Monday, June 15, 2020


Well... it's going to be a different Monday for me.  Not staying home and doing the housework.  Weird.

Instead, Stew and I are going up to Auckland with our trailer and bringing home a load of stuff from Steve and Bex's.

I think we will be making a few trips up there over the next couple of weeks so that when it comes time for them to move down 'proper', there will be much less stuff for them to transport down here.

While we are up there I plan on popping into Spotlight in Manukau to see if they have a better selection of wool.
The Hamilton store is woefully depleted ... lots of empty shelves.  

ABOVE:  I got this basket ready to take with me.... so I can knit in the car and so on.  And it dawned on me... OMG... I'm an old woman taking me knitting out and about in a bloody basket!!!

Next thing ya know I'll be knitting in the mall, and in the movie theatre.  Far out, shoot me now.
When did this happen????

I know I'm a Grandma and all that shit... but inside my head I'm only 35.  *sigh*

The body might be telling me differently too, the traitorous bitch.  Freakin' nipples are on 'double dip' now, soon I won't even be able to see  them unless I grab and pull up!  ha ha ha.

Age eh?  It catches up with all of us eventually.  I'm not going to let it bother me though... it's a state of mind, and as I said, in me mind I'm 35.
So what if I take my knitting with me?  Who gives a shit.

So, Stew and I will have a nice day out, do a good deed and even have a 'date night dinner' tonight.
I've told Brylee she has to cook her own dinner tonight, as we are not going to rush back just to make her dinner.  Hell no.


3.30 pm:  Finally home!  We had a fairly quick trip at the end of the day.
Just straight up, quick stop at Spotlight, on to the kid's house, loaded up and left again.

ABOVE:  Manukau Spotlight had a little bit more wool than Hamilton, so I grabbed a bit more while I still could.

 ABOVE:  After helping load the car with the lighter stuff, I sat and kept an eye on things while Stew and Bex did the trailer load.
And I managed to get 8 bunting made on the trip up and back too!

 ABOVE:  Patrick filled the gap between the seat and the window.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  We really were stacked to the gunnels.

ABOVE : We stopped at the top on the Bombay Hills on our way home and had KFC for a late lunch.  The Market Gardeners fields always look so cool when they are bare.

So it's now 3.45 and Stew and I are taking a break.  When we got home Lacy was here, along with Brylee, so we didn't have to do all the unloading on our own, thank  goodness.

10.35 pm:  Stew needed to go into work this evening to pick up the company car.  So I went with him, and we had dinner at Iguana, a local eatery.
It only cost us $16 for a shared pizza, so a damn cheap 'date night'.  lol

After getting home we just watched TV and chilled out.  
I'm literally falling asleep in my chair, so am now off to bed.


  1. Spotlight in Sylvia Park is bare... loads of empty shelves where yarn used to be! Oh and by the way. I put you crook regarding this stupid blogger interface - yes you can revert back to the old one now but I just read that in July they will stop that. I am HATING the new interface with a passion but will now have to figure it out.

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Lol granny knitting. Bet you wont take it to the pub. I did on International Knitting Day and I wasnt alone lol. Have a lovely day. Back to the office for me tomorrow. First time since March 11. Kj

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I know the feeling with the boobs god when I lie in bed they slip under my armpits bahahaha George's Mum.

  4. Nothing wrong with knitting in the car!!! I have a heap of yarn I will never use. Such a shame I can't post it to you.

    1. Maybe I can pick it up when we come over!!!! Ya never know ...

    2. That would be awesome!!

  5. LOL getting old is such fun!!!

  6. Kiwionholidays4:46 PM

    fab change in your family moving South from Auckland,
    Will be fab having them nearby ,,
    Love you taking your knitting , awesome idea 💡

    Having your unloading helpers at home
    Huge bonus love their energy ,,

    Can’t post on Lyndas blog but able to read it so glad they are all good too,

    Fab weather today feels like summer ,,,so can handle that, that’s for sure,,,

    Cheers 🥂

  7. Great you getting the start on the kids move

  8. Looks like you were loaded up the the brim. It will be wonderful for you to have them close by. Take care.


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