Monday, March 09, 2020


MONDAY. The start of a new week, and hopefully a better week than last week! 

All going well... today Steve will be leaving hospital.  He will spend a couple more days at home recovering before going back to work on LIGHT duties.
If he behaves, all should go well.

ABOVE:  Steve, Bex, Stew and I would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' to everyone who wished Steve well, and kept our spirits up during his hospitalization.  
And thank you to Lacy and Brylee for helping out at home, much appreciated.

First up today?  Watering everything... I didn't have the energy to do any last night.

Lacy is coming around to do a couple of jobs for me too.  I need to do a grocery shop, so might drag her along to give me a hand with that too.

I wonder if I will find any loo paper on the shelves?  *smiles/frowns*

 ABOVE:  I didn't expect this tree? to flower again.  Is it even 'again'?  I have no idea.  lol

ABOVE: These things were flowering around the back then they died off.  So I uprooted them and put them in the front garden.   I fully expected them to die down till next spring.
But NO.  One of them is having another flower.  Anyone know what this plant is?  It's got a bulb thingee under the ground.

Can ya tell I'm no gardener?  *smiles*

Right... time to go.  The watering awaits.


12.34 pm:  And a very good day so far.
I got the grocery shopping done, with Lacy in tow.  We also got another couple of things from Mitre 10 and The Warehouse that we couldn't get at Pak N Save.

There WAS loo paper at the supermarket, but just one brand.  Luxury something or other.  Much more expensive than the 'normal' stuff.  Rather typical.
Luckily as we were leaving a pallet of more 'normal' priced paper came out, so I grabbed our usual amount.  I sure in hell ain't stockpiling!

Home, got everything away, then Lacy pulled out a ladder fern for me.

 ABOVE:  One friggin annoying ladder fern, it's choking the shrub to the right.  It's gotta go, it's just a weed.

 ABOVE:  Got it out just before it had a massive growth spurt.

 ABOVE:  It does have very pretty baby fronds.

 ABOVE:  Thanks for letting me know what this one is.... there's Lacy getting a nice photo of it this morning for me. 

ABOVE: It's one of the most beautiful Gladioli I've seen.  So sad it's facing the fence.  I will cut it once all it's flowers are out and have it in a vase inside.
I'm sure I had some in a vase when we first moved into this home.

It's still looking positive for Steve leaving hospital ... anytime now.

Nearly 'do nothing for a while O'Clock'... 

ABOVE:  I just heard the Huntly section of the Waikato Expressway opened to traffic at midday today.
FINALLY!  Now there is only the Hamilton section left to go, but that is still a full 2 years away from opening.

I just emailed Stew to see if we can go for a drive over it tonight?  It would be neat to travel on it, on it's first day open.  

OH... and STEVE is safely home.  I can kinda breathe a sigh of relief over that.  It was horrible for him being there.  The food was disgusting for a start!  Bex will be so relieved to no longer have to go back and forth up to the hospital.  

The car parks fees!  Daylight robbery seriously.

So, his new 'normal' starts now.  Medications for life.  Probably flare ups here and there... but with any luck the medication he is on will actually improve his symptoms, and he will be be more 'normal' for the first time in years?  God I hope so.

He's been a right worry that boy I tell ya.

Could this day get any better?  IT'S RAINING now.   Just what we need so desperately. And a full hour and a  half later, and it's still pouring down!  So awesome.  

I feel like going out there and doing a rain dance.  lol

It's been raining for hours!  So fantastic.
When Stew got home from work we went for a drive over the new section of the Waikato Expressway.  Lovely road.  It felt awesome to be on it on the first day it opened.

I took a video, but seriously... it's just shit!  Raining, driving on a road!  Not even anything spectacular about the road really... not that scenic even.  So I will not post it and bore you all shitless.

In fact, I'm gunna go now... I am going to watch some mindless TV before heading off to bed.  

It's been an  EXCELLENT  DAY.  


  1. Patricia in Canada7:30 AM

    To me it looks like a gladiola. Here in Canada we plant the bulbs in the Spring when all fear of frost is over, they bloom in July, and then we have to dig up the bulbs and store them inside for the Winter. Hope this helps.

  2. Looks like a gladi to me too flowering here too you shouldnt need to lift them up your way for winter...we had to in twizel cause ground froze solid mind u if not stored well they froze solid in garage too

  3. The first flower looks like an azaela and the second one is a gladoli.(spelling?) The gladoli you can leave in the ground , cut off the leaves when they go brown and it should come up again next year.

  4. Oops so busy looking at the flowers I forgot Steve!! Good to hear he is on the mend and heading home.

  5. I agree with the above ... looks like a gladioli to me.

    Glad to hear that Steve is doing better and getting closer to going home.

  6. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Yes it a gladioli. Steve is looking good...


  7. Anonymous2:08 PM

    The gladdy is beautiful! Reminds me of an orchid

  8. That's a great photo of Steve! HE looks amazing! And those eyes! The blue eyes in your genetics are amazing! Actually, all of your photos today were beautiful. Even the poor naughty fern thing! Glad you were able to get your "loo paper".

  9. Glad the lad is home im sure Dante and Archie will be thrilled to see dad home when they get out of school soon.

  10. Dame Edna Everidge's favourite flower, the gladioli.

    Good news about Steve too.

  11. Archer was just waiting all morning (so was I) till we got the yes come and pick me up txt. Archer clung to steve when we got home, Dante didnt even want to go to school as he wanted to come pick up dad aswell. The really stressfull part is now over now thankfully. So good to have him home.

  12. Glad that Steve is home, not sure what was going on with him but he looks pretty happy in the photo :D

    1. After months and months of very bad problems with his bowel, he was (after 2 colonoscopies), diagnosed with PANCOLITIS. That's a chronic disease of the bowel, involving bleeding ulcers and stomach pain to name a few of the symptoms. He was so bad last Wednesday he had to go into hospital for intravenous steroids and antibiotics. If they hadn't worked he had to get his entire bowel/large intestine REMOVED!!! That was the worst case scenario. Thank GOD, the steroids worked and he is now finally home, on medication for the rest of his life. But that is better than the alternative. It's been a very worrying time.

    2. What a relief that he can avoid that nasty surgery!

  13. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Such a relief for you all that Steve is coming home.
    Your garden looks lovely and yes nice to get some rain. It's what we need here.
    Hopefully this will come through.

  14. The first flower is an azalia and the other a gladiola they are both very pretty.Good Steven is home.THE OLD MOO.

  15. So good to hear all is going well for Steve. What a relief for him and all the family. We never stop worrying about our kids eh. Onwards now and here is to a good 2020,

  16. so glad Steve is well and home!! When I take Corby to the Children's Hospital for his eye check up twice a year I pay a fortune in parking fees.... BUT I always tell myself that (hopefully!!!) the money goes back into the hospital.... xxxxxx

  17. Glad Steve was able to go home! Miserable hospital food seems to be a global problem lol


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