Thursday, March 05, 2020


It's  too early for us to know how Steve is today.
I'm sure Bex will text him soon and find out what's happening. 

I doubt he will have had his Cat Scan yet. 

We will get the boys off to school and kindy then head back to the hospital to spend time with Steve. 

ABOVE: A couple of photos from last night. 
The boys enjoyed the view.  And waving at some nurses in a building across the way.

I'm  off now to get ready for the day...


 ABOVE: so we get to the hospital this morning... end up parking on the roof.  We get out and walk away towards the stairs... I glance back and can see me car isn't locked. So Bex grabs me keys and presses to lock it.

Nothing happens? So after a couple more attempts we go back to the car to see why it's not locking.


So yeah... obviously my brain is fuddled today. Too much on my mind.

ABOVE: We get up to Steve's room... and yaaa! Hes gone 
the cat scan. Praying it goes well and he can finally eat some food. 

But there's also a big IF.... cos things are very 'dicey' at the moment.  

YES... he's  allowed to eat and drink ... but hes got to be
 careful. NO foot long Subway sandwiches yet. *smiles*

And it's  now 12.28 pm and hes doing a bit better. Not out of the woods yet... but fingers crossed his tummy is settling down.

Well.... excellent news this afternoon. GREAT Cat Scan results.  The doctors have said they will transition him onto a long term drug soon, and if he continues to get better he can come home in the next couple of days.

He came damn close to having major, life changing surgery to stop his blood loss. So, so relieved it hasn't come to that.

Now... we are having dinner at home... then we will go and visit Steve again.

MEL *** we were literally 36 hours away from the worst case scenario! ***

And I might have spoken too soon about him not needing surgery dammit. It's still a possibility... another couple of days will determine that. 

Goddam... so stressful.

8.49 pm: We just got home from the hospital...happy with how he's  looking. I'm  feeling less stressed out  now.

I'm going to bed soon...I'm shattered.  All the stress these last couple of days makes you tired. 

Signing off for the day. Catch ya tomorrow. 


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Sending positive thoughts for Steve's health and recovery.

  2. Hope Steve is feeling better today - and I hope he gets his CAT scan soon before he starves :-). Love to Bex, this will be hard on her too.

  3. Fingers crossed for Steve. Good luck for today.

  4. Good luck for today Steve,my thoughts are with you and THE OLD MOO.

  5. The boys enjoying the view makes me laugh. Reminds me of being in labour with Ramona, we got to the birthing suite at the hospital and David was going "oh wow, better get some good photos of the view!". I, on the other hand, had other things to think about.

    Hope Steve is okay. I'm glad he is in the right place, but wow, what a full on day yesterday. Also hugs to Brylee and to the rest of you worrying. Much love, Penny

  6. Wow, your life just gets more and more hectic. The steroids should settle Steve's guts a bit, poor bugger.

  7. You really stressed to max hun take care of you too my friend xxx

  8. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I was a dickhead this morning too. Put petrol in the card but I couldnt get the petrol lid thingy to close properly. So I rang my son and told him to get up cause he'd have to take me to work. Didnt want to leave it open all day. So he went and shut the lid. I had the car locked at petrol station!!!

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    My thoughts are with you Team Harvey George's Mum m

  10. Fingers crossed that Steve's flare up settles down sooner rather than later and sending love to both you & Bex, it's never nice seeing your love ones suffering and there is literally nothing you can do to minimise their pain. These early days are the worst and you can't help but think about the worse case scenarios.

  11. Thank you for all your love and support , We really appreciate it. Xx it's been super stressfull for all of us

  12. Wow how super stressful and scary for you all. Glad that Steve got great results with his Cat scan. Hope ie improves quickly. Sending hugs to all.

  13. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Hope things continue to improve for Steve. It’s stressful for everyone but you being there for Bex must be a great help

  14. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Fingers toes and everything crossed for Steve!

    Margaret xx

  15. Sending all my blessings to you Steve, I hope you are back in good health again soon, Take care of yourself, there is a lot of love out there for you, Bex, this must be just so hard for you too, seeing Steve so unwell, take care of yourself too, You are such a beautiful family xxx

  16. Fingers crossed for a good outcome with Steve! I know what it's like waiting for scary results - I'm still recovering from a bilateral pulmonary embolism & thrombus in my ivc! It sounds like he's in good hands with Bex and you looking after him as well.


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