Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Today I am going to get more done on this lovely bright cot quilt:

ABOVE:  I haven't done much to it yet.  Just made the panel wider by adding the blue down the sides, and putting the border strips top and bottom.

The name is only in paper right now, it will be fun sorting out fabric for each letter. I always love that bit.  *smiles*

The other job in the studio for today will be stitching another bunting strip together.  I got heaps of little triangles knitted yesterday afternoon/evening.   They are fun to do too.

And that's all for now.  There is bugger all to do in the house this morning... everything is done.
I virtually never go to bed and leave the house untidy!  It makes getting up in the morning enjoyable... cos the house is nice and neat.
I really do have a slight case of OCD I think.  lol
Does anyone else go around last thing at night straightening things, putting things away etc?
Surely I'm not alone.


10.40 am:  Another shitty cold day here.
Fog, fog and more bloody fog.  I would rather an honest wet day over bloody fog any day.  It just seeps into ya bones, and in Hamilton/ the Waikato it just seems to hang around all day long.

ABOVE: The new recycling bins got delivered this morning.  We don't start using them till next month I think.

ABOVE: They fit behind the screen perfectly too.  Still not painted it... the weather has been too iffy to even try.
Maybe it will get done this weekend.

I just finished the third bunting so now, it's on with the cot quilt.  Till 2 pm then I'm inside, feet up having me lunch.  *smiles*

2 pm:  finished in the studio for now.  NO visitors into the shop today.  NOT worried at all... even if I only get one person through a week... I'm OK with that.

 ABOVE:  I FINALLY made a start on making plastic templates of the alphabet I use.
Only got 21 to go.  lol

ABOVE:  Started the stitching on this cute as cot quilt.  More will be done tomorrow.

Having 'set' hours in the studio shop is great by the way.  It means I actually don't work in there ALL DAY.  I have some balance with work/life/relaxation.

2.05 pm:  Time for lunch.

8.21 PM:  yes SPARKLING:  I have had me lunch, did some knitting, cooked dinner and cut out the rest of my alphabet templates!

And now I'm gunna sign off till tomorrow... so there!  lol

COVID-19:  NZ 1504.  22 Lives Lost.  ZERO active cases, ZERO new cases in 19 days.


  1. I always put things away at night. It's awful to get up to a mess!! You are certainly not alone on that.

  2. Beautiful bright quilt. I put food things away but not other mess, which is usually my hand sewing or knitting or a book 😁😁.

  3. Love the quilt! Beautiful colors!!

  4. Like you kiwi kid,but had a tidy up today.The tv guide,2 magazines,1 recipe book,my work basket with my tapestry,pen and papermaking a shopping list. Now there's only cushions,looks quite bare and that was just the sofa.Our house is cluttered with photos ornaments,flowers etc.but we live here,and it's home,and comfortable.we can't be perfect all the time.THE OLD MOO.

  5. It is so much nicer to get up to a tidy house but I seem to have lost the habit lately. We had fog as well but no recycle bins yet. Love your Willie The Waiter :)

  6. I make it a point to "Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink".

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM

      Same here Dogstars it grosses me out lol hope everyone is happy and well. George's Mum.

  7. I'd take the wall art/poster behind the new screen and put it on the screen! It's too nice to hide behind the bins :)

  8. I think my OCD tidyness is getting worse as I get older. I too will straighten EVERYTHING and have it perfect before I go to bed.

  9. Kiwionholidays7:59 PM

    Yep willie the waiter is awesome,,, hope he moves too Lynda

    Fab colourful blog despite the early fog , it’s a Waikato thing , remember it well but like most places once it lifts usually get a good day,

    Kaimai trips used to be like that ,,,but the views at the top on clear days were well worth it

    True about night tidy ups so much easier but a few wee bits n bobs ok for daily use all good now after 50 lol

  10. I go to bed before the husband most nights and often get up to the evidence of late night snacking. But seeing as he does all the cooking and most of the cleaning up afterwards I can't complain.
    Agree with Lynda if it's possible to move the waiter in front of the bins.
    And I hate to nag but if it's 6.21pm in Melbourne you must have finished your lunch by now!

    1. LOL... you dag! Yes lunch is over, so is dinner! And I've signed off for the day. Catch ya tomorrow you little tart.

  11. I try to put things away at night, but I’m usually to bed before Simon and sometimes it is not how I left it!!

  12. Nice quilt. The only time the house is perfect at night is when I am home alone. Hope the weather clears.


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