Tuesday, June 09, 2020


Ever since we got our new cushions and the sheepskin for the brown couch in the family room... one or other of the dogs is getting up and rummaging around, and sending the cushions flying onto the floor.

Obviously no one was going to own up to doing it... so yesterday I got devious, and set up my camera to catch who ever it was.

Once I turned the camera on, I left the room and went into my studio to sew for 20 minutes or so.

Then I went back to check the camera.  And YES!

I had captured the culprit jumping up and having fun on the couch.

 So... back to who?  Marley.  Lovely little Marley.  In the video you could see her jump up, stop, look in my direction, listen... then proceed to dive head first into the sheepskin, then jumping up on the cushions.

Then she heard me coming back and she jumped down and took off for her bed!!

edit:  Yep, the video was blocked.
ABOVE: If this video is blank, whoops! It means You Tube blocked it as there was music playing in the background that was copyrighted. *sigh*
So, maybe it's here, and maybe it's not!

Anyway, the video was amusing to me. She's such a little sneak. So now when I go to my studio I will close the doors blocking them from going into the family room. Problem solved.

And just so ya know, it took me over an hour to learn how to trim the 20 minute video down to just over a minute!

I'd done it once before (trimmed a video), but sheesh it's not easy for a non-computer savvy person like me I can tell ya.

Today... well I've got quite a lot of 'to dos' on my list in the studio.  But first I'm going to join some of these together...

ABOVE:  I now have enough little triangles made to get 5 meters of bunting made.  I am going to make them into 2 meter lengths It's really nice having something easy to do in the evenings.  These take no 'thinking' at all, you don't have to remember stitch numbers or anything.  Ya just knit 'em.  *smiles*

Right, enough frivolity... and pretty colours... I'm off to make a start on me day.  Catch ya later.


ABOVE:  February 2019

February 2019:  Brylee got braces put on her teeth.  There was talk of her having 4 teeth removed too... but luckily that didn't happen.

We were told it would be a 24 month process, but TODAY, after only 16 months, they came off!

ABOVE:  Today.  One very happy girl.  She has retainers behind her front teeth, top and bottom, just to make sure they stay put.

ABOVE:  My work 'view'.  It's just lovely watching the clouds skid across the sky.  They virtually always go from left to right... sometimes slow, but lately quite fast!

I've stitched two lengths of bunting this morning, so happy with that.  Now, on with a cot quilt.

No one in the shop today.... little bit disappointing but it is what it is.  It's still early days.
I got a cot quilt layout done this afternoon, just have to make the name letters then I can get on with stitching it.

It's for a lady just up the road, she is giving it to her 8 month old grandson.

I'll show it to you tomorrow... well it won't be finished, but you'll get the drift of how it will look.

I've had a pretty laid back afternoon really.  Spent some time on the computer looking at ... things.  lol
Secret Squirrel stuff.  

We are having left overs for dinner tonight I think.  Stew should be home from Rotorua soon (it's 6.45 pm)... he's a little late.  It takes him half an hour longer to get home now that we are on the far side of Hamilton.

Well we all did our own dinners tonight.  Leftovers, soup, etc.

Then I sat and knitted enough triangles for another 2 meter bunting.  I'll again join them all up tomorrow.

COVID-19:  NZ 1504.  22 Lives Lost.  O Active Cases.  0 New Cases in 18 Days.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Sneaky little girl but she knows lol. Love the way she looks for you.

  2. ohhh naughty girl Marley, she knew she wasn't allowed....

  3. No video link that I can see! But that sounds kind of funny!

  4. So thrilled for Brylee she will take a bit to get use to them being off but yeah wee happy dance. Lol to Marley cheeky minx.

  5. Looks good Brylee 😁😃

  6. What a pity they have blocked the video - your description made it sound so funny and I was looking forward to watching it :)

  7. Your teeth look fantastic Brylee! That's a lovely view from your studio Chris, no wonder you are so happy living there :)

  8. Great teeth and stunning eyes. You're a gorgeous gal, Brylee.

  9. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I bet Brylee is glad to get those braces off early
    Great view from your sewing studio Chris


  10. Naught pup! Enjoy the new smile Brylee.

  11. Brylee looks amazing! New Zealand has been in the news world wide for their success in battling Covid. I am in the USA (in Minnesota no less) where we are in the news for all the wrong reasons!

  12. Congrats on getting the braces off! I saw the video before it got yanked, so cute!


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