Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Normally this morning I'd be opening my shop at 9.30 am.

But not today.

Today I'm heading off to do a house inspection for Steve and Bex.

Obviously they can't make it as they have work, and kids to get off to school, in Auckland.

So, I'm doing this one for them.

It's a very promising house.  Not too far from here either.  So, fingers crossed it's as nice as the photos make it out to be.

Sometimes the photos look really great, but in reality the place is a dump, or in a really shady area.  

Time will tell.

Once I've done the inspection, I will be reporting back to Steve and Bex what I think... then they can go from there.

Steve starts work down here in a month! So we need to get serious with the house hunting.
Though, it won't be a disaster if they don't find somewhere immediately as they can always bunk down here for a little while.

Nothing we ain't done before eh?

Right ... I better get a move on, get some 'tidy' clothes on and look presentable.  Can't let the side down by turning up in me shorts, t-shirt and sneakers!


Well... that was interesting.
Right from the get go in fact.

I'm outside the house, waiting for the agent to arrive, and this vehicle turns up and out gets a man and a woman.

The woman walks up to me, gushing "Oh hello Mary, how wonderful to see you again!"... bla bla bla.   

Clearly she thinks I'm the Real Estate Agent, and she is going on about how long it's been since she saw me last!  

I'm like... hold on lady, I'm here to look at the house, I'm not the Agent!

And I'm thinking, she's trying to presume on a friendship to get the house.  Pffffft.  Silly woman.

It's not up to the agent, it's up to the owner of the house who gets to rent it.

So then the Agent does arrive and we all go into the house to view it.

It's a lovely home, it would  be perfect for the kids, so they are applying for it today.

The OTHER thing that was so, so funny.... the Man was wearing.... get this.... on a freezing cold winter's morning:

T-Shirt and 

I nearly snorted.

I'm now home and working in my Studio.  Just had a couple of ladies in for a look... and then they left again.

So, on with the sewing...

5.25 pm:  And it's been a lovely quiet afternoon, just sitting here knitting, watching TV, You Tube and so on.
Lovely yak with the OLD MOO thrown in as well.

NOW?  Just remembered it's Card Night, so I have to get a move on, find something to take for supper and get over to Cambridge in time.

Super sad... our country let in two women from overseas on compassionate grounds, and they both have Covid-19!!!   So our run of having no new cases in over 3 weeks is over.  That just SUCKS.  Should never have happened.

Cards was neat tonight, lots of laughs.  We had a new lady join us tonight... she almost cancelled as she was nervous about joining an established group.  But she had a blast... and I'm sure she will be back.

And that's a wrap of my day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Haha have fun looking around the house I so hope this house works out 🤞🤞 x

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Fingers crossed for you 😘 George's Mum.

  2. Fingers crossed. Hope it's as nice as the photos.

  3. I'm sure you've mentioned it, and I've just missed it, but what's all the knitted bunting for again?

    1. For the shop and if it doesn't sell... I'll put it on the tree next summer. 😊😀🙃

  4. My son decided to leave Idaho and move to join family already in Maryland. He's done several video home tours with the realtor, and has had a family member or two physically there also to look around during the video. A very different way of house hunting!

  5. Fingers crossed for the kids getting it. Some people are so fake.

  6. We just did the same thing! We scouted a house for our son. He is buying his first house at 21 years old ! We even when to the police station to inquire about the neighborhood.

  7. Fingers crossed for Steve & Bex 🤞

  8. Super sucks is right on the nail

  9. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Fingers x for the kids. Been a horrid day down here. Just saw the news. Really pissed off that we've got Covid back again. Kj

  10. We keep letting people in to the country. We isolate them but they still develop Covid and it counts in our case tally. Beats me why people are being let in after all this time.

  11. I'm so angry about that fact that they let these ladies LEAVE quarantine. Shit, we shut the country down, people lost jobs and they let two women travel to Wellington.without testing them first? Crazy.

  12. I read the stories, it appears they have let others leave quarantine without testing too.

    So it is actually good that those two “happened” so NZ can fix their quarantine system. Hopefully they truly did not infect anyone else on the drive.

    This will also highlight what they need to do if they open travel to and from Australia.

    My personal Opinion is they should close NZ borders and leave them closed. Period.

  13. Good luck and have fun house hunting.

  14. What a shame your record for no new cases was broken, everyone has to abide by the rules even the authorities. I have a friend who's husband wears shorts year round, and here it gets dame cold. Minus 35*c sometimes when the wind is blowing in from the North during the Winter.
    Love your comment about your nipples, it gets worse believe me, also, now I don't need to shave my legs or my underarms, but I think all that hair has moved to my upper lip and my chin. Being naughty..... my privates are getting naked. LOL


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