Wednesday, April 01, 2020


So how are ya going in this crazy world right now?
Everyone coping being cooped up at home?
Eating too much?
Getting exercise?


I am just fine... not much is different except I find it strange not being able to just jump in the car and go shopping or visiting!

I am CRAVING fresh, hot chips!  The ones I love the best are Dominoes and KFC chips.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.  *sob*

I will be going grocery shopping this morning, and top of the list is some oven bake chips!  These are some flavours that we do love:

ABOVE:  These are probably my favourites, I've not bought any in quite some time.

ABOVE:  Steve is looking quite a bit better!  The bonus for most working parents in this lockdown is they get to spend more time with their kids.

THOUGH in saying that, it must be hard keeping the  kids entertained with the restrictions in place.

I'm eternally thankful we no longer have young kids at home!  If this had happened 30 years ago I would have probably ended up in the Psych ward!

Today's plans are to do a quick grocery shop, keep working on me tree additions, do more housework, and bake some cookies.   Today's might be Oat and Raisin cookies.  Nice and 'healthy'... lol.

 ABOVE:  Well worth remembering when you start going stir crazy.

ABOVE: Just a bit funny.


9.30 am:  I've just got home from the supermarket.  There were no queues.   Quite a few people in the store, probably a few dozen too many?
I'm cross as.  The only flour you could buy was HUGE sacks full for $29... and NO baking powder.  I suppose at least they did have flour, even if many people on the benefit now couldn't afford it!

So later on today I will go down to our local store and see if they have baking powder.. or better yet, ring and find out first.  

Stew is busy working.  Brylee is still in bed.  And I'm about to work on a tree addition.

ABOVE:  And today's addition has three coloured hearts on it.  I lost count of how many groups of people (individuals and family groups) stopped to talk, or ran/walked past and said something nice.  

There were more cars on the roads today... I hope we don't have to go out for a while now.  I've given up on finding fresh baking powder, nowhere I rang had any.

A bit sad as my baking powder is old and not working too well.  Our scones the other day were a bit flat.  But, oh well... I'll just work with what I have till it runs out.

SHIT... sorry OLD MOO  I forgot Ron's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON... I am sure you had a lovely day with me Mum.  Salmon in white sauce... Yum!  That was a firm favourite of my Dad's too.  I add grated cheese to mine.

ANON:  Lacy is doing well... though she did stand on a bee or wasp yesterday and cried like a pussy.  lol

MARJORIE:  Wow that was very informative, thank you!

My cookie dough is in the fridge 'setting'... I'm making Oat and Raisin cookies.

ABOVE:  Steve must be feeling much better!  He's fixed their broken down lawn mower and is mowing the lawn.  After that he's doing a few odd jobs around the house.  So good to see him on the move and outside.

OLD MOO:  wow no burnt pot, no burning down the house!  Well done.  ha ha ha

Some good news.  Steve has been advised he can stop taking one of the drugs he's on, the one that is most likely causing his added complications (Pancreas, Shoulder and Heart).  So fingers crossed those problems ease up?
He is knackered after mowing the lawn and fixing a sticky front door, so is now on the couch again.

Baby Steps Steve.  You are doing well.

ABOVE:  I baked, and they are delicious!  Stew and I are set for the next few days.  I had two and a half trays by the time I had finished.

Now I just have to cook dinner.
It't going to be a silly bugger dinner:  Chicken steaks, chips and garlic bread.  Not exactly healthy!  But it will be YUM.

11.06 pm:  And dinner was nice, though the garlic bread has given me heartburn, so it could be a long night dammit.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. It's weird not being able to go out and about. Hubby and I went for a drive around town yesterday. We did not stop anywhere! But the roads are deserted. Everything is closed, except a few places. I am going to try to stay out of stores until we actually really really need something. I have plenty to get by for a while. I am still making handmade ceramic worry stones and mosaic tiles. I will keep shipping as long as the post office is still operational! And yes, to eating too much! Both out of boredom AND stress. But, I also have done a small amount of exercise! So, good and bad!

