Sunday, March 08, 2020


Well... it's bright and early and we are off to market.

I'm not feeling that thrilled about having to get up so early ... but well, it is what it is.

This chick is NOT an early morning person!!!

Brylee has good news.  While her job at Farmers ended a week ago, she kept applying for other jobs.  And on Thursday she was offered a job at a clothing retail shop at The Base (same shopping center she's already been working at).... and she starts there next week.

So that's some good news.

Sometime last week or even further back, I had a whinge about how I kept stabbing me boobs into the picket top of the back gate.  It really wasn't that nice.
So this is what Stew did yesterday:

ABOVE: The clever bugger put some heavy duty piping on the top of the stabby bits!
Me boobs, and temper, are spared.  lol

ABOVE:  My next job around here.  Paint the wooden boards, which are the the exterior of the Studio extension on the house, hence isn't brick.

How anyone could use that colour paint and think it looks lovely is beyond me!  It looks like calf shit.  I am sure they were trying to 'match' the colour of the brick... but IKKKkkk.

My biggest decision is:  A shade of blue, or brown like the fence?  You won't really see it from the front of the house, it's only down the side and around the back.

The window aluminium is a dusky blue, faded a bit.  Luckily I'm not in a rush to do it right now, so have time to think about it.

Right, I better bugger off and get ready to leave for the Cambridge Market.



ABOVE: WHOOPS! Already bought something we really don't need. That three tiered basket thingee. *smiles*

It's so cute. 

Stew said where are you going to put it?  And I said I have no idea...but I want it.

So my darling got it for me.

Home from the market.
Seriously, we should have stayed in bed!
It was super quiet, easily half the usual number of people.

Someone was walking down the street saying "It's so quiet, it will be because of the Coronavirus".  FFS.  I'm sick to death of hearing about it!

So many people are going nuts... panic buying staples and now... PANADOL.  Cos it is made in China.

Here arseholes, greedy, money hungry pricks are buying up all the hand sanitiser, toilet paper and water and SELLING it for a huge profit.  Bastards.  They should not be allowed to do it.

Now how about some GOOD NEWS?
Steve's doing so much better, he is going to be allowed out of hospital tomorrow. 
He's obviously not completely out of the woods, and will have to be monitored carefully forever really.
But with the right medications he should be able to lead a relatively normal life.  Maybe the odd flare up will dick him around a bit... but at least we now know what the problem is and how it can be treated.

ABOVE:  Nice photo of these two.  Cos I have nothing else to post!
Stew is out getting us some Pizza for dinner as it's just too damn hot to cook.  And we are tired old farts.

Won't be long outta bed tonight for sure.

Awww dinner was nice tonight.  Pizza hit the spot ... and no cooking or mess to clean up.
I'm watching a little TV then heading off to bed.

So tired!


  1. Oooh, I like the basket thingy.

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I love that 3 tiered things. I'd have it in my sewing area so I could chuck my things on it and put them away later. Kj

  3. Love the basket thingee too.

  4. I love the tiered baskets too. They would be useful in a sewing room. I am impressed you know the colour of calf poop. I wouldn't want that colour anywhere in my house either. We just shipped 80 steers and seven bulls, such a relief. The bulls were an adventure as they always are,

    1. My grandmother had a dairy farm... hence calf shit knowledge ... ha ha ha!

  5. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Happy Birthday Coco bless congratulations Brylee well done you! We're painting atm Waihau Bay check it out George's Mum.

  6. I hope the market is going well. I'm sure you will find the perfect place for your new purchase.

  7. Love the basket thingy. Wow, Coco is 10. I remember when you got her. I've been reading you for over 10 years!!!! I feel old!
    Congrats Brylee. It's always a pain looking for work. Well done and I hope you really enjoy the job.

  8. That sucks that you had a slow day at the market. Great news on the other hand that Steve is going to be able to go home though.

  9. people have been panic buying toilet paper here for a week. Now there is a limit to two packs a customer. There was a knife fight in an outer suburb on Wednesday over it. As my friend said: "it's not diarrhea!!!".... crazy heard mentality. :( I also heard Johnson & Johnson are working 24 hour shifts to make enough available --- and profit obviously......

  10. Congrats to Brylee on the job. Love your new basket. Glad Steve is doing better and Lacy and Keera look like they are having a great day together. Oh and a happy birthday to Miss Coco!

  11. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Great news for Brylee and Happy Birthday Coco. Wow 10 years has gone fast. Kj

  12. Swings and round abouts with market stalls but a bugger u could have stayed with ya boy a couple more days...good news he heading home. Agree nice photo of lacy and Keera

  13. It's good to hear that Steve will be okay.

  14. Great news for both Brylee and Steve. Such a relief I'm sure that he's recovered enough to go home. Love the three-tier thing. Very cute picture of Lacy and Keera. Erin

  15. People are losing their shit here about the virus too. I just saw a local school district cancelled school. WTF? How does that even work to make that time up. Not even a case at the school.

    I had a horrible event on Saturday too. I ended up packing up early and I never do that.


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