Monday, June 22, 2020


A week ago I got a phone call from my doctor's nurse.

Seems my last blood test results came in.

They were kinda BAD.

Like... 7 months ago was my last blood test (I know, I should have been tested 4 months ago already)... but anyway.  I didn't.

My previous level was 94, which was very bad.

I should be down around 45-50 to have good control of my Hba1c levels.

My latest test result:

ABOVE:  Yep.  97.

So, totally out of control, totally in the RED so to speak.

Well... the nurse was adamant I come in and have a Face to Face with the doctor.  Remember, I've not even met him yet thanks to Covid-19 not allowing regular visits.

So I'm going in this morning... and get this!  I have to bring Stew with  me... because they want to have his support in tackling me!

And that was BEFORE they realised he was 'that Mr Harvey'.... who they also wanted to see cos of his Hba1c levels too!   ha ha ha.

So we are both in trouble.  Feel like a naughty kid who got her hand stuck in the lollie jar.

Last time I spoke to the Doctor, he asked me why my levels were so high, what was I doing?

And I said I reckon they jump up every time I eat an easter egg, or block of chocolate!  (it was around Easter).  lol

Not really laughing.

Stew and I will just have to go back to the RIGID dieting and exercise that brought our levels down so well two years ago.

But ... it's just so damn hard.  As an adult, no one likes to be told what they can and can't eat, what they HAVE to do.  *sigh*  

So, I'm feeling pretty crabby right now.  At myself.  At the Doctor. At life in general.  And I'm going to be even crabbier when I have to go shopping and buy friggin salad shit to have EVERY DAMN DAY... only consolation is we can have lots of meat/eggs/cheese etc.

Just nothing with sugar or carbs.  OMG I'm going to be impossible to live with.  


9.30 am, back from the Doctor's.   We had a 'good' chat.  I pretty much told him what I was going to do, asked him to prescribe the necessary meds (what I was on 2 years ago) and told him we'd be back in 3 months with much better results.

I'm not sure I like having a doctor who I can literally walk all over?

But... as long as he is on top of it, and he seems to be, I shall keep seeing him.

I wanted to walk from Steve and Bex's new house to ours, see how long it took and how far, as there is a 'shortcut' for walkers, which makes the distance much less than driving.
So Stew dropped me off at their house and I walked home.

It took me 17 minutes (and I'm NOT fit right now), and it was 1.55 kms in distance.  So they are really, really close to us.

I'm now off to the Base to get my new prescription and post a letter.

💙👅😜 And look at that!  I just found something new... I can add characters!  👍💜😂😏

Ha ha!  Got to the base and realised I'd left the prescription at home.  Derrr.
So never mind, did some shopping, got some wool (just 4 balls) and a white roller blind from Spotlight, to use as a backdrop for photos.

I was browsing in one of our favourite shops (Acquisitions) and was yakking with the ladies.  They know us quite well... 😆, can't think why.

Anyway... They asked me if I 'worked', so I said "NO, I'm a kept woman".  But I did mention I did some patchwork type stuff and sold it from home.

AND they asked me to bring in my Business Card because they often get asked for table runners, but don't have any.   So they will tell people about mine.  Nice eh?

I did a small grocery shop at the brand new Countdown out our way, it's a gorgeous store!
Still pricey though, and with a fairly small meat department.
I think the best meat department I've come across is Pak N Save, Clarence Street.  But as I don't want to be visiting 2-3 different grocery stores, I will just stick to my current one.

ABOVE: Just after I got home, this one turned up.   Nice to see her.  She's a bit stressed, lost some weight.  *sigh*  Nothing I can do though, I offered her food but she had already eaten.

PETA:  This chart shows our numbering system better:

ABOVE:  So Peta, at 5.7 on the top curve, you are doing fine!

Mine is 11.0 top curve, 97 in the middle.  😢

ABOVE:  Just cos I can.  There was a film crew in the store too... presumably to promote the new shop's opening.

I have been told the video is not showing on mobile phones.  Sorry, I have no idea why.  A blogger glitch obviously.  I can view it on my computer.

ABOVE:  Had this lot visit this afternoon.  It was neat to see them.

Right, did a test of various ways to get a video to work for mobile phones.... think I've got it now.
Hang on...

ABOVE:  did it work?  Let's see.

YES IT DID.  You have to tap the arrow twice. 

