Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Wow, it's taken me a couple of days, but I think I am slowly getting the hang of the new Blogger interface.

I had a glitch yesterday with getting a video on the blog, but found a way around it eventually.

I just hope I can remember how I did it for the next video.  😌

So anyway... back to today.
I've got a bloke coming around this morning to give us a quote to replace the garage tilt-a-door with either a roller door or a sectional door.

I LOATHE the tilt-a-door!  It freaks me out every time I open it, scared whatever car is parked in front of the garage is too close, and will get smacked by it.

We have never had a tilt-a-door before, they suck.  I'm hoping like hell a new door isn't too expensive, and of course none of the websites have prices eh?  You have to get someone to come out and give you a quote.

So, that's what I'm doing.  I've only heard back from one company so far.  I emailed 3.

I'm in the studio today, 9 - 2 at least.  Making another Wonky House Runner.

ABOVE:  Another nice photo from yesterday... a bunch of girls... and Goofy.  😀💜💚💙

ABOVE:  It took a while, but I found a list of foods and their carbohydrate values on the net yesterday, so printed it off.
Might help with meal planning.

OLD MOO:  I've sent you a copy too.


10.55 am:  And I'm making very slow progress in the sewing room today.

I decided to try making a couple of round wonky house placemats, as one of my neighbours wants them at some point.

I've spent a good hour finding the right sized round things to trace around for my placemat template.

ABOVE:  Probably the only time it's really good to have so many platters and bowls. 
These two are perfect (I think) for the placemat size.

ABOVE:  Each placemat will have one house on it.  So... off to stitch these two and see how they come out.
Rounded edges.... hmmmm....

Right, it's nearly time to head inside for lunch.
I've finished one placemat:

ABOVE:  Please tell me what you think?  It's rather difficult getting the outside curve perfect.  So it's not.

ABOVE:  A table and 6 chairs just got delivered.  Sheesh, I had forgotten it was arriving today!
Just as well I was busy sewing, and not out shopping.
Stew and I will check it over tonight to make sure there's no damage to the contents.

I am expecting a 2nd garage door company here late this afternoon to do a measure and quote ... the first guy has already been, gone and submitted his quote.  I was super impressed with his company... so fast and efficient.

On Saturday I requested quotes from two other companies as well, one I rang an hour ago didn't even have my email read yet, and the other ... well he said sorry and his guy will be here this afternoon to do the quote.

It is now after 2 pm, time to go inside and have some lunch I think.

5.45 pm: 
The 2nd garage door guy has been and gone, Brylee is due home from work soon, and Stew is on his way home from Rotorua.
We are having a date night tonight, probably going to Iguana again for dinner.

***  👫💙💚💜👫 ***  DATE NIGHT!

8.45 pm:  And OMG dinner was wonderful!!!  We had a delicious dinner at Foundation, after first going to Lone Star and finding they had a new menu... no Hoover Hog anymore!  Probably won't go there again.  Oh and Iguana's Special tonight was DESSERT... so clearly we were not going there!  I thought it was Pizza, but no.  That's on a Monday night.  So glad we went to Foundation.
I'll show you our dinner.... tomorrow.  Cos I need to 'save' something for tomorrow!

I had two glasses of wine too.  Kinda WARM and happy right now. 😂😆

I haven't mentioned COVID-19 lately.   New Zealand has 10 active cases right now... ALL of them are recent arrivals in the country.  All in Quarantine/Isolation.  No new deaths for weeks.


  1. Cant wait to see the placemats stitched up I reckon they will look real funky. I have a sick dante home and as you would imagine Archer is not happy with me at all lol. Hopefully hes in a better mood after school.

  2. I was wondering which girl you were referring to as Goofy until I saw the mug!!
    I'm glad you're coming to terms with the new Blogger. Does anyone else find the font really large compared with the old one?
    The place mats are a great idea. Will you back them with anything to make them slightly heatproof to protect surfaces?

    1. Thanks for the feedback on the font size, I wondered that too, so have adjusted it. As for making the placemats heatproof, they have batting inside that should make them fairly heatproof.

  3. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Interface looks great especially all the colours 🙂 can you believe it....some horrid person or persons stole the tents in Napier where you get tested for Covid!! Now they have no cover and we've had stacks of rain with more predicted. Honestly words fail me. George's Mum.

    1. I heard that had happened somewhere else a while ago too! The dirty rotten shits.

  4. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Great Circle Chris. I can not sew a circle at all


  5. The placemat looks great! I also hate tilt a doors, they just seem so dumb.

  6. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Love the placemat. Kj

  7. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Chris I hope you don't mind me asking where on the net you downloaded the lists of foods. I'm a ticking time bomb! My triglycerides and cholesterol are through the roof.
    Your placement is lovely.
    Joan Fuller, UK

  8. I just googled " Carbohydrate content in food list" and found it that way. You have to scroll a bit too. You can get medication to help with your cholesterol btw.

    1. Anonymous6:16 AM

      I know but I'm gonna try diet and exercise before meds. Want to avoid statins if I can. I tried Google but could not find your paper.

  9. Looks like a busy day for you. How nice to have date night.


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