Tuesday, March 31, 2020


So after having a little rain in the past week or so, it looks like that's it for at least a week.

Which means the first thing I  have to do this morning is water the garden, and in particular the plants we moved the other day.

Grrrr... I'm totally over watering the damn garden!

It's been pretty much 3 and a half months of having to water twice a day.

Though what rain we have had has made most of the lawns/parks etc quite green again.  It's nice to walk and see green for a change.

Stew, Brylee and I went for a short walk before dinner last night.

Our Fat Bottomed Girls (Cambridge) have started an 'Isolation Challenge', where we can all go on solo walks and have them recorded.  At the end of the Challenge there will be a draw for a Coffee Voucher Prize.  Now of course I don't drink coffee, but I am doing the Challenge as a motivator to get moving more.

ABOVE:  Shit I have put on some weight over summer!  You don't realise until you get into something that was loose just a few months ago.  I am blaming the heat... it curbs my walking cos it's just too hot for me.

And I'm a stress eater... and OMG has there been a lot to stress over lately!

But obviously I need to do something about it... I'm looking very rotund there!  *smiles*

Bring on WINTER PLEASE.  Lots of freezing cold days/nights so I can go walking ta.

ABOVE:  I THINK this tree is a Camellia?  Not sure, but it's come into bloom and is very pretty in the garden.    It will be quite exciting to see what the other trees/shrubs and fruit trees turn out to be!

There's two fruit trees around the back of the house that we are not sure of... Stew thinks one is a mandarin, it's a very old tree. Citrus trees with green fruit all look the same to me!

We have no feijoa trees here.  But it would be awesome to get a couple.  I will look into that once we are no longer locked down.  There is room for them down the 'dogs' side of the house. 

Today will probably be a bit of a repeat of yesterday.  
I've been incredibly lazy with the housework ... particularly those bloody windows.
I look at them and just go "NAH".
It's such a big job!  I don't even want to start on it, but I really should.

Once I get going it shouldn't take me longer than a week to get around the entire house?

ANYWAY.... enough waffling.  I shall get outta bed and do something constructive with my day... just not sure what yet.


1.20 pm:  The latest news bulletin is late today.  Expecting it at 1.30 ... so not long to go.
I hope the numbers are going down! 

In the meantime... I've been keeping busy this morning doing housework... and adding this to the tree:

ABOVE:  Hanging hearts.

STEVE UPDATE:  Happy to say there is no change with him!  He's still in some pain in his shoulder and chest, but it's manageable. He's spending most of his time on the couch just relaxing, though some baking has been done.  I understand he made a potato bake for their lunch today.

As for us, dinner tonight is left overs from last night with some sausages added to pad it out, with mashed potatoes with fresh herbs from our garden and grated cheese.  Sounds good eh?

I shall sign off for the day now as after dinner I will just be sitting watching TV and making more sections for my tree.


  1. Hey, you look damn good. Great way to still walk with girls. Go for it.
    Envious of you looking forward to cooler days. I am not looking forward to the bloody summer

  2. I've started walking around the streets too - usually I hate walking in Auckland but it's so quiet, it's actually lovely. The other thing I'm doing is waiting for my grass seed to germinate! I know you know what that's like. I just hope it will happen... I've certainly gained weight lately and I think a consequence of this lockdown will be weight gain for many people - comfort eating is a real thing :)

    1. I was wondering about eating from home vs restaurant eating. (We eat from home nearly all the time. So not much difference now).

      But the people who averaged one or two meals a day out, I wonder what they will find. If you don’t have it in the house and you can’t go out, someone could drop a significant amount of weight, just with daily walking.

    2. We hardly ever eat out Vickie - we don't get takeaway food either except for fish and chips very rarely (a real treat!!). The problem I'm finding is more the boredom so therefore more time to cook and think of yummy food to eat! Tonight I'm making a big 'fathead dough' pizza - very low carb but extremely delicious. If anyone is interested in making this google Diet Doctor Fathead Pizza... then choose the servings you want and metric or imperial measurements.

    3. Lynda, would you eat fish and chips takeaway at the moment. I am bored with food too and am craving beautiful crusty bread with exotic fillings, not the home brand I am eating.

    4. All of our fast food is closed - the only way I could have fish and chips at the moment is to cook it myself.. not the same :).

  3. well done for getting out walking.... I've been super-lazy, but home schooling both boys and just dealing with everything is hard, and time consuming. PS: I definitely reckon that is a camelia..... so pretty xxxxx

    1. Anonymous2:11 PM

      I agree with the camelia call tree is looking great!! How's Steve? George's Mum.

  4. The tree is looking great!

  5. I walked to the letterbox...doesnt sound much but return is 1k so its a long drive hehe

  6. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I have 3 camellias and they are pretty but the flowers dont stay long on the tree and make a mess on your lawn. I love love love that tree. Kj

  7. I love the hanging hearts! šŸ’•

  8. The tree is looking awesome. I took the boys out for a walk today well to chase the seagulls at our local field lol. Which gave steve a bit of time out. It's been pretty good so far except Steve's over night stay in hospital.

  9. Anonymous7:44 PM

    That's a great pic of you walking! Tree is looking cute!

  10. Kiwionholidays9:09 PM

    To you all fab pics etc and Steve Bex n all,,

    loadsa love as we are all in this together across the ditch n all ,,,

    Cheers šŸ„‚

  11. I'm asking for the sun over here! Enjoy the cooler weather. Glad to hear Steve is doing OK.


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