Wednesday, June 03, 2020


Here's one for the 'girls'.

How many of you find yourself constantly hitching your bloody bra strap (s) back onto your shoulder during the day?

I do.  A gazillion times a day.  I've used ribbon across my back to hold them in place, but it's a right fag getting it in the right place on ya own.

Yesterday I was using blu tack to level paintings on the wall, and had some left over... so I shoved it under my bra strap. (intending to take it out later, but I forgot)

Anyway... bugger me!  That strap stayed put all afternoon and evening!   I had forgotten it was even there till I came to take me bra off and it was literally STUCK TIGHT to me shoulder!

EUREKA!   I think I'll be using blu tack every day from now on.  

I don't know about you, but having a bra strap slip off ya shoulder all day long is OMG so annoying!  And always just my left shoulder too.  What's with that???

Today I'm in my Studio, working on various projects.  Just not sure what yet, though it really should be more table runners I think.

 ABOVE: These are the two Critters I got finished yesterday.
I now have 4 in the shop.  I won't make any more for now, and see how they go.

ABOVE: The front door area revised.  The Runway painting looks nice there.

ABOVE: Because we now have less furniture in the lounge, I could finally put the flowers in here.  I just need to tidy the arrangement up a bit, it's been mucked up with being in storage and moving.  I might do that first thing this morning, before opening the shop.


ABOVE: I got mail from Australia today. It took 8 weeks and 1 day to get here. Considering we have a Pandemic going on, that's not too bad! Usually it takes up to 6 weeks to get across the ditch.

We have a super foggy day. Damp and dreary, and I'm sure if I was outside I'd be cold. I'm going to turn the heat pump on in the Studio so it's warm and inviting if anyone pops in.

12.53 pm: And would you believe the fog has only just lifted and we MIGHT get a tiny glimpse of the sun before it sets? lol

I'm toasty warm in my studio... SO damn lucky there's a heat pump in here. I ♥LOVE♥ THIS HOUSE!

ABOVE: I had an order for two of these in this colour ... so I made 4 more this morning. Three of the above are for sale... just saying. *smiles*

No one in the shop so far today, I'm not surprised though, it's such a shitty day.

Once I close up for the day I'm going out to buy a couple more cushions for the brown lounge suite. It's still looking a bit bare.

1.09 pm: And just as I was thinking of closing up... a couple came in. Had a nice browse, and a chat and left again. So even though no sales today, I got some work done and met some nice people.

I'm now going to close up and have some lunch before hitting the shops.

4.42 pm:  Been out, got two more cushions (same as what we already got), and a few more flowers to pad out the arrangement in the lounge, which is yet to be done.  Busy, busy... it will  have to wait until tomorrow now.

We have pork belly in the oven, to be had with roast potatoes and veges.

My back is killing me this afternoon... so time to stop, take a pill and relax.

 ABOVE:  With the two new cushions, and I moved the throw too.
Looks way better.
Really cosy and inviting.

ABOVE:  And see?  Matches really well with our PINK-ish kitchen.  Which I'm not averse to AT ALL.  I know it's very old fashioned, but as long as we are happy... that's all that matters.

Dinner was really lovely.  I'm stuffed now and just want to curl up and relax.

The blu tack has worked bang on all day.  No strap slippage AT ALL.

Might take a bit of getting off later though! lol

COVID-19.  NZ 1504.  22 Lives Lost. I Active Case.  12 days in a row, no new cases.


  1. I HATE bras. OMG. My straps always fall down. Now I wear fitted tank tops or camisoles. I have not been able to wear a bra for 5 years (since I got shingles) in that area and still have nerve damage. But the tight camisoles are comfy. You could also try a "criss cross" style bra, they are supposed to eliminate that problem.

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      I am the same as you, Dogstars, since I had shingles (twice) I haven't found a bra that is comfortable and they are also so expensive now. I wear shelf tank tops from the Warehouse and they are super comfortable. I am starting to think that bras like men's ties are becoming something that no-one really needs. The prettiest bras are always made for small busted women anyway. Audrey

    2. I am glad to know I am not the only one!

  2. Oh boy does that slipping bra strap annoy me!! I think we have some blu tack somewhere around. It doesn't stick to our walls for some reason. Heavens to Betsy, how funny if it sticks to me instead!!
    Love seeing your house arrangements. Lucky you love taking photos

  3. I switched to only wearing X back bras or sports T back bras years ago. Makes a huge difference.

  4. Maria8:18 AM

    MY straps used to slip all the time, like every 15 mins at least. Then I decided to go up a cup size from D to DD as the underwire was rubbing under my arm. I have never had to hitch up a strap again! These days i don't do underwires at all either. Here's a link to my current fav comfortable bra.

  5. If your bra straps fall down you need a bra where the straps are closer to the middle. For me it depends on the style of the bra and I never buy a bra that has straps too close to the edge of my shoulders. Also, it's worth paying more and getting really quality bras made for bigger boobs - I get mine from a shop here in Auckland called Avocado. I see you have "Hot Gossip" in the Base there... that stocks the Fantasy range. That's a great UK brand and made especially for large cup sizes. Seriously, until you try a good bra you'll wonder why you never bought one before! Always also tell any bra fitter that you have trouble with straps slipping down. I hope this helps and won't need blutack :)

    1. Lynda thanks for the heads up about fantasy flatmate is always having bra issues she heading palmerston north later this month so hope she can find them there


    Reminded me of you!

    1. Some cute ideas there for sure 😊

  7. Your home looks really inviting and comfortable. My bra straps always slip, always have done, but I'm not sure if I want to wear blu-tack every day!
    Our sun didn't last long did it? We heard some thunder rumbling around a few minutes ago.

  8. The lounge looks nice a comfy. Enjoy!


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