Tuesday, June 02, 2020


After Griffin left yesterday, Stew and I got on with moving the furniture around in the spare bedroom and littlest bedroom.

Now we have a bedroom with the single and trundler bed in it, and a study.  And Brylee also has a double bedroom... for now.

As soon as she vacates the premises, her room will become a spare bedroom with a Queen size bed in it.

 ABOVE: The little bedroom is now our study.

ABOVE: The middle bedroom is now the spare bedroom for kids.  There is plenty of room for the trundler bed to be pulled out and used.

IF Griffin comes home again, he will be sleeping in a single bed!  lol

ABOVE:  Got a damn sore toe!  Not broken, but certainly munted.  lol  No more bare feet around the house, that's for sure.  I keep stubbing me blasted toes.  Grrrr.

Today?  Stew is back at work, and Brylee is home for two days.
I will be opening my little shop, and working on making a few more things.

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


12.03 pm:  And I've had a good morning.  Got a few little jobs done around the house before heading off into the Studio.

I didn't actually do any sewing to start with, instead I did this:

 ABOVE:  I  had to resolve the problem we have with the vase of flowers and the white heart constantly getting knocked off that shelf.  
I didn't want to remove them from the room as they 'tie' in with the pinkish theme.
So, it came to me last night as I was trying to get to sleep...

 ABOVE:  I could use this old cabinet door as a framework and ...

ABOVE: Do that.

I will hang it on the wall and take down that 'Runway' painting.  (it's supposed to depict Palmerston North's runway).

I'm rather pleased with how it looks, just have to put it on the wall later.

Right now I'm in me Studio eating my cheese and onion sandwich for lunch, before continuing with a Critter or two.

2.50 pm:  And I had two ladies visit the shop today.  One is coming back on Thursday and the other is coming back on Saturday.  They were both out getting their daily walk, so didn't have their purses on them.  I feel certain they will come back too, as they were super enthusiastic about quite a few things in my shop.

I have spent a lot of time today just titivating in the house.  Moving ornaments etc.

Happy to have got this done:

ABOVE:  It's a bit different.  I like different.

I've got Card's in Cambridge tonight.  I'm so tired though. I might try to catch 90 winks right now...

Thankfully I did get 40 winks before heading off to Cambridge.
Cards was neat, nice to be getting back into a normal routine again.

Time to go to bed, another day tomorrow in the studio/shop.

COVID-19: NZ - 1504.  22 Lives Lost. 1 Active Case.  No new cases in 11 consecutive days.


  1. Vacates the premises lol. Xx

  2. You do put your toes in a lot of bother....sure there is at least one maybe two other posts over the years you been blogging xxx

  3. Your study looks lovely, I would find it easy to do things in there. When you do things, you do them properly! Sorry about your toes, I have started wearing shoes when I shift furniture but they only protect them so much. Penny x

  4. Ouch! Your toe looks sore. Great to have a designated study area ... that's on my "to do" list.

  5. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Ewwww that looks like it hurt to buggery 🤬 cracker day here after soooooo much rain. George's Mum.

  6. ohh that toe Chris, very ouchies looking.

    I like your different too!

    Love what you did with the flowers and heart...wish I had just a quarter of your talent.

  7. Love that flower heart thingy. You could troll hospice shops and make things like that for your shop.
    Nothing like a single bed to limit visitations!

  8. I really love the colour scheme of the cushions, great choice :-).

    That the looks bloody sore!!

  9. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Love how you did the flower arrangement, Jo

  10. The flowers and heart looks good. Ouch! on that toe! Always up to something at your place. Rooms look good.

  11. I love the flower arrangement a great way to reuse the door. X

  12. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Ouch, your toe! Have you ever considered a pedicure Chris? It's great 👍
    Lynda Allen, Sheffield, UK


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