Monday, June 08, 2020


Well... it's that day of the week that MOST people hate.

MONDAY.   Sorry people, but I love Mondays!

I get to sort my house out after the weekend, and get all the housework done.

Top of today's list is washing and vacuming.  
Then sorting through all the stuff that came off the tree, and salvage the flowers, pom poms and tassels if I can.  They can be re-used next year!

I am going to yarn bomb the tree again next summer, because it really was fun.

I DID finally get to sort out the Study late yesterday ... so that's one less job for me to do.

Now... here's a couple of photos I forgot to post yesterday:

 ABOVE:  I ordered a Wool Winder a week ago, and it arrived on Saturday afternoon.   So, I have been winding some of my wool ready for knitting.

It's fun to operate, and makes the wool easier to use when it's wound into 'cakes'.

It was a very cheap winder, but so effective!

ABOVE:  Steve having his beard pulled by three little monkeys.  He was very tolerant.

ABOVE:  I have been watching my garden like a hawk for any sign of my peonies sprouting.
And yesterday... FOUR of the five I planted have popped out above the dirt line.  Very exciting.

Now I just want to see the fifth, then I will be happy.  

YES, we need to do some weeding soon *smiles*, it's just been a bit too wet to get out there.  Maybe next weekend?

And that's about all I have for now, so catch ya later.


ABOVE:  The bunting I managed to get knitted this weekend.  That's about 3.5 meters worth.
I will be knitting more most evenings from now on until it either sells in the shop, or goes on the tree at the end of the year. *smiles*

10.43 am:   And all the jobs are done, so I'm in me studio doing some sewing.  I've even opened the 'shop'... might as well while I'm in it!

ABOVE:  I wanted to show you the cowl Bex made me yesterday.  I love it. So much easier to wear than a scarf.  No dangly bits getting in the way when ya bend over.
It only took her 2-3 hours too.

ABOVE:  Just finished this Wonky House Runner.  AND found somewhere in this home to hang things to photograph too.

Now... lunchtime.  Relax time.  Put me feet up and knit time.

***  OMG It gets so cold so fast ***. 

Seriously by 3.30 pm it's cooling down.  Now it's 5.30 and I'm freezing.

Time to turn the heat pump on and get on with making dinner.

We are having macaroni cheese with bacon bits.  YUMMY.


NZ 1504.  

Level 1 at midnight tonight.  Life returns to pretty much 'normal'.
Amazing feat, we did it together.


  1. It looks really good on ya xx that fluffy yarn makes it look snuggly as archer would put it haha. Hope your having a good day.

  2. Looks lovely Bex....might have to sell some 😉

  3. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Wow, that owl is so pretty on you. Bex is so creative. I love the colours of the knitted bunting. Have you thought of making some fabric bunting for the shop. I made some for boys and put boys fabric one side, xmas fabric on the other. Visofix in between. Used a pinking blade to cut them. Sew a line 1/2 inch from the edge and attach ribbon or string. About 9 length of bunting. Kj

  4. Love the cowl. Bex, what pattern did you use or did you just make it up? I'm making cowls for that exact reason - scarves do me head in!

    1. Oh thank you it's a basic granny stitch cowl there really good and breathable. But supper snuggly aswell

  5. Kiwionholidays2:56 PM

    Bex you are so kind doing that for Chris
    Just her colours
    Fab log again today n liked yestys too, esp Lacys new knitting and the colour,, say no more
    Did a long post yesterday n lost the lot grr

    Grandies are awesome n growing so fast .

    Hope this works today

  6. great pix, love the cowl. Getting lots colder here in Sydney too (not complaining!) lololol. xxxxx

  7. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Hi Chris,hello from the Scottish Highlands. I discovered your blog some time ago and have been playing catch-up during this time of isolation (I've reached Dec 2015 !) We arrived back in Uk from NZ on 19th March and went into lockdown on 23rd. We were lucky enough to visit many places in North Island mentioned in your blog,such as Coromandel, Whitiangi, Gisbourne, Napier before heading to Nelson to visit No 1 daughter who is currently working there, and my sister who's been in NZ for many years. No 2 daughter has been over in Winton, Invercargill a few times shearing sheep. We started airbnb business last year - great timing huh ?!! Hoping for better things soon. Love reading all about your life in NZ and nice to now have an idea of where you are. You are so talented with all your crafting - I can barely sew a button on ! Best wishes to you and the family. Hoping our daughter will settle over there and we can make many more visits ! Regards Jane G

  8. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Well done New Zealand!

  9. Absolutely fantastic news for you all!!
    I've had the privilege of visiting NZ twice to visit partners relatives who lived on Gordonton Road and others who lived in Hamilton. We did some travelling while we were there and had a great time. You live in a truly beautiful part of the world. Take care guys.
    Gail (West Wales) x

  10. Wonderful news on the Covid front. Well done! We are still in stage 1 of de-isolation. The infection rate in Montreal is coming down, some problems in the surround areas which get counted on us. It's been a long haul. Take care.

  11. Great news about NZ getting rid of Coronavirus! I just wonder what will happen when international travel starts up again. And what will happen everywhere in the world! I don't think it's going away in the USA anytime soon, unfortunately! That's a great picture of you by the way!

  12. I love crocheted scarves like that, I have a bunch :)


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