Wednesday, March 04, 2020


Today I am heading over to Tauranga for the day.

One of my Cambridge FBG buddies lost her Mum last week, so I am attending the funeral to support her.

Very sad when a Mum passes away suddenly and unexpectedly like Sue's Mum did.

I am going to leave first thing this morning, so I can visit the Bernina shop before the funeral.
It is one shop that has an excellent selection of fabrics.  When I think about it, there just ain't that many now.

I am going to visit the Spotlight over there too, as the Hamilton Branch is kinda out of 14" zips in the colours I use.  Could be cos I bought them all!  lol

Now, a couple of photos from last night's Cards:

 ABOVE:  I was on the LOSERS team.  But still had fun.

ABOVE:  Guess what?   I actually had a HOT DRINK of ... coffee!
Cos I read that there COULD be a world wide shortage of Diet Coke thanks to the Coronavirus, and if I can't drink diet coke I will get migraines due to caffeine withdrawal.  

Can't have that, so I'd have to drink coffee for the caffeine.

So, I  had a coffee to see if it was as disgusting as I remembered it to be.  But it wasn't that bad, so I'm safe IF I have to drink an alternative.

Forward thinking... and all that.  Though seriously, I doubt we will ever run outta Diet Coke!

And that is me for now... I'm outta here in the next hour or so.  Catch ya later.

ONWARD...'s  taken me 2 hours to get to Tauranga!  It should have taken an hour and 20 minutes  at the most. But it's been raining for 3 hours so everyone is going slow. 

It's not raining here right now... just STINKING HOT AND HUMID.

Fuck...gotta go. Bad news.

Right. Brylee had a minor car accident.. WAS NOT HER FAULT. She asked me not to publish about it... but it's already been commented on so... this edited bit will stay here.

All is OK. 

My nerves? Not so much. Its pouring with rain here in Tauranga now.

I'm really not impressed with today.
Now Steve's been admitted to Auckland Hospital for the rest of the week as hes really not well. 

So... I'm going to quickly pop in to hug my friend at her Mums funeral... then go up to Auckland.

AND NOW.... I'm about 45 minutes out of Hamilton... and I've eaten TWO donuts! Lol

4.45 pm: well... I'm now safely in Auckland. What a day! We will have some dinner then head up to the hospital to see Steve.

Visit with Steve was as OK as it could be with 2 rambunctious boys in tow. Steve was in a lot of pain and STARVING... nil by mouth until he's had a Cat Scan. Which will be whenever they get around to it. *sigh*

Back at their home now and Bex is getting the boys off to bed. 

I'm buggered... won't  be up too late tonight.


  1. like you I love my Diet Coke but I actually prefer Coke Zero ooohhhhh it's so good!! And I drink coffee too! I guess we could always turn to those "energy" drinks like Red Bull etc lololololol

  2. People are going stupid here and buying all the toilet paper.... like, what the hell do you need 20 packs of toilet paper for? Are they expecting the worlds worst case of the runs?? Anyway, try Moccona flavoured coffee sticks if you have them. Like, Strawberries and Cream, Rocky Road, and Mint. Yummo! I can't drink coffee but these are mild enough that I can without getting that buzz. mind you, don't add sugar, they're plenty sweet enough!

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    there is no actual damage to the car, just a few very little scratches, car is fine and so is Brylee
    just so no one is freaking about her or her car
    #Lacy 💙

  4. Yep we are on our way to Hastings - that rain was awful!

  5. Take it easy Chris.

  6. Poor Brylee, it is still a bit of a shock, glad she was not hurt & her wee car is okay.

    Drive carefully and I hope Steve is feeling better soon.

    1. Anonymous1:51 PM

      yea poor Brylee and my ears... they are still ringing from her screaming 😱 but guess it was her first scary moment and in her beloved car....
      have tracked down the company and let them know about their driver aswell.
      and geepers Steve you don't do things by half's do ya, if you need anything we are just a phone call away, I can go help be there for bex and the boys if she needs or anything k little bro 😔
      #Lacy 💙

  7. Penny1:44 PM

    Oh what an awful day. Hope everyone is okay. Hugs xx

  8. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Poor Steve,it’s such a painful condition. I hope he has a speedy recovery and gets on top of it, Jo.

  9. Oh gees Chris ... what a stressful day for you all! Glad to hear that Brylee wasn't hurt (car accidents are such scary things) - and glad that Lacy was in the area and could go and give her some support. Sorry to hear about Steve - fingers crossed that his hospital stay is a short one and that he is feeling much better soon. Thinking of you all. Safe travels to Auckland.

  10. What a good mom you are! I hope Steve is feeling better and you take care of yourself.

  11. OMG OMG OMG. You are just so amazing. I can totally see why you needed to vent. You are there for EVERYONE! It WAS a SHIT day! But you are still the perfect amount of being there for everyone that needs you. (friends, Brylee, Steve) And the perfect amount of F*ch It, I need a donut and some fabric! Just hang in there. Glad Brylee is okay, and that Steve Will be! Take care!

  12. And for my third comment of the day... You were right about a possible Diet Coke shortage. Should we panic? I would much rather hoard Diet Coke than resort to coffee! What to do????

  13. Oh Chris what a day. Glad Brylee and car ok but it must've been scary for her. Best wishes to Steve for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself as well Chris

  14. Gee what a horrible day for you....hope it's all sorted now..look after yourself

  15. Anonymous5:54 PM

    What a day you've had. Love to Steve and Brylee.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear that Steve isn't well. You are are good Mum to go up to Auckland :)

  17. I hope Steve is ok and also Brylee.

  18. Kiwionholidays9:59 PM

    Much Aroha to you all
    You will sleep well tonight ,,,,and tomorrow things will start to feel better I am sure

    Take care all of you

  19. Hope all will be well with Steve. What a crazy day. Rest well.

  20. Sorry to hear Steve is in hospital. Hope they sort it all out and he's home and feeling better soon. Glad to hear Brylee's okay (along with the car).

  21. Hoping Steve & Brylee are doing better!


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