Monday, March 23, 2020


Well... it's the start of Stew's 2nd week on 'holiday', but he has to take a conference call at 9 am.

We think it will be about closing the office, well all the offices throughout the country in fact.
He works for a Government company, so it won't come as a surprise if it is that.

I'll let ya know once we know.  It won't affect him too much right now, as he is ON HOLIDAY. Once he's back to work they can do a lot of their work from home, so life will go on.

ABOVE:  Unlike Wally, who has nowhere to hide now that the crowds have gone home!  It was too funny not to share.

My pie from last night came out just lovely:

ABOVE:  Pulled pork and tomato, delicious.

ABOVE:  This would be our view this morning ... if we had managed to get to my Mum's house in Coffs Harbour.  Fantastic day there yesterday.  I hear talk that Australia is going to close the Victoria and New South Wales borders... kinda glad we didn't get there now!
We would be stuck there for sure.

And now... I will leave you with the latest photo of Steve, taken yesterday after he had a shave:

ABOVE: Without the bushy facial hair, you can see very clearly his weight loss.  I hope he gains back the weight soon... and is back to being his normal smart arse self ... fast.

ABOVE:  Another little video I took yesterday, might as well share it.


10.19 am: And ... Stew's business has closed it's doors to the public, and most of them will be working from home. As we expected.  Of course, Stew is still on holiday, so he isn't really affected until he gets back after April 14th.

For now, I think he will do 'some' work from home, just keeping up with emails, and anything that he really has to have a hand in.

Lacy is away right now, up north visiting friends.  I've told her if/when she comes back she has to be prepared to stay home and not go out unless absolutely necessary.  It's going to be tough... cos she likes to get out and about, and also, she risks death by MOTHER.

LOL... I'm sure she can find a way to not annoy the f#*k out of me every 5 minutes.

OH yeah... there's always the windows.  Every single window in this house needs cleaning.  We held off doing them when we moved in because of all the dust we created with putting the pool in ... but now?  No reason not to get on to them.

10.45 am: UPDATE ON STEVE:  Another good night!  So relieved.  Gosh it will be awesome if he is truly on the road to recovery.

ABOVE: And there ya go... washing done and hung in the sun room.  We have a wet day again, which is wonderful.  So nice and cool.

Happy to report Steve and Bex are pulling the kids out of school and kindy to safeguard all of them, but in particular Steve, who's immunity is severely compromised due to the medication he is on, and his current health status.

Our country is awaiting a broadcast from our Prime Minister right now... quite possible they will be closing down all schools anyway.

And there ya go.  The country as a whole is going into lockdown.  Everything is closing in 48 hours.

Everyone must self isolate.  EVERYONE.

This is a scary new world we are living in right now.

All our FBG walks are cancelled for the foreseeable future.
That doesn't mean we can't go for a walk, it just has to be on our own.

4.29 pm:  And for the first time ever?  Stew has gone to bed with a headache!  Not sure why, but I think it could be down to him not sleeping well.

I know we both toss and turn on our bed... but I simply don't want to buy a new one right now.  
As I said the other day, we don't want to run up any debt now that we actually have NONE, except our mortgage.

That was the whole reason for moving here, drop our mortgage and clear all debt.  Which we did. 

7.35 pm:  Dinner tonight was chicken drumsticks on top of rice.  It was just OK.  I don't have any sauces to add to the baking dish.  I'll try and get some next time we venture out to the supermarket.

ABOVE:  I'm knitting.  More on that ... tomorrow.

Signing off now... it's going to be a very quiet evening.


  1. I can see the weight loss on Steve for sure. Please keep safe Steve from the coronavirus - it's out there in the community already. These are trying times for sure for everyone.

  2. I read your blog just about every day, as I have for years. I don't comment much, but I do enjoy reading it. So nice to see you settle into your new home. I look forward to seeing your garden and home evolve! Best to Steve. Stay safe!

  3. Me again, I just watched your video - like you I hate the mess that paint makes when it's clean up time! Where is that tub draining to? Is there a hose to a drain?

  4. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Steve has lost weight but he looks so much younger without the whiskers! Stay well everyone. Kj

  5. Anonymous11:54 AM

    yea yea ill be fine lol 😂 you 2 are not that hard to live with lol.... me on the other hand lol..... well Ive not been beaten senseless yet lol 😂 🤣

    #Lacy 💙

  6. Steve really does look tired. I am glad he is feeling better, he will need to be careful he doesn't get ill because his body has been through so much lately, his immune system will be up the wazoo.

  7. I'm so pleased they have pulled the kids from school - Joanna also pulled all the kids today as well.

  8. OMG, scary shit for sure. I'm shaking just a little and shed a tear during her speech.

  9. It is a scary world right now. I am glad you didn't get stuck in Australia. It sucks though that everything has come to such an extreme halt! Happy to hear that Steve is in less pain. Beautiful pics. (food, Steve's eyes, scenery)

  10. Anonymous3:08 PM

    So glad Steve is feeling better and you're taking precautions with staying home. We're on lockdown here in California. Bored but safe so far.
    ~Nicole in CA

  11. Kiwionholidays5:35 PM

    Missed our 1st grandsons wedding due this weekend, Had to be moved to this morning as the state closed down non essential services,
    We were all able to zoom on iPads n watch the actual, was very tearful for all who weren’t there but we are so thankful all was squeezed in and Bride ,Groom and our immediate all in convoy now to get her back to another State while borders are open

    Lovely to see all your fab pics and catchups Steve is on the road up and fab to see that him and Bex and boys are now all home together .
    As others we have to be grateful for each and everyone’s fantastic health services in kiwi land and aus etc

    Keep safe “United we stand divided we fall “ one of our fave home grown songs 😊

  12. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Get well soon Steve. Please everyone look after each other in these testing times George's Mum.

  13. Thank god we can still read ya blog...bed sox??

  14. Kiwionholidays9:54 PM

    Awesome colour of your knitting, Just mth cuppa tea 🍵

  15. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Mike and Joyce are having a baby???!!

  16. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Chris - have you tried one of the 4" thick mattress pads to place on top of your existing mattress? It turns a bad mattress into a wonderful mattress. jmho

    Glad Steve is doing better, I have a cousin who goes through the same thing. Sad


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