much with grief right now, more with anticipation of being 'home' in New Zealand.  

And starting my final countdown to being with Stew (and the kids) again.

I felt tearful before I even left home seven weeks ago ... because I knew I would miss the family so much.  It's exactly the same now!

I feel like such a wimp.

For dinner tonight I am gunna walk 500 meters down the road to the KFC, and get a burger and chips.  I've been SO GOOD with my meals these past 7 weeks... I don't think a burger and chips tonight is gunna ruin my good run.

And of course, I will be in quarantine for another two weeks tomorrow, so I won't be able to indulge in takeaways then will I. 😄😂😆

7.34 pm:  And it's my final night here in Australia.
Home tomorrow.  Off to bed in a couple of hours, hoping to get some decent sleep ... instead of waking at 4 am AGAIN.
Bring on TOMORROW!


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    You look so much better when you don't put a filter on your photos!

  2. Wow the dresses are beautiful,

    Have a good day, I hear Bonnie is a Beautiful Beach.

    Love ya, Kelly, Rena and Keera.

  3. I am so happy you get to go to a beach! Thank you blogger friend for rescuing her for the day!

  4. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I’m so happy that you are able to meet up with someone and get out and about especially to the beach. Have a great day. I love your dresses, I could almost wear some of those and I wear a dress about once a year.

  5. Really like those dresses! Enjoy your day at the coast
    AllyS Melbourne

  6. Oh Christy is the best! I miss both of you, please have a wonderful day together. If I could leave Melbourne I'd fly over for the day to hang out with you both! Enjoy xxx

  7. Kiwionholidays10:05 AM

    You will have a fab time at Bondi beach , so neat of Chrsty to do the meet n greet n travel with you,
    Love the dresses you have the height to carry those fab patterns , love them both especially the one on the right , it’s the colours ,,,

    Enjoy the day so happy Bex n Stew did the. Markets and sorry Yours didn’t sell a lot but so happy Bex sold quite a few , well worth the day out ,,
    Nice you can get back to nz market when you can again,And that all the families there are going good and keeping well and happy,,grandies included 🦋🦋

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Those dresses look lovely on you, good shopping. Have an awesome day with Christy :-).

    I saw Stew & Bex at the market on Monday, it was a hot day, bummer your stuff did not sell much but hopefully you have better luck at the next one :-0

    1. It Was good to see you Tracy it was a hot and muggy day. we were both exhausted afterwards.

  9. lolololol see you soon!!! :)

  10. Anonymous11:44 AM

    oh and BTW lol the 'feet' or 'heals' pic the other was Me Lacy in the Colour Wedges and Amanda in the Cream Heals 😊💙
    Hope you Ladies are having a fab day 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  11. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Wow lovely dresses Chris. Good news with your luggage. Not long now.

  12. So happy that one of your bloggers is catching up today. No such thing as bad weather to walk Chris, it’s how you prepare for possibly don’t have a raincoat though.

  13. Love all your new dresses. You look good in all of them. Hope you enjoy your day with a friend,that sounds like fun.

  14. It's pouring rain out west here! I think you just need to shed another kg from your carry on bag and you'll be good to go :)

    What are you going to do with your old stuff? Does the hotel know of a charity bin handy?

    1. Yep, I found one up the road and put my old stuff in it.

  15. Do you normally wear dresses? I don't seem to remember you in many dresses?
    Seems like you are having quite a day - no updates for ages!
    What did you buy?

    1. I bought NOTHING!!!! Just soaked in the scenery. It was just beautiful there.

    2. Oh and I don't usually wear dresses, but I am going to now! I have bought about 5?

  16. Oh i just hadva grand daughter often goes for walk on bondi beach in her lunch time to clear her head wouldnt it be strange if u passed each other...not that either of u knew eachnother And Sarah doesnt know she has a connection with you lol my being at yours the night she was born itsnt a connection that is obvious hehe

    1. I still remember that night... you became a grandmother at my Home!

    2. Such a special bond we have after an amazing night all round with the bloggers reunion...your blogg is the onlyone i follow now

  17. wow, some lovely photos there!!! We were very lucky with the weather: it was gorgeous. Enjoy your last night here and good luck for the next leg of your journey!! xxxxxx

  18. What a lovely day you managed to have & how great to actually meet Christy :-)

  19. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Oh wow Ma what neat photos, I love the Ocean, and yes that rock profile does indead look like a Crocodile 🐊 head....
    would love to 'steal' a few of those photos, so glad you got out and about with a friend before leaving xx 💜 💙

    So can't wait till tomorrow when you are back in NZ, miss you so much xx 💙💜
    #Lacy 💙

  20. Great photos and I'm so pleased that you got out for the day! Home tomorrow, how exciting. Let us know where they end up putting you to stay... I hope you have a better stay than before. At least at the end of this time you will see your family.

  21. So glad you got out and about, especially with the quarantine coming up. Amazing photos from your walk. Safe travels tomorrow-try and focus on reaching home soil.

  22. I love that walk Chris, glad Christy came and took you there.
    Safe trip home Chris, last countdown starts tomorrow xx

  23. Wow stunning pictures love the scenery.
    Chris the black n white dress is gorgeous and you should definitely wear more dresses x

  24. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Have a wonderful flight home chris and may the next 2 weeks go much faster ad you'll e home with Stew and the family again. Kj

  25. Beautiful photos - and I love your new dresses. It is so nice that you got to meet Christy and get out and about with her exploring such a beautiful area. It's 1.43am now on 30 October as I'm typing this and I'm feeling so excited for you knowing that you will be that much closer to getting back home today. I hope that your quarantine hotel is a nice one and food etc is a much better experience than the beginning of your trip. Maybe luck will be on your side and you get quarantined to Hamilton ... then family and friends can drop care packages in for you. Will be thinking of you as the next chapter begins. I hope that you have a great flight back to NZ.

  26. Looks as though you had a wonderful day with some great company. Safe travels.

  27. Wonderful day at the beach for you, safe travels.


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