Friday, June 19, 2020


Well... here goes again with the new Blogger Interface.

*SIGH*... I have to get used to it as it will become the only option by end of July.

Just pisses me off really.  I've been blogging with the current interface for 13.8 years, getting used to a new way of doing it is going to do my head in. 

ABOVE:  So... I put that on so I could practise getting a photo on the page.  It worked.
Last time I tried the new interface, getting a photo on, it was too small and in the wrong place... no idea why it worked right this time.

There's way less colour choices with the new interface.  No more of my favourite colours.

Actually, I take that back!  I can choose more as an option!  Look at that!  I found all my colours!
This could be fun.  I am already feeling better about the new interface now.

So... on with today.  No shop/studio today.
I was going out to look for a new bed, but don't need to now.  Things change daily around here!

I might get the rest of the housework done then stitch some bunting together.  I've got quite a bit ....

ABOVE:  See?  Lots.  I love knitting them!  It's a bit weird.

Oh and I have figured out why the photo placement is so much easier compared to the last time I tried it.

The powers that be have adjusted quite a few things with the new interface.  It's called ironing out the glitches.
It's MUCH easier now compared to when I tried it a few weeks ago.

Maybe I won't  have a melt down now.  lol


Right, it's nearly 11.30 am and I have just finished the housework I needed to do.  Dusting can wait.  FOREVER.

Amanda is coming over for a visit.  I nagged her kinda.  Don't see enough of the Hamilton based kids really.
Sometimes I wonder why, then I  work it out.
It's NOT ME.

It's them.  I'm NOT going to let anyone make me feel like a failure, or the worst parent or a horrible person.  

Each and every one of my kids has free will, makes their own decisions and if that includes having nothing to do with us, well that's their prerogative.  For whatever reason, be it real or perceived on their behalf.  I have a few who keep in touch and are loving and care about us, so that's good.

*** just to clarify ***.... I would love to see more of my kids on a whole.  But not those that treat me like shit and/or disrespect me.  I am NO LONGER putting up with being disrespected by my own kids.

Now back to today.  Amanda arrived with a couple of kids in tow...

ABOVE:  Sophie and Alex ... friends kids.  They thoroughly enjoyed playing with the dogs.
It was a very busy 3 hours!
Those two kids were super energetic.
They were home from school as they had the sniffles.

ABOVE:  Amanda is still rocking the blue hair... trust me to have a smurf for a daughter!  lol

It's now 3.30 pm and they have left, so I can straighten out the house and then start on dinner.  Which is still in the freezer!  

We are having Chicken patties and a salad for dinner tonight.  Some greenery on the plate should be good.

9.30 pm:  Dinner was lovely!  Ate far too much and now feel ikkkk.
Coronation Street is on... so I'll make this winding down quick.
It's been an awesome day.  Some good news from Steve and Bex.... more on that tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Ooh Chris, I came across your post about meeting with the two Sues and now I'm looking at Sue W's lovely blog in Raglan.....just as well we are still in lockdown in Scotland ! Jane G

  2. I've been using the new blogger for a few weeks now and have finally got used to it. In fact some of it I find I like more! I did struggle a bit with lack of information on how to use it - it has been a rather trial-and-error experiment and I'm still learning LOL :)

    1. Yep, I just updated for the morning and hit publish... and it stayed on the same edit page? Then I tried going back and boom! It was already published. *sigh* I think I need to keep using the new interface, I'm sure it will become second nature in a year or two! lol Lovely day out there today fellow Hamiltonian.

  3. You can upsize or downsize photos easily and I find the buttons under "more" make then go to the left, right or centre. I'm figuring it out slowly. Hey, I saw Steve yesterday while he was getting the kids from school. I said hello and that I'm the Lynda that he makes fun of (on the pool video). Then I realise how weird it must be to have a stranger come up to him and know all of his business! He said he said he's used to it now :)

  4. Amanda-Alison4:29 PM


  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Sad day for the New Zealand Police Service 😪 and for the slain officers family, colleagues and friends. Let's hope things improve all round. George's Mum.

  6. Wow. So much has happened since I last checked in. Which was ages ago. Hopefully things have been going well for everyone during lockdown. I personally haven't noticed much difference in my life; I even keep forgetting there's a pandamic on!

  7. Kiwionholidays9:27 PM

    Hope the new system is easier for you once you get fully on board
    Your Kelly has your good bone structure,,too nice catchups for you guys
    Have a great weekend

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Ha ha... that daughter is Amanda, our eldest kid.

  8. Kiwionholidays11:45 PM

    So sorry Chris, as soon as I reread It I realised my mistake
    The girls all look so alike with their lovely long hair,,

    Cheers again

  9. I didn't realize Blogger was changing. OOOOPPSS Seems you had a busy day. Have a relaxing weekend.


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