Friday, June 12, 2020

JAB JAB I am having a flu vaccination.
My mother, bless her heart, has nagged me and nagged me for literally months to have it.

I've NEVER had the flu.  NEVER.

But my MOTHER is adamant I NEED the flu vaccination.  So.   I'm bloody well having it today.  JUST. TO. SHUT. HER. UP.

And then I'm going over to Cambridge for a walk with me FBG friends.

There will be a late morning tea after the walk.

And then... I'm going to find and buy a new frying pan.  Not an electric one, we already have one of those.  We want a flat bottomed, teflon coated one to put on the stove top.

Our current stove top frying pan has a rounded bottom, which is fine for stir fries, but useless for steaks, sausages and so on.

So, that should take up a few hours of me day.

Today I'm not going to wait until 4 pm to eat me lunch either.  That really mucked up my day yesterday.  Never, ever buy a sausage roll from Pak N Save!  That shitty thing made me feel sick for the rest of the day.

ABOVE: And there you have the next pile of bunting, ready to stitch together.  I'll do that when I get home.  It will be hilarious if I never sell any, and it all ends up on the tree next summer!

Right, I'm off get myself ready to go to the Doctors, then Cambridge.  Catch ya later.


12.46 pm:   Finally home after my morning's doings.

FLU JAB:  Friggin well hurt like hell!!!

ABOVE:  I had to sit in the waiting room for over half an hour, I  nearly left a couple of times!
Then when I walked into this room I felt physically SICK.... and had to be talked into going through with it.

And it HURT.  Thanks OLD MOO.  So much.

Now I really better not get the damn flu!

ABOVE:  My walk with the FBG's was lovely, about 3 kms, followed by a lovely hot chocolate and a small sausage roll, which was lovely.  So was the company of course.

I have thought several times of giving up the FBG's, but nah.  I love the girls/the social aspect too much.  And the exercise is a nice by product.  lol

Clearly I need the exercise.  I've now gained 3 kilos since the start of the year and I really can feel it.  *sigh*

Right, I'm now off to find a frying pan.  

SHOPPING!   Yeeeeesssssss!!!

 ABOVE:  And there ya have it.  The biggest flat bottomed frying pan you can buy.   And it was 40% off at Farmers.  AND it can go in the oven, any stove top etc etc.  I like it.

ABOVE:  Oh yeah, I got a bit more wool too.  Cos I could.

Now?  Putting said wool away then sorting out dinner.

Ravioli and salad. 

11.46 pm:  And dinner was LOVELY.  And then I knitted 7 more bunting triangles... such fun watching the pile grow.  *smiles*
Off to bed now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Great idea to have your flu vax ... I'm with your Mum on that one. Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. 😜ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ðŸĨī

  2. How do you know you have not had it?

    Might be a difference in countries.

    Every time you have been sick with a respititory illness, over the years, they tested to see if you had the flu?

    1. The symptoms you get.... I've never had most of them. A cough yes, snotty nose yes... but that's it.

  3. WAITING,WAITING,have you had it yet.THE OLD MOO.

  4. Trust me, you don't want the flu! It's not like a cold - you feel as if you're dying. The aches and pains are horrendous and with your diabetes and, dare I say it, age the chances of serious complications increase. And I'm sorry it hurt - I used to give flu vaxes and often I had to show the recipient the empty syringe cos they didn't believe I'd given it. It's an art!!
    Enjoy your frypan shopping. I fully understand the excitement!

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I am sure you would know if you had had the flu - it is much worse than a cold. I think as you are diabetic it isn't worth taking the risk it as I believe it plays havoc with your blood sugar. I'm surprised your doctor(s) haven't suggested it once you were diagnosed with diabetes type 2. It is a myth that the injection can cause the flu so if you caught it now it would be a coincidence. Audrey

    1. It's been 'suggested' many times. But I'm stubborn. And I hate needles. And I am 100% positive I've never had the flu. As you say, I'd know.

  6. I have never had the flu either. I think I have had 3 flu shots. So, I sometimes get a flu shot. Mainly because my good friend is in "infection Prevention" and has nagged me to do it.

  7. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Sorry to say it but I will never have another flu shot ever. Last time I was sick as a dog for 3 months and yeah I know you can't get the flu once you've had the shot....we just take Buccalin and Vitamin C tablets and eat plenty of our homegrown garlic. George's Mum.

  8. Aren't you lucky your all grown up now,you would not of dared to say that to me 50 or so years ago.THE OLD M00.

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Hahaha take that Chris!!

    2. *snort*... I can say what I like now... she can't get me! She's across 'the ditch', and isn't even allowed into New Zealand right now. Nah nah na na

    3. Anonymous7:25 PM

      She will get you back when you go to visit bahahaha George's Mum.

  9. I really need a good fry pan that can go in the oven as well. I love doing nice thick steaks seared and then cooked to medium in the oven!

    1. The one I got today sounds really good Janine.

  10. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I too take buccaline 2000mg a day vit C (and up to 4000mg a day in flu/cold season)garlic capsules amongst other age related pills EPO magnesium iron (since a teenager) sinus and calm me down pills...Blondie

  11. I get the flu vaccine whenever possible. Usual don't bother me that much. Working on the shingles vaccine got the first dose in February the second one is scheduled for mid July. Found this one made me feel a bit sick for a few days. Hope you don't have an side affects. Have a good weekend.

  12. I hope you don't get sick from the flu shot. I usually do. Nice frying pan!

  13. I agree that the flu shot hurts. My arm hurts for a few days after the shot too but I'd still rather get the shot than risk getting the flu:) I really like that frying pan you bought because you can put it in the oven as well as use it on the stove top.


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