Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Remember the moth/weavil infestation we had in Cambridge?
And what a nightmare it was to get rid of them?

Yeah... well when we moved into this house the first thing I noticed in the pantry (even though it was empty)... was moths.

So I made sure all my food containers were secure before putting them in the pantry, and I put Moth Traps in the pantry.

I checked them on Monday:

ABOVE:  Gross!!!   Even worse than Cambridge!
So, I bought more and have replaced these ones.  I think you need to replace moth traps every 3 months?  Dunno.  I am though.

No way am I gunna have weavils all through my pantry ever again.   Eewwww.

Brylee got her new contract via email last night, so once she's dropped it back into them, she starts work on Thursday.  So she's happy.

Today I'm going to check through all our 'holiday' stuff and make sure we are ready for our trip to Australia next week.
It's come around fast!
I will go down to SPARK this morning to make sure I am able to use my phone while we are over there.  Can't have me not being able to blog eh?

Yeah, might be good to make phone calls etc too I suppose!  lol

Once I've done that I will come home and do some sewing.  Still have to get that cot quilt done!  That should keep me busy for the next few days.


1.14 pm:  And so far, it's a good day.
I went down to the Base and got shown how to upload more Data and Roaming while over in Australia.
Also, THE OLD MOO informs me she has a laptop!  So that will be jolly handy.

I've been hand making flowers for the last couple of hours:

ABOVE:  I thought I had some already, but they are the wrong colours, so I'm making more.  It's nice doing some hand stitching I must say.
I'm sitting in the lounge watching TV while I stitch.

I should have enough made by the end of the day.

STEVE UPDATE:  I talked to him over Messenger.  He's feeling much better today, has more energy.  I asked him for a happy 'thumbs up' photo for the blog: 

ABOVE:  I told him the first one wasn't happy enough, so he then went overboard with the 2nd one!  So I told him to tone it down for the next one... obviously I should have stuck with the first one! 

He's a dick.  But a lovable one.  I'm just so relieved he's on the mend.  We all are.

I can go on holiday next week without worrying myself sick about him now.

11.15 pm:  It's been a very quiet day!  Nothing much happening this afternoon and evening.  Just chilling, doing odd jobs, watching Coronation Street and so on.

Signing off for the day.


  1. Glad to hear Steve is home. You'll be able to travel more peacefully.
    All the best to him and his family.
    You had better make sure you can still blog! I will have withdrawal symptoms if you can't. Catastrophe!

  2. Are they having any travel restrictions over there?

  3. If your mum or your hotel has internet, you should be able to use WiFi to will eat through your data quickly otherwise!

  4. We always buy a sim card at the airport when we go to Aus. They have deals so is only $20 for 2 weeks & include free calling to NZ and data, instead of paying $5 a day to use roaming from NZ

  5. Hijack your mum's internet while you're over here :)

  6. We have a laptop that we are not good at using.Its new.We need to have a few lessons.I to would have withdrawal symptoms with no blog even when she is staying with us.will be interesting what she says about us.Looking forward to the visit, it's been 13 years since we've seen them over here.THE OLD MOO.

  7. Your trip is coming up so fast :-)

  8. I'm like Maria ... we always buy an Australian pre-pay SIM as soon as we land at the airport. For us, it works out a huge saving on roaming costs. I went through $100 credit in two days on one trip before I got clever about using an Australian pre-pay SIM. I then just text all the important people the number for them to use while we are away. Easy ... and only usually costs us about $20 - $30 in total - including data.

  9. Anonymous2:09 PM

    It's expensive to make and accept phonecalls but you can ring via facebook.

  10. Snort! Steve, you're such a dag mate. :)

  11. Kiwionholidays12:08 AM

    The nite nite bird just beautiful Chris hope you see some on your Aussie trip to see your Mum n all,
    Glad your Steve is home n feeling better each day

    Always a worry for us as parents ( as well as for Bex n all to ,

    Take care

    Cheers 🥂

  12. I hate creatures of any kind; moths, butterflies, centipedes, spiders...ugh. This morning there was a huge wolf spider outside my bathroom. One of the drawbacks to living alone is that no one comes running when I start screaming "kill it".

  13. Good to see Steve in feeling better. Have fun getting ready for your trip.

  14. Yay that Steve is better and you won't need to worry about him while on your trip to Australia. Those flowers you are sewing are really nice. They'll add a little extra cuteness to the quilt you are making.


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