Saturday, March 28, 2020


So... have not heard from Steve since last night, when he was heading off to the ward.  
I expect to hear from him soon... hopefully the cardiologist has seen him and started to find out what's going on.

It's so scary not knowing.

Seems people are putting Teddy bears in their front windows so kids can 'hunt' for them when out walking in their neighbourhood.


ABOVE:  I'm doing my bit.

I hope clowns, rhinos, tele tubbies and beavers are allowed too?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  my current keyboard rest ... is a bit bumpy.
And it would not bugger off, no matter how much typing I did.
I normally use my lap as my 'desk' ... but not yesterday.

A BIT FUNNY: (last night)  I was crocheting a block for my tree and wanted to talk to me Mum, so I rang her and we had a yak.  When the call was over I went to start my crochet again... and do you think I could find the bloody crochet hook?

I looked everywhere around me chair, on the coffee table, down me bra... couldn't find it anywhere!


ABOVE:  Then I had an itch on my head... *sigh*.  FOUND IT.

Gosh... I've not worn make up in days and days!  Dunno what's up with that.


UPDATE ON STEVE: He's been seen by a few specialists, who are all scratching their heads.  They think he has inflammation around his heart, most likely being caused by the medications he's on for his other problems.

He will be having an ultrasound of his heart sometime today, then if they see inflammation, they will adjust his medication, give him something for the inflammation and SEND HIM HOME.  We hope.

12.30 pm:  And Steve is still waiting for an ultrasound.  He's bored shitless, he didn't go in there with anything to keep himself amused.  Only got his phone.  No even toiletries.  Poor bugger.

Meanwhile here, Stew and Brylee went for a double walk around the 'block' while I stitched more on the tree:

 ABOVE:  I'm really happy with the three additions I put on it today.  It's starting to look more 'covered' now.
I had HEAPS of people walk/cycle/drive by while I was out there today.  ALL of them were lovely and commented on my tree.

I even got car horn toots!  *smiles*

This has done exactly what I wanted, make people smile and help us get to know our neighbours. 

ABOVE:  My BREAKFAST. Yes... yes I had cake for breakfast.  Though as it was more like morning tea time when I had it, I am not feeling guilty at all. lol

1.41 pm:  And Steve is being discharged!  They can't work out what's going on with him, bu they think it's Perimyocarditis.  They think it's his body reacting to his medications, so they have given him MORE medications to counteract the reactions.

He has to go back for more Cat Scans etc over the next few weeks.

Ha!  As long as something else doesn't react! I think three times in the hospital is enough though Steve.  Behave now!

WHOOP! WHOOP!  I just bought my Lotto ticket online.  I'm not so technologically challenged as I thought.  Now we are set for however long this lock down lasts...  YA GOTTA BE IN TO WIN.

Steve is home.  ON a multitude of medications for his Pancolitis, Pancreatitis and NOW Perimyocarditis.  Far out.  When will his nightmare end?

ABOVE:  He's looking much better than yesterday!  So thankful he is home and perhaps .... finally getting better?

ABOVE:  We are having Beef Kransky Sausages for dinner... with roast veges and gravy.

Well the evening is winding down, and we are watching the TV till bedtime.  Everyone in my bubble is doing fine.

I hope you are doing well too peeps.  Stay safe, keep ya distance from others and BE KIND.


  1. First of all hope you hear from Steve soon and all is well. Very scary not knowing anything.
    I love the teddy bears in the window. I read it on your news and was thinking what I would put in the window. I have a row of knitted animulls on the top of an old couch. I shall put them in our window even though no one is going to pass but me as I throw out some compost.
    I've got a scary cat, a rabbit, a bear, and an All Black!!!

  2. I have put knitting needles behind my ear and walked around the house looking for them, too. Will be checking in to see if there is any news on Steve.

  3. Haha I have never lost any hooks like that mine usually go down the side of the couch. Then steve has to find it for me haha.

  4. Penny9:57 AM

    Crossing fingers and toes that Steve is okay. At least he is in the right place to be treated appropriately. He must be getting frustrated in there, and lonely though.

    You are too funny! I love the bears and crochet hook xxx

  5. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Lol I do that so often. The other day it was my glasses but I was wearing them!! Hope they find out what's happening with Steve. Kj

  6. Good hopes for Steve!

    I put bear in my front window for “bear hunts” too. Such a cute idea.

    I put all different stuffed animals in all my other windows for my immediate neighbor kids to find. I sent them a text to let them know they were there.

    Next week I am putting signs with each kids names in different windows (14 kids on my block).

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Haha well done on the crochet hook ya Blondie!! Hoping the doctors can sort Steve out soon. Hugs to Bex, Dante and Archer xx George's Mum.

  8. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Hope Steve gets answers soon, love your tree. Jo.

  9. LOVE the tree project, so fun.

  10. I am glad Steve can go home. Let's hope he stays there! The tree is really starting to look "yarn bombed".

  11. Sending lots of positive healthy vibes to Steve. It is know doubt incredibly stressful for both Bex and you guys seeing him suffer but the doctors will eventually get the meds right. It took sometime for my husband to get his own unique combination. Of all things he takes one drug prescribed for organ transplant patients and it was because what they normally prescribe for colitis his body was not able to metabolise it but the specialist knew the metabolic pathway of the commonly prescribed one and was able to then come up with this alternative and he's been much more stable with that alternative.


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