Thursday, June 18, 2020


I dyed me hair yesterday.

ABOVE:  This is what I used.  It took me freakin' ages to choose it... there's so many different ones on the market.

 ABOVE: It's quite dark, but then so is my 'natural' hair colour now days.  Well, dark with a bit of grey thrown in for contrast.

It's got a strong hint of orange on the top... and maybe some green ?  lol

So I will be washing it today with purple shampoo to tone it down a bit.  In that photo you can't see the orange or green (Luckily) *smiles*.

But first off for the day, some washing sorted out, bed made, house tidied up, then into the studio to continue with the next Wonky House Runner.


11.40 am:  And dang it's cold today!  I came out to the studio at 9 and turned the heater on.... then an hour later I was stripping off me cowl and jacket and roasting.
Now?  Bloody freezing again.
So back on it all goes.

No one in the shop so far today, and I really don't expect anyone either.  It's pissing down with rain and just horrible out there.

I saw one girl out taking a walk in the rain, good on her!  Me, I don't think I will be doing that any more.  Just not that keen on getting wet and cold.

ABOVE:  I'm making great progress on this wonky house runner.  I just love this house!
This is what I love most about what I do... the enjoyment I get out of being creative.

Right, back to it...

ABOVE:  And there ya go, another Wonky House Runner finished.
And I've got the lay out of another one done too.

It's now 2.30 pm and I'm inside about to have some lunch and relax in front of the telly with me knitting.

Not surprisingly, no visitors in the shop today.  Our street was VERY quiet today.

10.50 pm:  Bit of a late update tonight.
I did quite a bit of housework this afternoon, then cooked dinner, watched TV, knitted and spent time with Stew.

And now ... time to head off to bed.

 Another new case today, a man who arrived in our country from overseas.  He's in quarantine, hopefully no one lets him out until he's recovered!


  1. That's what I use too but I'm sticking to blonde. Your colour looks great. Hope your purple shampoo gets the colour straightened out. Looking good

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    You hair looks great. Really suits you 👍
    Amanda Seaton, Holmes, UK

  3. I found in the days I was trying to stay blonde to pick a colour that starts with Ash. It doesn't have the red tones. I have now naturally gone back to my medium blonde colour in my old age.

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Wow I can see Kelly there in that photo I like that colour very nice aka Blondie

  5. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Looks good. My hairdresser told me Monday there is grey all through my hair. At last! I'm going to see what shade of grey before I dye it.

  6. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Looking swanky Mrs H 💗 Stew won't be able to keep his hands off you! George's Mum.

  7. I like it, personally! Hope you have a good day today. Penny x

  8. Oh, that looks great, love it and your wonky house.
    Just to rub in in, cos I is hot here today.

  9. You look so youthful!!! Not a wrinkle in sight and now no greys either!! I do like it!

    1. *snort* !!! I've got filters on me phone camera babe! There's plenty of wrinkles up close and personal I assure you.

  10. Anonymous1:27 PM

    That hair colour really suits you! Very flattering and makes you look so youthful. It looks very natural, too, not dyed at all.

    How is Steve & Bex's house hunt going?

    A Fan in Canada

  11. Love your hair! It looks great.

  12. What????!!!!!! You have filters on your phone? I think the hair color looks good. Do you like it? I can't really tell from the photo! I like the house on the left!
    My son moved into his new house today. It was a foreclosure - so he got a good deal, but there is some fix ups and new faucets and maybe a few new pipes that need to be addressed. Are Steve and Bex going to rent or buy? Would Steve ever be interested in "house-flipping"?

    1. Filters.. Yes! Smooths out the wrinkles. You can also slim down your face (I don't do that) and even change your eyes, make them bigger (again, I don't do that either). I just do the skin tone thingee. Buying a home here in New Zealand is EXPENSIVE. It will be a long time before Steve can afford to buy a home, saving is nigh impossible when you have to pay over $500 a week in rent.

  13. It sucks that rent is that high! Yikes! My son got a foreclosed home in a fairly small town for $41,000. It's a 2 bedroom. 2 story house. But it needs a washer, dryer, and refrigerator, and we discovered a few "plumbing issues". But it will cost the same or less than rent. I think he got it for about $20,000 less than its actual value. So, with a few fix-ups I think they will be good!

    1. He's very lucky! I doubt there is any house in New Zealand for sale for under $100,000! In fact I just had a quick look and yep... virtually NOTHING. You can buy a run down house for removal... but then you would have to buy the land and that's EXPENSIVE as hell too!

  14. Love your hair. It does make you look younger.

  15. Kiwionholidays7:33 PM

    Hair is fab colour. Looks so natural....

    even as you say you smooth out a few wee wrinkles,,,
    Good Bone structure and you have young energy , so all good,,

    It’s what’s underneath that counts
    Will be fab when Steve n Bex move down and amazed at Dogstars etc purchase for that amount even adding the fix ups .

    Can’t even get a section here for under $300 G so hard for young ones starting out as kiwi country,

    We did family benefit capitalisation way back when ,was so helpful even though we had to start with Basic Beazley still gave us a family home,

    Hope Brylee Griffin Lacey and all the others going good too,

    Enjoy your evening

  16. Ooooh love the dark hair colour

  17. Nice color. Keep warm.

  18. Great hair color on you! Its motivating me to go darker. I think you made a nice choice.

  19. The new hair colour looks great Chris ... really suits you. House prices certainly make home ownership difficult. I worked a second job to raise the deposit for our house ... working seven days a week. It was hard and I doubt I could have done it if we'd had young kids.

  20. I really like the brown hair! I've been wearing my hear like yours with a bun on top lately. Even my little bit of bangs is fitting up in there.

  21. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I like the hair colour too!!! X


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