Tuesday, March 24, 2020


I had a lady comment on the blog yesterday "Minerva"... and I've since been in contact with her.

She's formed a small 'Yarn bombing' Facebook group, and I've joined it.

Cos, well... I decided that I will yarn bomb our roadside curb tree.

The object being to do something different with some of my time, AND hopefully make someone smile?

So, yesterday afternoon I stitched my first piece on this tree:

 ABOVE: Naked as a jaybird.

ABOVE:  The first section is on.  *smiles*

Best thing?  As I was stitching it on, a neighbour walked past (on the other side of the road) and she laughed and smiled.  She knew what I was doing (Yarn bombing the tree).
Mission accomplished for yesterday.

 ABOVE:  Brylee had work today, but due to the lock down, she's not going in.  In fact, she will most likely be made redundant.

ABOVE: And this bloke?  Happy to be home.  So is Coco, his lap is her NUMBER 1 place to be.

I heard that taping of Coronation Street has been shut down due to Covid-19!  SHOCK! HORROR!
But... as we are currently a few months behind, I will still get to watch it through this horrible time.  Such a relief!  lol

You have to look for positives eh?  

I mean, poor Stew has no rugby or current/live sport to watch!  He's having to watch old stuff.

SKY have given us free Movies for three months, so we can watch movies, Netflix and so on.  We won't go nuts with nothing to watch.

Lacy went up to Whangarei for the weekend, and is now on her way home.  

We are going to take some precautions with her re-entering our house.

- She must go directly to the bathroom and have a shower, disinfect herself and her hands, and put all her clothes in the wash.

- She must wear a face mask for a week when she is around us, until we are sure she hasn't come home sick.

-  She must NOT leave the property unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, until we are sure she is well.

We are not taking any chances.  We are also not accepting any visitors to our home for any reason.

I think we will be visiting the supermarket today, just to get a few more essentials... like DIET COKE.  But it will be a quick trip, just in and out, then home to hunker down again.

I hope there isn't too long a queue at the supermarket!


VICKI:  Lacy didn't leave the country, so is technically not required to self isolate due to travelling.  We are just taking a few precautions for our own peace of mind.  She has only been in contact with a couple of girlfriends while away, and they are well.

We are at a much higher risk of catching 'it' by going to the freakin' supermarket, where there's thousands of people touching things every day.

Let's not get paranoid over this, it is what it is, and we will all do our part to try and slow it down until it burns out.


He's had another good night with little pain.


ABOVE: Seems to be going well.

Dante usually has swimming at school on Tuesdays, so he's getting hosed down outside later on.

Archer gets to hold the hose, cos he usually gets to do some water play at Kindy.

Not going to change their 'routines'.  lol

10.48 am:  And we have decided NOT to go to the supermarket today.  It's crazy out there, people are panic buying and the queues are huge.  So we will just stay home and wait until it settles down a bit.

Now... off to get some brunch. 

3.20 pm:  And we have heard from Lacy.  It would appear she is trapped in Whangarei!

She can't get petrol.  There are road blocks? to her leaving.  So it's a weird situation.
She may have to stay there for a month!

But what I'm hearing on the news right now is that all New Zealanders are being allowed to travel to their place of residence in NZ.  So I don't see how she can be 'detained' in friggin Whangarei?

I added more to my tree:

ABOVE:  And like yesterday, I got quite a few smiles from people driving and walking by!  One man driving by looked at me all the way up the road... looking very perplexed!  ha ha ha!

COLLEEN:  I am doing it my way *smiles*.  And it's lovely to see the passers by smiling.  

Stew finally got off the chair and we did a little gardening late this afternoon.  It was lovely to get outside I must say.

ABOVE: We finally got the plants we brought over from Cambridge into the garden.  They had grown HUGE compared to how little they were when I took cuttings back in December.

I pulled all the ivy out of that garden by the chairs too... I really didn't want it taking hold and choking everything.

Now?  Have to sort out something for dinner.

Well we did KFC for dinner... Stew did the drive through.  That won't be an option after tomorrow night when pretty much all fast food outlets will close for 4 weeks (minimum).

I'm signing off for the day... tired after doing very little today!  

p.s. I've heard from Lacy tonight.  She is staying out of Whangarei at the moment. Whoever was giving her information re:  Travel restrictions was obviously wrong.
Where she's staying the petrol station and shops were closed today.
Hence her being unable to gas up and leave.

She is going into Whangarei tomorrow morning to gas up and try to get home.


  1. Wow, the Covid 19 issue is affecting everyone in the WORLD! Me, you, our children.... It is so bizarre and surreal. We are also hunkering down. I get nervous going to the grocery store. I feel so bad for those workers! If my son came home, we would also make him hunker down. I just have no idea how long this will go on. Forever? A couple of weeks or months? Everything in my state is closed except grocery stores, pharmacies, and so on. My state (and really the entire USA) has very few tests. They are only testing people who need to be admitted to the hospital. Otherwise it's just go home, stay home, wash your hands.

