Saturday, June 06, 2020


We have been 'working' on Brylee for the past few weeks.

Working on getting her to move out.  In a nice way of course.  But still... gently hinting, outright hinting and looking at flats on the internet for her too.  lol

She has been waiting for a friend of her's to be ready to go flatting with her... but there is just one excuse after another.
We have been listening to excuses for well over a year now!

So... last night we finally convinced her to go into an existing flat, with flatmates in situ.

And ... AND... she is going to look at a house on Monday night after work.  

OMG... she might actually move out soon!

Much as we love her... I love the idea of finally being home ALONE with my darling Stew for the first time EVER.

I don't even know HOW that will feel.  

2020  MIGHT end up being OUR YEAR yet.


ABOVE:  I love this man more than he will ever know... and then some more.  33 years!  OMG such a long time, it just flies by.

Today we are going to pick up our new headboard.  The bed is going to be a few weeks sadly.  But, good things take time I suppose.

We are expecting visitors this afternoon ... more on that later.  

Heck, we should have a 'special' dinner tonight to mark the 33 years.  There's a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge too.  *smiles*

But for now, I better get on with the housework, and open my little shop later on.

I'm also going to take everything off the tree today, except anything that is just hanging like the little hearts and the rainbow made by Bex.


9.06 am:  And it's done...

ABOVE:  Almost everything came off.  I left three pieces with pom poms and buttons on, and the little hanging things that won't hurt the tree like the swing and hearts/tassels.

It didn't take long!  I'm already planning on making some more bunting for it... cos it's looking so sad now. :(

Now... time to sew.  Oh, we already had a lady and two kids in the shop.  They were just browsing though.  But nice way to start the day, having a nice chat.
Stew has gone to pick up our new headboard.  

ABOVE:  And it's in.   Once we get our new bed we will raise the headboard up a bit so the shelves are more accessible and visible.

ABOVE:  So today we had Andrew, Joel, Emily and Liam visit for the afternoon, and also Steve, Bex and the boys.

So a lovely afternoon.

I had some really good sales in the shop today, and got an order for a cot quilt too.

All is quiet now, we've just had dinner and are enjoying a little wine.

COVID-19:  NZ 1504. 22 Lives Lost. 1 Active Case. No new cases for 15 days.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary, congrats on possibly have the house to yourselves. Open that wine for sure.
    Your tree is going to look bare, but it has to be done, not good for it to be covered like that for too long.

  2. Happy Anniversary Chris and Stew!!

  3. Happy anniversary to you both. And fingers crossed for darby and joan days ahead. Sad to see the tree bare again...but as you say u dont want it getting fungus and dying

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Happy Anniversary you two I really hope you have a lovely day 🙂 gosh go Brylee at least you will be able to go back for the leftovers and beat Lacy to it 🤞 George's Mum.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Hahaha never lol no one will beat me to left overs lol 😂 🤣
      #Lacy 💙

  5. Happy anniversary you lovebirds.
    Exciting times for Brylee too, flying the next. Here's hoping she falls in love with the place on Monday.

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Congratulations you two. That's a real milestone. Kj

  7. Kiwionholidays2:03 PM

    Happy Anniversary love fab milestones like that
    We always enjoy our celebrations of happy times then n now
    Fab that Brylee is looking at a shared home
    She will do well you ones have prepared her and they always keep in touch

    Loving the new headboard and can’t wait to see finished product and know you ones will sleep better ,,

    Have a great weekend, beautiful weather here so catch up on odds n ends while we can

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Congratulations to you both! 33 years is quite an achievement. A lot of "team work, to make the dream work". 🥂

  9. I linked you in on this article I thought of you when I read it:

  10. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Happy anniversary to you both!
    Would love to see some wedding photos!

  11. Happy anniversary and wishing you many more of them

  12. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Happy 33rd Anniversary Ma and Pa xx
    #Lacy 💙

  13. Happy Anniversary guys xx

  14. Happy Belated Anniversary. All the best! Woohoo to empty nesting. Good luck to Brylee.

  15. Happy Anniversary!

    Looked up my COUNTY and here is our stats as of Saturday

    1161 total cases
    37 deaths
    36 new cases


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