Thursday, June 04, 2020


Today I will be making a 'display board' for the shop.
The idea is to be able to show customers what I have made in the past, and how I can put names on cot quilts, runners and so on.

So yesterday I went out and bought these to make the display board with:

 ABOVE: These clear pockets to put photos in.  They are neat cos I can take the photos out and replace them with new ones when I want.

ABOVE: This is a school display board.  Most kids use them to display science projects and such like.  It's perfect for my purpose too.
As it folds up, it won't take up any room when not in use in the shop.

I also use one for taking photos... well I did till I lost it!  I bought 2 yesterday, one for my display board, and one for the backdrop for me photos.

ABOVE:  I am thrilled to bits with the new printer!  These photos will be going in the clear pockets and then on the display board.

I'm still working on how to set it up.  So let's wait and see how it turns out... it will be a process over a couple of days probably.

I hope to get to the lounge flower arrangement sometime today too.

But for now... I'm gunna roll over and have another hour or so of sleep.

Catch ya later.


11.22 am:  And although it's a really wet, horrible day, I got customers.
One was a lady who was here a couple of days ago, who said she would be back today.

And she was.  And she brought anther friend with her.  And they spent a LONG time in the shop, and they both eventually spent some money.  AND they are coming back again on Monday to pick up an order!  *smiles*

I've started on two wonky house runners.  They will take me a few days to get done.  But will be a welcome addition to my runner collection, which is woefully low.

*** Got one ready to stitch ***

Oh man I  had forgotten how much was involved with Wonky House Runners!  So much time to get the colours right.  But, for now I've got ONE ready for stitching:

ABOVE:  I love how they "POP" once I've done the, clearly NOT done yet.  I'll probably work on it again tomorrow, for now my back is KILLING me from standing and cutting/placing little bits of fabric down.

ABOVE:  Stew is at work, Brylee is at work and my car is in the garage... so PLENTY of parking for customers!  And they do drive in and park.  *smiles*

I thought our home in Cambridge had an amazingly big car parking area, but this one does too.  How lucky can ya get?

So very lucky about so many things with our new home.  Sometimes I feel kinda tearful thinking about how lucky we are to have found this house, and secured it during a very HOT and FAST market.

Neighbours 2 doors down just put their home on the market today.  The estate agents went through at 9 am and by 11 am the huge sign was out the front!  Let's see  how long it takes to sell.

Lacy is on her way around for a visit.  Once she's been I have a small shopping list. Mostly black thread for the Wonky House Runners.  I go through MASSES and MASSES of black thread!

3.55 pm: OMG I'm knackered.  I got what I needed at the shops then got home just before the traffic got nuts.
I've now got 90 minutes to relax before I have to start dinner.
Oh ya.

And... I didn't cook afterall.  We got KFC, first time in what?  3 Months?  It was lovely.

Then watched some You Tube videos, and now I'm waiting for Coronation Street to start, then I'll be off to bed.

COVID-19:  NZ 1504.  22 Lives Lost. 1 Active Case.  No new cases in 13 consecutive days.


  1. What a good idea, it may help with getting more commissions too. I think that around Christmas you will be flat out busy with orders :-)

  2. Lovely idea! But, be careful with printing colour with your new printer, because you'll chew through the ink. Unfortunately that's how they get you - they charge next to nothing for the printer but the consumables cost a fortune and don't last long.

    1. Steve's at bit of an IT freak, so he did the homework for us when we considered buying another printer. We finally settled on a more expensive printer that took refillable containers of ink. It is WAY way cheaper than having to buy the cartridges of ink that cost you upwards of $150 to replace all the time. According to the write up, this printer can print 6,000 black and white pages and 7,700 colour pages! Let's hope that's true. It's a Canon Pixmar G6060.

    2. Yeah that's the way to go. I'm going to have to replace ours soon. Using the work one at the moment!

  3. Lovely to hear u sounding happy Chris your new home, your wee shop, Steve health things are going along tickety boo

    1. Almost too good to be true eh? I still wonder what's going to happen next!

  4. All going good for you at present,no reason why it cant carry on. The folders sound like a good idea,and the shop sounds like it's going well with people comeing in.Your driveway looks huge,so plenty of room.Cloudy and windy,so cold here today.THE OLD MOO.🙂🙂❤❤❤❤

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Can’t believe how quickly your shop has taken off. Congratulations!!! Glad everything is so positive for you. I love where I live to. It’s such a nice feeling. Michelle from Oz.

  6. Kiwionholidays2:46 PM

    Fab to see your new home 🏡 all settled n using all your lovely new home and garden to the fullest.
    Having the big driveway now you have the wee shop will be used so much you ones will find that a bonus ,for customers n browsers etc

    Inside looks lovely too,
    Printing has come out 💯 % fab looking too

    As for the blue pots etc outside say no more , you have got me with that the purple you use in places as well 🌂,
    Nice Lacy is calling in too,

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Anonymous3:38 PM

      hi Kiwionholidays 😊
      I'll always call in on the olds lol they give me leftovers lol.... well not today lol but yea 😂 ill always stop in and visit.. even when they are not home 😂
      #Lacy 💙

  7. You are so creative Chris. I love seeing the different things that you make :)

  8. I am so chuffed for you that your shop has become such a success!!! Have you thought about "advertising" it on the neighbourly website? It is free to put your posts up and only people in your community will see it. Cos at the moment you're relying on walkers-by and word-of-mouth. I reckon you might get some people from a few streets away if you put up a wee blurb on the likes of Our community has quite a few people just put up notices like that. Just a thought.

    Your science-fair display board gave me chills up my back.... Gosh science fair projects are hideous!!!! Parents hate them (generally), kids dread them and teachers just cringe at the thought of a whole lot of projects to dream up.

  9. Wonderful to hear the shop is taking off. Even better is how happy you are with the new home. Take care.

  10. You're little shop is working out great!


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