Thursday, March 19, 2020


Today's plan: take the boys to school and kindy, then visit Steve up at the hospital. 

After that we are going down into Newmarket to have a wander through the new Westfield mall there.

After that... who knows? We are hoping like hell Steve will get out of hospital!  
But that is still up in the air.


ABOVE: so relieved... Steve is looking so much better! He finally got a good night's sleep and his pain is under control.

There is talk of him coming home, but that will depend on his blood test results later on today.

Archer is home from kindy today because he just wouldn't stop crying when Bex and Stew tried to drop him off this morning. 

Oh well.. it's kinda understandable. 

AND... 12.21 pm and hes OUT. Hopefully never to return. 

Hes got to stay home for 2 weeks then all going well back to work on light duties till he's fully recovered.

ABOVE: Well we have been to the new Newmarket mall.
We are underwhelmed to be honest.
These lovely trees were in the lower level, where no shops were open yet.
It was just like any other Westfield mall to be honest.

We are now going to Sylvia Park... our old stomping ground.

5 pm : back from the mall. Got some new walking sneakers at Sylvia  Park... and we had a really good walk up and down it's length a few times.

We wanted to get some diet coke from the supermarket... but there was a long queue out the door, so we canned that idea.

Seems there's a new government regulation just put in place banning gatherings of 100 or more in any public place. So they must be restricting how many people can be inside the supermarket!

NOT. Just read the latest news... supermarkets are exempt from the 100 only restriction. Same with workplaces, schools and public transport.

So... pray tell, what's the point in banning large gatherings when you can have hundreds of people in schools, at work etc?  I don't get it.

CRAZY CRAZY situation. 

And... I'm about falling asleep in me chair. Time to sign off for the day.


  1. Hope you had a good nights sleep Chris. Fingers crossed that Steve is feeling alot better today and is allowed home. Enjoy wandering Newmarket.

  2. There is a Westfield app you can put on your phone that then recognises your car numberplate and gives you free parking there for two hours. Worth it - parking is horrendously expensive otherwise :) I hope Steve is doing better today.

  3. Glad he is home, hopefully it is all under control. Poor wee Archer, this is all so confusing and upsetting for kids, then throw in the bloody Coronavirus and he is no doubt just overwhelmed by a whole lot of stuff he doesn't really understand. I imagine he will be glued to his Dad like a cute wee limpet this afternoon :-)

  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Awesome news. Hope there's no more problems for him. Kj

  5. Good news Steve is home..the biysvwill be pleased poor wee Archer he worried about his dad. I wonder how quiet the mall will be.

  6. Oh thank goodness! Let's hope he stays out! Poor family. Hope his work is being understanding. Virtual hugs in these social distancing times xxx

  7. A mall is a mall is a mall. Newmarket is definitely underwhelming. Best shop there was Miller Rd Candles & they were only a pre Christmas pop-up. If you are in Devonport though check them out, fantastic candles & the best thing for helping you sleep, lavender pillow spray - even my Mum swears by it & she is not usually into anything "alternative".

    They also have a DocMarten shop (on the outside not not actually IN the mal), I bought the coolest boots for myself for Christmas from there lol.

  8. The Pac n Sav restriction today is more about stopping congestion inside. I went the other day and you couldn't even get your trolley around! Countdown is a lot less crowded but it's pretty crazy.

  9. Brace yourself, there seems to be a pattern emerging to these regulations. We banned gatherings (but not schools etc). then a few days later came social distancing, now the school closures have happened. Rumour mill says London will be in total lockdown by the weekend! A few other countries have followed a similar pattern.

    So glad Steve is feeling better and back at hime!

  10. Good to hear Steve is on the mend. Keep well.

  11. Yeah I'm glad he's home!

    If you're like us school will be cancelled next, that's how we went.


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