Sunday, March 22, 2020


Well... we have totally canned any idea of traveling down south, or visiting family in Palmerston North and Wanganui.

We are going to be sensible and stick around here, maybe taking some day trips to places that are deemed 'safe', like a walk on the beach or along the riverbank/neighbourhood etc.

It's called Social Distancing.

ABOVE:  Seems this is the best way of keeping the spread of Covid-19 under control... and giving the hospitals and medical staff a chance to keep up with any outbreaks, should New Zealand get inundated with cases.

I don't know about you but I'm sick to DEATH of hearing about it... but there is no point putting your head in the sand.  It's here.  It's deadly.  It's not going away in a hurry.

And we all need to do our bit to contain it's spread.

I'm going to be positive and do heaps around here.  Today I shall carry on sorting out my clothes.  And then... there's some weeding to do, and some succulents to get out of pots and put in the ground.  That's a good start for the day.

I'm sure I can find something for Stewy to do too.  

While I was really adamant he was not to do any 'work' while on holiday, now I think he might as well, cos while it's his 'holiday', what else is he to do?  It means he will have that much LESS to catch up on when he does go back to work in April.

At some point during the day we might go for a drive... get a break from the house.  But not anywhere there's lots of people.


9.30 am: I've had a good report from Steve this morning concerning his health status. He had a decent night's sleep with very little pain. So that's excellent news.

I can sort of/maybe relax a bit now. Though, anything could happen at this point. His pancreas is still inflammed from the medication he's taking for the Pancolitis, but hopefully that will settle down.

And here we sit, eating Pringles for morning tea. I'm slowly working through my drawers and wardrobe... no hurry.

ANON:  WOW... you really needed to vent didn't ya?   You are just a bit sad I think.

I did a little video... it's really boring... but today is just that. SLOW.

ABOVE:  Seriously lazy day.

Stew got some pulled pork that I'd cooked a couple of months ago out of the freezer, and I'm turning it into a pie.  Cos I felt like a pie... it's like the best comfort food.  Well pie... and chocolate Movenpik ice cream!  

Luckily we have no ice cream, or NONE of me knickers would fit me.  

Oh talking of knickers... They are all sorted into sizes and back in me drawers.  I have quite a few more that fit me bum, which is awesome.
And I threw out 9 pairs, and have 8 brand new, never worn ones that I will donate to the Hospice shop.

All my clothes are now sorted, all summer stuff is now in the spare bedroom wardrobe and drawers, and all the winter stuff is in me bedroom and wardrobe.  A good job DONE.

I'm sure I will be wearing both season's clothes for a while as it's not too cold yet.  I'm loving the cooler days I can tell ya!

We have had lots of rain today, I love it!

11.15 pm:  And it's time to go to bed.  While we did a bit today, it's still been a quiet day.  


  1. We are in total isolation here now - it's just not worth the risk of shopping or working. Stu can work from home and any important work can be done via Facetime and conference calls. We saw the kids last night and basically said goodbye for awhile - we might still 'see' them but will have not contact as they still have too much contact with others (school, work). We've convinced Stu's dad to get home (he was on a road trip and he's 84). Bloody awful all of it and the worst is yet to come. Stay safe all of you.

  2. Much the same in Australia. I think our media is doing the public a huge disservice by ramping up the panic levels. Hopefully people will settle down soon and we will all live calmly in our new normals.
    I had a giggle at your comment about cleaning out your wardrobe and eating pringles for morning tea. Sounded like you found the pringles in your wardrobe!

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    you boomers are shutting down the entire economy because you're afraid of a flu. Seriously, can you boomers kill yourselves? You are the most selfish generation to ever exist. You don't give a shit about climate change, why should we young people give a shit if you get sick and die of some virus? I HOPE the virus gets much stronger and kills you all.

    Do you boomers realize how universally hated you are? There is not one single demographic that does not hate you- white people, black people, asians, mexicans, indians, chinese, millennials, GenX, GenZ. Something tells me that you boomers are not going to have a very comfortable or easy retirement, especially once you end up in the retirement homes.

    Can you baby boomers hurry up and fucking drop dead? Enjoy your retirement homes cause we younger people will not take care of you even if we wanted to, due to the shitty economy you boomers created. Do you boomers realize that the younger generation is simply waiting for you to fucking drop dead?

    You are all going to end up in retirement homes and we all know that the elderly gets treated pretty badly in retirement homes. Well, that's what you get for ruining your own children's lives. Even if your children WANTED to take care of you, they couldn't, due to you boomers destroying the economy. So I hope you enjoy the retirement homes, boomer scum!

    1. Omg really who must have had a really bad up bringing. But wow thanks for making this comment I'm sure you made alot of people laugh at your stupidity. Wtf please get some help tho you seriously have parent issues

    2. I'm guessing they are an illiterate American. (Not saying all Americans are illiterate - just this one) cos really ... who gives two hoots what the mexicans think of us?!!!

    3. Funniest thing is... "boomers" are doing what's been suggested and isolating rather than carrying on as usual and being selfish like you obviously are possibly spreading the virus further. Take a long hard look at yourself anon. What an absolute fuckwit you are 🤣. Gave me a good laugh tho.

    4. OMG - Anon you are the absolute meanest person on the planet. Even so, I would never wish a deadly disease upon you or anyone else. Mean mean mean mean mean. So mean!

    5. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Feel better you little whiny brat, yes we will certainly be cared for when we’re old because I like many have well brought up and polite children. One who is a RN and works in a nursing home, anther who is an educator with a masters degree working in hard to staff schools, some of your generation send your children to school with breakfast or lunch not to mention helping their children with home work. Your generation spend more time traveling than any other, you also have more electronic devices that you abandon for newer models. Seems to me your environmental footprint is larger than any generation, how about you turn off your devices and do a little actual work. Jo

    6. I think "Anonymous" must be working through linked blogs as I've seen their posts elsewhere. Everyone needs a hobby I guess and Bex I think you've hit it on the head about the parent issues.

    7. Anon-what planet are you actually on???

    8. I just have no words for that anon comment but I'll try. Troll... crazy.... bored.... mean.... insane.... or just plain nasty. Perhaps some young people have forgotten about the value us boomers have added to the world. Never mind, don't give them any more oxygen.

  4. We waited in line for the store today. One person came out, one could go in. So weird. No TP to be found.

  5. Kiwionholidays2:18 PM

    Sorry to read the disgusting post sent to you at1.33 today

    Take care all and will keep in touch ,,

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Well someone should self isolate themselves in a subermarine. A derelict one at the bottom.
    We all have blah days. I'm very good at it. Love the garden. Its going to be very pretty. Kj

  7. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Nice video chick house is looking amazeballs and the grass is fab. What's that blue bottle thing on the dining table that's really cool. George's Mum. Ohhh PS Anonymous you are a fucking twat.

  8. Do the dogs go wee on lawn cause girl dog pee kills grass

  9. The world feels off kilter at the moment, it think it making us all feel a bit blah. I know that I am felling out of sorts, and can’t stick at anything long enough to make progress. Take care and stay safe.
    Mary in Tassie


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