  2. Love the yarn bombing!

  3. I live in Albany, GA (Dougherty County) in the USA. We are a small city but our city services help out 13 surrounding counties and our hospital system is in 4 counties so when they report, they are reporting 4 different hospital systems; however, here in Albany, GA we have become a HOTSPOT for the virus based on the size of our population vs positives at over 100, more than doubling since Wednesday. So we are under shelter in place orders - I work in an isolated office but that office is located within a regional mall and all retail stores closed - so I am going to work 3 days per week, doing bookkeeping chores, etc as I am alone back here and locked in so no one will be 'in my space'. But anyways, my area is worse area of my state and even international news channels reporting that we have a lot for a small area. Officials believe it was spread Feb 29th and again March 7th at two large funeral gatherings in Albany, GA where some of the participants from funeral #1 then attended funeral #2 and it began to spread through the church families, etc related to these 2 funerals. And people will not STAY HOME....

  4. It is TWO weeks, not one week. She is not suppose to touch anything that you touch. She is not supposed to share a bathroom.

  5. I'm glad you are taking care about Lacy coming into the home - the thought has crossed my mind that she could bring infection and you and Stew certainly don't want that. Can I suggest that you look online at all the amazing masks you can make? Maybe you don't need one but people do need them. For the filter part you use 'non woven' fabric which is that stuff shopping bags are sometimes made of. Also you can dry out wet wipes and use that to filter. I've been busy making masks now for a couple of weeks and have supplied my family with them. I make shaped ones that are fully washable, shaped ones with removable filters and ones that look just like the medical ones (with the three pleats in them). It seems to be a really good use of my time at the moment but I'm nearly out of thin elastic (damn it).

  6. Hope all goes well with Lacy. It's a shame that we have to be so careful now. I went to the grocery store this morning at 6 because they open now for on hour 6-7 for seniors only. 60+ can come in and shop before the rest of the public comes in. Kind of nice, but I still felt paranoid and didn't want to touch much. So glad you are yarnbombing with us!

  7. Cute photo of Dante and Archer love the idea of water play. Some serious tree hugging happening

  8. That's funny.... the home schooling 🤣🤣. I'm still going to work... although I'm now on late shift 2 to 10pm. The joys of the Police. I'm sure we'll get sent home eventually but at the moment it's very disciplined with cleanliness and no contact so pretty safe 🤞. Take care 💛

  9. Weird times certainly. Love the yarn bombing, that will keep you busy and cheer people up as well. Maybe Lacy & Brylee can do some to keep them busy.

  10. My understanding is that as from midnight tomorrow all non-essential travel around NZ is banned. Basically everyone has until midnight tomorrow to get home or they are stuck where they are. Hence why Picton is going feral with people trying to get on the last ferries & the airports mental with people trying to get home, especially uni students. The only problem I can see is that Lacy may have run out of money & cannot get petrol or the gas station has run out although I would not envisage a mass exodus from Northland as it is not a university town.

    1. Anonymous9:00 PM

      sorry I'm not exactly in whangas, I'm north of put Karmo I thinks its called, about 15...20 minutes out and the gas and shops have shut
      #Lacy 💙

  11. I think the idea of yarn bombing is to do it at night in secret so no one sees who it is... just saying!

  12. I think Lacy might be telling you porkie pies... the Government made it clear that there would be no road blocks and all petrol stations are to remain open. All I can think of is local people are blocking off a certain area? If she decides to stay there then it can't be all bad can it? hehe... Yes, I know you can read this Lacy :)

    1. Anonymous9:03 PM

      I think you you may need to read the small writing, iv been told by motel owners that there are road blocks and yes the shops out where I am are shut, wana cum up and be stuck with me....please be my guest...but maybe lucky for me you won't be able to......sorry not sorry

  13. Maria6:06 PM

    I'm live in Whangarei the petrol stations are open and there are no road blocks. Lynda's right 'Porkie pies'

  14. Anonymous6:10 PM

    My sister and brother inlaw live in Whangarei and have had to relocate to their beach house in Plimmerton Wellington to look after brother in laws elderly parents. So more than one car load of children and belongings left at different times. Lacy is telling fibs and also insulting your intelligence.

    1. Anonymous9:04 PM

      and you are an annon, sign with your actual name jerk

  15. Kiwionholidays7:40 PM

    Got our support as a sister city ,we will all do our best and hope we all get together again soon,
    Take care

    Kia Kaha

    Cheers 🥂

  16. Looking forward to watching that tree. What happens to the yarn bombing when it rains? I know, it gets wet, but wonder how it will look.
    Glad Steve is a little better and all your family is well. Hope your daughter manages to get home.

  17. Glad to hear Steve is improving. Hope you get to replenish your stock of Diet Coke. Hopefully everyone gets back to where they belong. Stay safe.


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