Friday, June 26, 2020


ABOVE:  Well... there it is.  Gorgeous.
I love how it looks with the headboard raised up so the shelves show above the pillows.
Stew had to put blocks of wood under it to raise it, he did a good job.

How did we sleep?

Well....  I slept really well.  I'm a bit achy, which is to be expected with getting used to a new bed.  It's really FIRM!  I love it.  Stew?  Still asleep, so can't ask him.

Early days... let's see how I feel in a week.

Today we are going out.  I am not sure WHERE yet, but we are getting out of the house.
Lacy is going to pop in at some point to pick up our old bed, so we can actually MOVE in the garage again.  With a lot of Steve and Bex's stuff already in there, it's actually FULL!

I accepted a quote for a new sectional garage door yesterday, I forgot to mention it!
So that will be happening towards the end of July.  The garage door company are fully booked for a month, hence the delay.  But that's actually good, cos it gives us more time to save up the money.  They are not exactly cheap.
But it will be so worth it.  No more freaking out when I go to open the door, then have to race outside to make sure no one's car is too close to it.
THAT is a pain in the bum for sure.

I have to laugh at myself.
Now that Stew and I are 'being good' again with our diet... I am spending an extra ordinary amount of time on Facebook, looking at people cooking FOOD.  Mostly shit we can't have.
Why am I torturing myself?  My mouth is constantly watering.  I dream about cakes and ice cream and sausage rolls... 😭😪😫.

I've had NO SUGAR for 5 days!  And already I've noticed that my need to go piddle has halved at least!  As the Dr said, my body was trying to rid itself of all the sugar I was consuming... hence so many piddles.
I am ENJOYING not having to rush to the bloody loo every hour or so!

But, it is hard to self deny all the time.  My motivation is not as high as it was two years ago.  It is going to be a long, hard slog to get those Hba1c levels down I think.

Right, I'm off.
Catch ya later.


Brylee's Covid-19 test came back... NEGATIVE.  As we knew it would be.  She's already recovered from her cold and is back at work.

Stew just attached my large, white roller blind to the ceiling in the sunroom, so now I have a good backdrop for hanging and taking photos of my things.

OMG it's like one step forward, then two steps back.  We can't pin my runners to the blind cos it just makes holes.  So now we have to try and work out how to hang the runners IN FRONT of the blind to take photos.  I'm so crabby right now.  I have no idea what to do to make this work easily, and not spend a fortune working it out either.

11.55 am:  We MIGHT have found a solution.  Working on it...

SORTED.  Will show you tomorrow.

Well ... after resolving that issue, we went to Chartwell Square for a very late lunch. Now home again and just gunna chill out for a while.

ABOVE:   This is the latest Wonky House Runner finished. 
For the next few days (when I can), I will be working on taking photos and making an Inventory of most of the things in my Studio that are for sale.
Then I'm going to list them on Facebook and see how that goes.

9.10 pm:  about once a month Stew meets up with an old mate at the local pub for a few drinks after work.  Tonight I joined them at 7 pm, as his mate's wife was there too.
And we had a really lovely evening having a few drinks and laughs.
It's been many years since I hung out in a pub!

I loathe the noise, and see no point going if I can't even hear what people are saying.  But this little pub does not have any loud music blaring, so it was neat!

We had a nice time, and I do believe it will happen on a regular basis.

As Steve and Bex will be living literally 3 minutes from this particular pub, I suspect we will see them there too, provided Brylee can babysit sometimes.  😊

So, a lovely end to the day.  Might get us something to eat soon... soak up the 2-3 glasses of wine I've had!  


  1. The bedroom looks great. Good idea lifting the headboard up.

  2. Make it easier on yourself Chris - there are sugar free ice cream recipes out there using evaporated milk that taste amazing. Bake low carb muffins or cake. I made the boys an orange pound cake the other day and they loved it. There is no need to feel deprived, just do things a little different until you adjust to less sugar :)

  3. Just realised I have the same bedside tables as you. Looks lovely.

  4. Anonymous11:29 AM


  5. Your bedroom looks wonderful, good to hear you slept well. What if you attached a picnic type table cloth to the blind? One of those ones with waterproof stuff on the front and a cloth type stuff on the back, I am explaining this really badly!! Friends use them as a design wall other fabric sticks to the cloth stuff, you can get them at Spotlight I think. It would roll up inside your blind.

  6. What about a piece of white curtain wire you can put in front of blind to peg/clip runners to? You can remove the wire when not taking photos.

    1. CURTAIN WIRE !!! OMG you are brilliant, off to buy some.

  7. The bed is gorgeous. Glad you slept well. I think from personal experience the more I stay away from sugar and sweets the less I crave them, maybe that will be your experience, also.

  8. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Bedroom looks lovely Team Harvey. Am just about to hang new net curtains in the bedroom that job frustrates the heck out of me. George's Mum. PS great news Brylee 👍

  9. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Love your pretty bedroom. Pink is my colour. Are you still drinking diet coke? I get so many remarks that coke ns is bad but water makes me sick.

    1. What's wrong with your water?

  10. Facebook marketplace sales r amazing some things i list are gone within 10 minutes

  11. Bedroom looks so pretty! Glad Brylee's test was fine. We are having so many cases here in Texas, it is kinda scary.

  12. Amanda5:25 PM

    Well done mum on the super fiddly work 💙

  13. The text is smaller these days. It was nice and big on June 22nd. I have to get reading glasses to read your blog now. Can you make it bigger??

    1. Someone said it was too big so I changed it! I will change it back.

  14. Bedroom very pretty,why do you tuck the top cover in,would it almost touch the floor,may look more even with the sides of the bed.overall looks good. Wonky house runner looks lovely also,and so relieved about Brylee,all good here, only cold.THE OLD MOO.

  15. Maybe you need to reset the default for your text on your layout? You go do this under customising your theme. Maybe take the default to something a little smaller than it is now but not as small as you had it before?

  16. Bedroom looks lovely. Good to hear you slept well. Have a lovely weekend.


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