10.00 pm: Dinner tonight was stir fried chicken and bacon with onion, a tiny potato each and coleslaw.  Rather nice, and healthy.  Oh yaaa.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Good to hear that you can get on top of the levels and that the doctor wasn't too harsh. Gosh the kids will be close and a short walk for visits, it's going to be wonderful for you all I think. George's Mum.

  2. You goofy girl! You DO have your hand caught in the Lolly jar! Somebody hide the Lolly Jar, please! If you don't like salad don't eat salad. At least you can have meat and cheese! That's the best part of the meal anyhow! I don't think you are really "walking all over the doctor". If you know from experience what works - you may as well do it. And besides, if that's what you want and he said NO - you would find another doctor. I am sure he realizes it is a solid start! Now that you have a good walk route to Steve and BEx's place - it will give you a reason to walk (besides the reason of walking). You know - you can have a brief visit with the kiddos, play a quick game and walk home again. A good 1-2 hour "exercise and fun" break! Sounds perfect.

    1. I love your comment. So encouraging. 💙💚💜

    2. That was a great comment Chris. You have so many supporters. Now support yourself. I kniw9 how hard it us believe me. I'm struggling to get back to healthy eating myself mt chocolate addiction out of control again. But if you / I don't do it we won't be around to enjoy our old age.

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Hi yes a good comment...I had a test as well my level was 5.7 I am not sure where you get 97 on that chart? looks like 14.9 on the bottom line where I take my measurment. I have to be good as well as my hand is also in the chocolate jar...need to lose 20 kilos...what was Stew's level...take care


  4. When I first met my doctor she was much the same. She never nags or tells us what to do but makes suggestions and listens to us. Sounds like you have a good doctor. As Dogstars said - if he told you what to do you'd find another doctor. And WE know you'd do the opposite because you're like that!
    I am not a salad fan but love roasted veges with herbs and olive oil.
    You've done this before and can do it again. No, it won't be easy but you CAN have a treat now and again - and you will enjoy it all the more because it will be a treat. And really, Chris, you don't want to wake up one day and find your toes have turned black or Stew drops dead from a heart attack with no symptoms because diabetes does that to you. Today I started a weight loss and exercise program through my health fund because of my arthritis and recent knee replacement. It won't be fun for the first 6 weeks as it's really strict but we can do this together kiddo. You don't want full blown diabetes and I don't want not being able to walk. We've got this.

  5. Chris, there are so many yummy things you can eat that are low carb. I make buns, pancakes, cakes, puddings and so many other things. I use a combination of almond flour and coconut flour (coconut flour is so much cheaper so usually use a smaller amount). I use the 'Naturals' sugar that comes in that little pouch. It's twice as sweet as sugar so you don't use much. You really can eat well, not just salads. I've probably added more higher carb foods since being diagnosed as pre-diabetic years ago but because most of our food is low carb my HbA1c came back at only 34 (which surprised me actually). You can do this - you have to do this, the consequences of diabetes are just too bad.

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I'm not diabetic but have had blood tests coming back suggesting I am close to being pre-diabetic - I haven't given up very much because I have a very sweet tooth but am making myself cut down on the amount of cakes and pies (just a small portion and they last longer!!). You should ask your doctor for a diet sheet and try and follow that - at least you and Stew can eat the same meals, you don't have to cook two different ones. Brylee could cook her own if she doesn't want what you are eating - she is a old enough to be a flatmate now. Audrey

  7. You know all the rules and you know what needs to be done. End of Story.

    Bring on the emoji's!! 🦋

  8. That countdown looks AMAZING

  9. Kiwionholidays8:44 PM

    Fab blogging again today, love all the news n family pics etc
    Time poor so have a great night

  10. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Where there’s a will there’s a way you will find your way because you’re determined, you are finally in the house your forever house with the man you love and loves you some more family moving home soon, and a fabulous shop!!
    You got this x

  11. Day one back on track dun and dusted you gonna get thise numbers under control

  12. Get on the website, get some yummy new recipes and cheer up, buttercup! Carbs under 50g a day to start with, it will fall off you!

  13. Good luck getting your numbers in line. Looks like a lovely weekend. Nice to hear that the house worked out and everyone is happy. It will be so wonderful to have them close by. Wow now that's a huge grocery store! Take care keep well.

  14. My mom is obsessed with everyones A1c number. I'm just like mind your own haha


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