Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Today Stew and I will be taking Dante and Archer up to the hospital to visit Steve, that way Bex can get a few things done without them in tow.

We are all hoping Steve will get out of hospital today. It's not a given that will happen... but there's a chance he will.

If he does get out Stew and I will move to a motel in the city center... and spend a couple of days doing 'tourist' type things. *smiles*

We would like to catch a ferry over to Waiheke Island. We have never been there... so it's high on the list while here.

We would also love to catch up with YOU : TRACY! 
I will give you a call in the next couple of days, perhaps we could do dinner?

Right... that's me for now... catch ya later.


ABOVE: visiting their Dad...who had an awful night with pain which took hours to get under control. 
He's a bit better right now thankfully. 

The team of specialists just came around... lovely people, they were happy to answer our questions.

So as I said the other day, his medication is what's aggravating his pancreas... and the specialist said it's a catch 22 situation. He must stay on the medication, so he has to stay in hospital so they can monitor and manage his symptoms and pain levels.

We are going to take the boys for a walk in the Domain, which is next to the hospital now, then come back to see Steve again before taking the boys to lunch.


ABOVE: so we had a wonderful time in the Domain's Winter Garden Fernery and down by a pond with a huge tree that was growing along the ground.

The boys had a lovely and unintentionally educational time. They learnt quite a bit about some very interesting plants.

ABOVE: some of the bird statues in the fernery in the Domain. 

We are now back at the house after having lunch. I think we shall have a quiet afternoon before going back to visit Steve after dinner.

 ABOVE: Dogstars... the name of that funky fern is ABOVE.

ABOVE: EVEN MORE photos from today. Bex just showed me how to make collages on my phone, and I worked out how to change the border colours etc on my phone. This is FUN!

8.50 pm: tonight Stew, Bex and the boys visited Steve after dinner.  Steve was ok, pain is being managed. Hes just bored shitless. Sick of being in hospital. 

Let's hope he gets out tomorrow.  

I stayed back at the house tonight, I'm just feeling a bit tired and rung out.  Catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. I would love that :-). Enjoy your holiday in Auckland, Waiheke is lovely & according to the locals, a bit quiet at the moment so you will have great, relaxing time :-)

  2. Poor Steve looks so pale except the black rings around his eyes...not the cheek norm

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I hope they get a medication that helps Steve to get back to pain free. I'd love to go to Waiheke. Enjoy your time together.

  4. Poor Steve - he sounds very ill and you must be so upset seeing one of your kids so sick. Let's hope the doctors figure it out soon.

  5. Such a beautiful place! Glad the boys and you were able to have a fun outing!

  6. I just watched that video. What type of fern does that? or do all ferns? I have never seen that before!

    1. I think its peculiar to just that fern Christine.

  7. Kiwionholidays6:47 PM

    Fab photos and some happy memories made again with the wee guys,
    It’s a worrying time for you all and so happy that you can all be there together with Steve Bex and all

    Take care

    Cheers from us across the tassie atm

  8. Fabulous pics Chris. Hope they keep Steve's pain managed.
    And I hope you get a good rest tonight. Take care Chris x

  9. So glad you can still visit Steve. All our hospitals are on lockdown. It's so isolating for patients and worrying for family. You all look hale and hearty :) Best wishes that you stay that way :)

    Take care.


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