Saturday, June 20, 2020


Late yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from Steve and Bex.

There was quite a lot of yelling down the phone!

They got the house they wanted here in Hamilton!

That's the one I viewed on Tuesday.

It makes me laugh, they are going to be living in a house they have not even seen inside.   Shit, I hope they like it as much as I do!

What am I saying?  They will LOVE IT.  It's perfect for them.

And best of all?  It is only a couple of k's from our home!  And the boys will be going to an excellent school.

There is NOTHING I can think of that's a negative.

So, they are due down here again today.

Steve is coming down first thing, his van is packed to the roof apparently ... they are trying to get as much moved down here as possible, before they do the 'big' move with all the major furniture.

Bex is going to follow in the family car with the boys a bit later on in the morning.  She too will be bringing down more stuff.

We are so lucky to have plenty of room to store their stuff for the next couple of weeks.  No storage costs for them.

Once Bex gets here, we are going shopping for a dining room suite.  They want to buy one for the new house.  What they are using right now is 'home made' ... and will be perfect for the outdoor deck.

I think we are going to do a quick walk around the new house (outside) sometime today too.  They want to have a look around as they have not set foot on the property!

They are going to love it.  It is immaculate.

So, that's our day sorted out.  I'll catch ya later.


11 am:  Well... Steve arrived at 9 am and we unloaded his van into our sunroom.

Then we went and had a walk around the new house... got freakin' wet feet.  The grass was a bit thick and long and there was heavy dew still down.

Bex and the boys just arrived, so we unloaded what was in her car too.

ABOVE:  Our sunroom!  Still got plenty of room for more here, and in our garage.

Now.... I wonder if we are going window shopping for a dining suite  now.... or after lunch?

2 pm:  Bex and I spent about 2.5 hours going from furniture shop to shop... looking... looking.... Bex was ADAMANT we were JUST LOOKING TODAY.

ABOVE:  Yeah right.  She ended up buying this dining table and chairs!  It's getting delivered here on Tuesday afternoon.

While on our wanderings, we popped into a big second hand shop off Te Rapa straight.... and I immediately spied a cute little shelf unit.  It was only $40 so I grabbed it.  Thinking... it was perfect for markets.  

YES, I will still be doing a few here and there.

As Bex put it in the car for me... it folded up on itself!  OMG... PERFECT for markets!!!!

My friend Susan D does markets and she has one very similar to mine, and I'd always coveted it.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Isn't it cute?  I can see me putting all my bowl cosy's on it at market.  For now, it can sit there in the dining area ... till I either put it in my little shop or just leave it there.

OK... sorry I forgot to say what Steve and Bex thought of the house all day!
They could only walk around outside and peer in the windows... but YES, they both love it!

The boys do too.

It is only a few minutes walk from a gorgeous park and playground, a suburban shopping centre and the boys new school.

It's perfectly positioned for everything.

I cooked corned beef in the crock pot today, and Stew did the veges and sauces to go with it.
It was a really lovely dinner, one of everyone's favourites.

Now... relax time.  I'm knackered for some reason... so probably won't be up too late tonight.  


  1. Good news, happy news, they will love it, if you do.

  2. I love the feeling of excitement for all of you in this post. It will be so great having them close.

  3. Awesome news !!! I think it's a great move for them (and you) :)

  4. Kiwionholidays8:26 AM

    How neat it that? Fab news all round.
    Catchup Monday off on a 1000k round trip to catchup with Whanau.
    It’s been nearly 6 months due to lockdown etc

    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  5. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Yowzer wonderful news for Steve, Bex and the lads!! Betcha Steve will beat Lacy to the leftovers now haha. George's Mum.

  6. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Aka Blondie 🀦‍♀️

  7. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Awesome. Wonderful news. Kj

  8. That’s fantastic and I’m sure they will love the house if you do! It will be great to have them so close. Just about everyone I know right now is looking for a dining room set.

  9. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Ohhhh I didn’t see my message I must have posted it great news Blondie

  10. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Great news for Steve and Bex. Great they can start packing and storE stuff at your place


  11. THAT IS FABULOUS NEWS!!!!! πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ₯‚

  12. Great news thrilled for all

  13. Oooohh .... I love the new dining suite - great taste Bex!! I just wish we had room for a dining table and chairs in our place - but sadly, the kitchen isn't big enough and there is no dining area - plus the lounge doesn't have room either. Maybe in our next house ....

  14. Anonymous6:05 PM

    How exciting! My son recently moved just over 4 hours away because of his girlfriends work and I am already longing for the day they move back.

  15. Wonderful news!! It will be great for you all!

  16. Did they love the new house !! ??? I presume they did.

  17. Fab news re the house, I know the feeling of having family close by. Have a great weekend x

  18. Congrats Steve & Bex on the house!!! It will be fabulous for you all!!!


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