Friday, March 13, 2020


Stew ya know I love you eh?

BUT OMG!  My 2nd most adored man on the earth is Tom Hanks, and he and his wife have Coronavirus!

And they are in Australia right now, in self isolation.

TOM! TOM!  I'm a coming... I'll be there on Tuesday, just hang in there!

All joking aside, this bloody virus is just awful, how it's sweeping the world and disrupting and affecting virtually everyone!

Our plans to travel are still on.  I'm just hoping that Australia and/or New Zealand don't close their borders like so many seem to be doing right now.

I've had advice from our son-in-law Andrew, who works in the travel industry, that it's highly unlikely to happen.

But in the event it does, we would most likely qualify for a full refund of our flight costs from Air New Zealand.  I just hope that doesn't happen of course.

It's BLACK FRIDAY.  Stew has been away for a couple of days up in Auckland. He's due back tonight.  I hope he travels safe.  I'm not superstitious as all... but well... Fridays on the road are always busy.

ABOVE:  you can't really tell, but I've already done heaps of stitching on this.  Today I plan on putting the name on it.  It's going to be adorable.

And... that is all for now.  I'll come back later on.

ONWARD...  Well it's been a very slow start to my day.  I had a really nasty headache all night long, and finally took some pills around 9 am.  It just wasn't shifting.

I'm now finally in the Studio and working on the latest quilt.

ABOVE:  I usually always go for a curved name, like the bottom photo... but because the larger letters were all on the left, it just didn't fit 'right'.
So I think I'm going with the top version.  YES or NO?

Good news on Steve. He's well on the mend... and should be going back to work on Monday.  It's probably been a good 'rest' for him... though in the worst possible way of course.

OLD MOO:  I don't think she enjoyed it much.  She had an overload of information to take in.  But she should settle in OK.  If not... well it will be back on the lookout for another job.  

12 noon:  Executive decision made.  I went with the top, straight version.  Now onto the next step... attaching the backing fabric.  But first... I need to take a break for lunch.

I've decided to do intermittent fasting... which means I stop eating at 8 pm and don't have anything until 12 noon.  Which is pretty much what I used to do all the time, till I kinda started having PORRIDGE! 

Hmmm... is it OK to have porridge for LUNCH? lol

5 pm:  And I did indeed have porridge for lunch.  It was lovely.  Even without the brown sugar!  Yeah, I usually put some in it.  NAUGHTY me.

My headache is back.... and a sore neck from sewing all day.

But... the MADELYN quilt is done.
I will show you tomorrow it finished.

Stew should be home in the next hour or so, as long as the traffic isn't crazy getting out of Auckland.

I'm now taking a LONG break from the studio.  Today marks the start of Stew's holiday.

Well... Stew got home safe and sound.  Then I promptly sent him off to 'Boy's Night' at the local pub.   He was a happy chap.  
He gets to watch the rugby with his mates, and I get to watch Coronation Street without having to send him into the lounge.  *smiles*

And that's the end of another good day, mostly spent in the studio sewing.
Tomorrow I have to knuckle down and get this house clean, and pack for our holiday.


  1. Top version, please.

  2. Top version looks best,good news about Steven.How did Brylee go on her first day at her new job.THE OLD MOO.

  3. I like the second version.

  4. Top version Chris, looks lovely

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Top version looks neater

  6. Glad to see Steve continues to improve. I do like your executive decision ... I would have voted for the top too. Lucky baby that gets that beautiful quilt. Good luck to Brylee ...

  7. I like the top version and love the flowers. The quilt is beautiful. I am glad Steve is ready for work and improving. Hugs for Brylee.

  8. I like the bottom one with the birds sitting on the letter M.

  9. Porridge is fine for lunch, I sometimes get it when we have lunch at the local cafe. Add some nuts, fruit and cream or apple syrup :-)

  10. Yes, you can have porridge for lunch. Agreed with the top lettering. Yay Steve! Don't get stranded in Australia. My sons' university just cancelled everything for a week. I wonder what will happen in a week??? I am prepared to stay home for a month if need be!

  11. I think you'll be fine going to Australia - just take extra care with hand washing etc. If you were cruising I'd say NO!! My sister who is diabetic and in the much older age group is cruising now for 25 days. For once I don't envy her one bit.

  12. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I love the quilt, it is really lovely. Do you think you should check with your GP before intermittent fasting as I thought fasting increased glucose. Porridge is fine for lunch but I don't see why you couldn't still have it for breakfast. Audrey

  13. Anonymous1:25 PM

    My concern about traveling to Australia is if you can’t get back to New Zealand, I have no idea what’s going to happen. Love your quilt so gorgeous. Jo

  14. Porridge can be eaten any time day

  15. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Intermittent fasting is so good for the body...have you read Michael Mosley the fast 800 ? it talks about that and many other things...well worth a husband took some advice from the book and lost 10 kilos in a couple of months...


  16. Is 14 hours without food for a diabetic a good thing? I thought you were supposed to regulate meals? I don't know. Have you tried the 5/2 plan? Fast for 2 days a week (smaller calorie intake) and eat normally for the other 5.

    Guess anything is worth a try.

  17. Great game of rugby in the Waikato tonight👍🏻🤣
    Go the Canes!!

  18. Glad to here Steve is better and Stew made it home safe and sound. Have a good weekend.


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