Saturday, March 14, 2020


Today Stew starts his long overdue HOLIDAY.
And it's a MONTH long holiday!

That's the longest time off he's had since 1997, when we took our long overdue 'honeymoon'.  lol.  We'd only been married for 10 years by then, but who's counting.

At least this time we don't have to ship out 6 kids to various friends!

This time around, we are going to have our trip to Australia, then a few shorter trips around here.  

ABOVE:  I'm NOT paranoid about catching Coronavirus while away.  But, I am going to take sensible precautions while at the airport, on planes, buses, trains etc.

The only hand sanitiser I could find anywhere was that cheap brand, which no doubt has been hurriedly whipped up by some place here in New Zealand to fill the demand.... but at least it's something.

I'm going to saturate the wipes with some of the sanitiser, and carry a plastic bag full in me handbag for wiping surfaces, and our hands.

The soap is for hand washing and so on.

I think I'm prepared as I will ever be.  I doubt we will wear masks... even if we could buy any.

Now, how about I show you the MADELYN Cot Quilt:

ABOVE:  Another one I really LOVE!  I must admit I do get a little thrill every time I finish one and stand back and look at it.  *smiles*

The plans for today are to get the lawns mown, cover the pool, tidy up the house a bit (washing and so on), get everything we will need for our trip into the spare bedroom for packing,  and tidy the Studio.

Also, by today Lacy might have her stuff ready to move over here?  We need to use the trailer for her bed, drawers, lounge chair etc. 

So, a fairly full day ahead.  Catch ya later.


1 pm:  And the day is ticking over well.   I got some mending done on a couple of items I will be taking to Oz ... one was a fairly newish top that needed taking in a bit.  NO I didn't lose weight, it was always too big.

We are waiting for Lacy to come around so we can get the trailer and go pick up her stuff.  

After that Stew will mow the lawn.  

ABOVE:  And the tart has moved in TEMPORARILY. She's house sitting while we are away, and when we get back she will be moving to somewhere else.

Luckily I have no more work to do in the studio for a few weeks.  It was the only place to put all her stuff.

Now... Stew is having a go at installing the dining room blinds.  Something that has been on the 'TO DO' list for ages.  And as the sun is now lower in the sky, it's beaming in those windows in the afternoon and evening... making it damn hot as hell in here.


ANYONE returning from overseas into New Zealand as of Sunday night will have to SELF ISOLATE for two weeks!

Which means, when we get back from Australia on the 28th of March, Brylee and Lacy have to be staying somewhere else, so Stew and I don't 'potentially' infect them if we come back with Coronavirus!  And we have to be at home, in isolation for 14 days.

Which also means we can't go do all the other things we want to do with Stew's holiday time off.


LOTS to think about right now.
Signing off for the day.


  1. Where did you manage to get hand sanitiser? I've been looking for weeks!!!! I think the wipes are fine as they are, no need to add anything to them as they are already suitable as they are for wiping. If they end up banning travel from Australia I'm sure they will allow Kiwis to return home.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Yes I am ready to roll 😊😎👍
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Maria9:40 AM

    where did you find the hand sanitiser?

    1. At the Chemist Warehouse at The Base in Hamilton.

  4. Stew has a MONTH off! What a treat! Hope you two have some fun times. I don't see any "Loo Paper" in your prepper kit! haha. The Madelyn quilt is really cute!

    1. Nah, no loo paper, my Mum should have plenty! Thanks for the lovely email and photo of you and your hedgehog face mask!

    2. haha, I thought it was pretty goofy! Why have a boring face mask when you can have hedgehogs! Or anything else for that matter! I made them for our recent plane journey, but we didn't end up wearing them. We brought them in our carry on just in case!

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Have a lovely time Chris. I'm told I cant read or use internet for a couple of days after op (happening anytime now). Kj

    1. Good luck Karen, though I'm sure it go just fine.

  6. loving the quilt.... so pretty! I am reminded of the gorgeous quilt you made for Corbin which I adore xxxxxxx

  7. Yikes.. did you see the new travel restrictions? You and Stew will have to self isolate for 14 days when you get back. No cruise ships can dock here so my sister will have to fly home from Sydney!

  8. Yeah seen that thought u guys

  9. You could totally isolate from the others - just set some boundaries - don’t let that stop you.

  10. Anonymous7:04 PM

    The others can stay in the just need to be confined to an area and they can bring your is what I was reading if someone actually has it in the in Aussie


  11. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Set a shopping list for the girls while you away so all the things are at the house or buy before you go, have a mini holiday at your house ordering Uber eats lol Blondie.

  12. Just think you and Steve will have that time together just the two,of you, you have been wanting that for so long.

  13. The quilt with the flowers you made is so cute! Have a great vacation, including your 14 days of quarantine when you return.

  14. A lot can change in a week, they might cut off all international flights and leave you stranded in Australia. How would you survive without your brand new sewing studio?!


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