Wednesday, March 25, 2020


When I was at the Hamilton gardens a while ago, I kinda nicked a dead head from the thistle plants in one of the gardens.

Yep.  I did.

AND I nicked a seed head from that funny fern in the Domain in Auckland last week too.  

Shit I'm so bad.

But never mind, they would have just been wasted otherwise, right?

Anyway... what I'm getting to is that I've potted the seeds.

Because I was using Potting Mix, I had to hunt down a face mask, cos I am well aware of the dangers of catching Legionnaires Disease from Potting mix.  An FBG girlfriend caught if from potting mix and was in a coma for 3 months and nearly died just 3 years ago!

So, I was pretty sure I had a good one left over from my pottery making days...

ABOVE:  YES!  I found the good one (in green), and a few more simple, cheap ones too.

ABOVE: So there they are... all snug in the potting mix, parked in the sun in the dining area. 

NOW you can bet your bottom dollar you are gunna get shown every step of the way, how they are doing!

Cos ... this country is in lock down and not much is going on around here!

Shit I hope they grow... or you are gunna be staring at ... DIRT.  ha ha ha!

And here's a funny for today: 


ABOVE:  this was shared on our FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS Facebook page!  Just a bit funny, and kinda appropriate at this time, when no one is going on holiday.  *smiles*

Here's a little video of our gardening yesterday:

ABOVE: I'm glad that's done... now we just have to hope that palm survives being uprooted so violently!

Today's plans?  Not sure yet.  


Right.  We went out early (8am) to the supermarket.  It wasn't TOO busy, there was a queue outside, as they were limiting the number of people inside the shop, but it was still OK.
We managed to get most things on our list, so that was good.

NO shortages of anything except flour and yeast!

Nevermind, we can make scones if necessary.

We are home now, and will be staying here until we run out of stuff.

LACY:  Is staying in Whangarei by the look of it.  I don't know why right now.

STEVE: Not heard from him yet today.
ABOVE: I can't copy and paste this video from Facebook, but if you click on the link it might work for you?  It's just so funny!

NEWS.  Stew is going 'back to work'.  From Home.  His remaining holiday time (10 days) is going to be held until we can go on holiday.
His business is being classed as 'essential' ... so they need to keep working.

I have checked on all our kids and those that have replied are OK.  Just waiting to hear from a couple more then I'll be happy.

edit: re Lacy.  Where she is people have set up road blocks, stopping travellers going NORTH, unless they live up there.  I think people travelling home and south can still travel.  Lacy is opting, by the look of it, to stay there.

We are going out shortly, JUST to Stew's work office to pick up what he needs to work from home.  We will be safe, no one is there right now at all.  And case files are going to be picked up and dropped off to everyone by ONE nominated person going forward.

ABOVE: Done and now home.  Hopefully to stay, and not go out again unless it's absolutely necessary.

11.59 pm

New Zealand is in


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    You guys are always so busy but you get so much done. You have lost a day - lockdown doesn't start until 11.59 tonight - time for another lunch out or takeaway!! Audrey

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Stew swear! Nah, dont believe that.

  3. Yes Dear haha. Looks windy there!
    I'd prefer not to go out again for awhile, I went to 3 stores yesterday.

  4. Chris, you are a riot! LOL! I live in Illinois, a small rural farming town, and we are doing fine I won't mind "looking at dirt" at all...I'm used to that..LOL! Take care, stay well, and "Happy Gardening"! I'll be following as usual!

  5. I hope Lacy has somewhere safe she can stay for the next month up North. Sounds like she was in a remote place & they pretty much closed everything down.

  6. Why did they lock down the place where Lacy is? And not everywhere else? I planted stuff today too! I am kind of Glad Stew can save some of his Holiday. Being on lockdown for your entire Holiday would surely suck!

  7. I like the way you garden... put it there Stew. ha! Look at your grass, just lovely. I'm glad Stew can save the rest of his holiday for later in the year. Good Luck to you with the lock down.

  8. Yeah no flour down here either ...nice Stew can save his holiday days

  9. Another great coronavirus video ...

    1. This link does not work for me Nic.

  10. U need paper towels chick lol

    1. The photo with the beer but i dodnt realise it was at Stew work

  11. I'm glad that Stew was able to trade some holiday time that he had taken for work days to then get to take a proper holiday later on, I felt you both were really getting short changed given you had such a fabulous plan for his 20 day break.

    Stay safe in your isolation bubble, Mel

    1. Thanks Mel. We did feel a bit upset by the loss of our holiday, but it couldn't be helped. We will be taking a longer holiday now, just as soon as all this craziness is over. I am thinking 2-3 weeks in Australia then a couple of weeks tiki touring around our gorgeous country too. Something too look forward to for sure. I hope you are doing well... don't miss those school kids too much.

    2. I am still business as "usual" teaching all my classes from home using video conferencing. It's actually been lots of fun... I've been introduced to lots of pussy cats and little doggies as they wander into the girls bedrooms while we all have our web cameras on and I take them through the lesson. Thank goodness for the fact we have this technology!!

    3. Kiwionholidays11:00 PM

      Awesome post as usual love 2 u all take care us few here gonna self isolate nowv

      Cheers 🥂

  12. On lockdown here too. Day 1 of 21 working from the dinning room table. We are considered essential services and could work from office but employees are worried to come in. Trying remote work for the time being, should it not go as planned will have to return to the office. Glad to here you managed to stock up. Keep well, keep safe.


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