Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Remember me saying not that long ago that I was never going to dye my hair blonde again?

Well ... I'm not.  But I might just put a light brown dye through it cos.... 

ABOVE:  I'm sure in hell not too enamoured with the grey!  I thought I didn't mind the grey, but shit there's more than I thought.  Now that I haven't had my hair dyed in months I can SEE IT so much better! 

So that's my mission today, once I close my shop up later on in the day.  To go buy a dye and do me hair.

This morning I will get the little cot quilt finished, I only have the binding to stitch on now... then I can give it to the lady who commissioned it. 

I'm looking forward to moving on and making at least 2 more Wonky House Runners next.

So... that's my plans for today.

I am hoping and praying that we have no more repercussions from the massive BALLS UP that allowed two women with Covid-19 to leave quarantine WITHOUT being tested, and to travel within our country unrestricted.

I am still gobsmacked that it happened!  After all we have done to ensure it was literally eradicated... so many people's lives changed forever, lives lost,  jobs lost, incomes cut, a crippled economy and for what?

Incompetent FUCKWITS letting people out of quarantine who HAVE COVID-19.

OMG the powers that be better damn well sort this shit out or we will all be going back into bloody lockdown!

I, along with hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders are FURIOUS and APPALLED that this has happened.   HEADS should roll.

I will be glued to the TV at 1 pm to see if there's any more new cases.

Right, that's my little vent/rant over. 

On with my day.


ABOVE:  In my happy place.  Putting together a wonky house runner.
I finished Elias's cot quilt, photo later.

No one in the shop so far today.
I put my registration in for the October (Labour Weekend) St Andrews Church Fair.  Even if I sell nothing else all year in the shop, I've made more in the past few weeks than I would have made attending the Cambridge Trash & Treasure Market for the entire year.  Crazy!

Best of all... no early starts, no freezing our butts off, no set up and take down involved.  Love it here in my Studio.  *smiles*

4.30 pm:  And I've been out, bought me hair dye and come home again.
The dyeing is done.
Very wet hair, won't take a photo till it's dry.  Probably tomorrow.

I don't like to blow dry my hair unless I need to go out, so slow, natural hair drying going on.

I have a roast of beef with veges in the oven, so that's sorted.

Two loads of washing waiting to be hung out... bit slack on that score today.

But... it will happen.

Lots of stories swirling about the 2 women with Covid-19.  Sounds like they did a swiftie to get let out too soon, and without testing.
AND now the health authorities have to track down and test OVER 300 people who they came into contact with, presumably at the funeral.

300 potential spreaders of Covid-19 out there.  OMFG!
If it isn't contained RIGHT NOW, we could end up right back where we started, or worse.

I'm so, so angry. 

Well... dinner was lovely, if ya like roast beef.  I don't.  But Stew liked it, so all good.

I've done no knitting today, so that's what I will do now, while watching some TV.


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Completely agree Chris heads should roll after the sacrifices we have all made. Bet those people will be ducking for cover big time. Am still in bed been a bit crook the past week doctor thinks it's glandular fever or chronic fatigue syndrome ohhh joy! George's Mum.

  2. Oh and these 2 ladies traveling from Auckland to Wellington without any other contact id be very surprised if they drove that distance without stoppong for a pee or coffee so who else have they contaminated

    1. It can be done on one tank of gas & it was indicated that they stopped & peed on the side of the road - which quite frankly makes me think they already suspected they may have it because if they were so sure they were safe, why would you not stop for a snack & a wee???

  3. Those new cases made me so mad. From my understanding, they were initially turned down for special dispensation but did not like the decision so took it to the High Court who overturned the decision. It seems to me that if you have $$ you get what you want - high court action requires expensive solicitors. Also, I read they are isolating in a seperate house at the parents place so clearly not short of a bob or two. All assumptions of course and I do have the utmost sympathy for the loss of their parent BUT many others were in similar situations and they hd to stick to the rules. The most infuriating thing is that one of the women apparantly had minor symptoms before they travelled but "thought it was just due to a pre-existing condition". I call bullshit on that - if they had ANY symptoms, they should not have been allowed to travel and should have been tested. No wonder they have asked for their "privacy" to be respected, there are many people incredibly angry that this was allowed to happen, especially those who also lost family members and could not say goodbye, or hold funerals and those who have lost their jobs & livelihoods just to have these two swan in from the UK and throw their money & weight around to get what they want with no regard for anyone else. Aaaannndd rant over :-).

  4. the pics of Elias's quilt cover are adorable (that we've already seen)... his family will love it xxxxx

  5. I even heard about the new cases in New Zealand. That stinks. My president wants to have rallies of 20,000 people indoors. So that should be safe!

  6. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Yep it's an epic balls up something doesn't quite ring true with this space methinks. Been a super day here, can't wait to see the new "do" George's Mum.

    1. I hope you are starting to feel a bit better Robyn?

    2. Anonymous7:58 PM

      Yes a bit more human I just hope it's a viral infection rather than the other 2 options.

  7. It's so disappointing when so many kiwis missed out on their loved ones funerals during level 3 & level 4. I no we should be compassionate but this is a BIG SLAP in the face to all those who made sacrifices and now have failing business.

    Fingers crossed the hair dye works a treat and blends those greys away! 🤞

  8. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Hi Chris, Been a long time follower but first time commenting from Western Australia (waves). Have you thought about setting up Chris’s Creations as its own Facebook Page? You could put it on the sign at the front and that way people who might be shy coming in and se what you have for sale can have a look before or recommend your page to others further afield. You can load you creations on your page with your email page if people want to order. Wished I lived closer. I would pop in for sure, your crafts are beautiful! Tania

  9. What a shame these people were let loose on the community. I hope it doesn't spread. Take care.

  10. Good thing you aren't in the states. Everyone is acting like it's over and the cases keep rising. Schools are going to start back up in classrooms in August and everything.


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