  2. We drove three times over the weekend, once in each car, just rides, to maintain charge in batteries. Felt good to get out for a bit.

    Rumor is our groceries are going to order/pick up only, which would be very smart.

    I have been sorting photos. I pulled pictures of my brother, my nephew. I scanned and texted them, they did not have any of them. Now working on my niece’s. (My brother got divorced many years ago, he raised the kids, not sure what happened to the baby pictures, but luckily I had a lot.)

    I am also sorting my sewing room. Projects either get finished or go in the garage sale pile.

    I picked three quilts up From my long arm quilter. She put them on door step. I put $ thru mail slot. They are in our garage in quarantine. If she is still well in 3 weeks will sew binding on and then my mom will do handwork (my arthritis is too bad in my thumbs).

    And I am cooking more than normal. 4 of us home 24/7 now. It takes two dishwasher runs a day to keep up.

    Windows would be good project here too.

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Not sure how clear it has to be for people to be told to stay home unless it is to buy food or pick up medications from the Pharmacy.

      I don't mean you Chris. I am referring to some of your readers.

      Having a husband in the Police force here in Wellington it puts a huge strain on already stretched services having to deal with people that don't abide by the rules!

    2. I am in USA, we can be in car, just not mingling. We have been home for a lot longer. Cars needed a quick run, they can only sit for a few weeks.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Afternoon Chris - glad Steve is doing better, I know he is tired of being sick. XO

    I have been pulling up these horrible thorny vine things that grow everywhere in my yard. And it is a tough job. I had to take today off because my shoulders are killing me. Yes, I am a sissy. Once I get it all cleared out I will call and have a bunch of sand brought yard is a sand grass but beautiful trees. Live Oaks and Scrub Pines.

    And now that it is spring I have washed the cushion covers and put all of those back out...only 12....but it beats the fire out of your arms getting the foam back in. Crikey!!

    I have not left my county in 30 days, I go to the store or go to the pharmacy, maybe the hardware store if needed. My county does no have covid-19 yet, but most of our surrounding counties do, so we are doomed, I am sure. But I am staying away from folks or talking from the car if someone pulls up.

    And FaceTime with my grandsons...we're doing lunch together via FT and today after lunch we 3 sat and drew and colored and showed each other what we were doing. It was so much fun!

    Your yard looks diving, I wonder what the last owners would think? You all went in like a wrecking crews!

    Stay well, KY Girl

    1. You are so right, we were a wrecking crew! I had definite ideas on what I wanted done, and it GOT DONE! lol

  4. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Just been for our flu vaccinations at our GP - parked outside and the nurse came out equipped with PPE gear. What a strange world we now live in when going for flu jabs seems like an outing!! We managed to get some flour at our local dairy and they are obeying all the quarantine requirements so might go there in future for the basics. Might cost more but less hassle. Audrey

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Hi all I am working as an essential worker so business as usual for this kid!! Only part days so we aren't together then it's beer time George's Mum.

  6. RONS 85TH Birthday yesterday.we had salmon and white sauce for dinner with garlic bread out of the freezer.we are in voluntary isolation.our medication is going to be delivered,likewise food when we need it.Glad Steven is a bit better.THE OLD MOO.

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    How is Lacy going?

  8. I am only leaving for business essentials and groceries. We are a farm and need stuff for the animals. I found this on baking powder, maybe it will be helpful for you.

  9. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Love the yarn bombing and the fact that it is making people so happy/interested! How is Griffin going looking for work? I can't imagine he can do much at the moment with everything shut down. We also can't get flour in our supermarket. Sarah

  10. Hi Chris Love your tree. I would do the same but no close trees here. Baking Powder. Mix together 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1 teaspoon of cornstarch (corn flour) and 1 teaspoon of cream of tarter. Make up what ever you need. I have used it in the past and it does work. I am in Manitoba Canada. As my company is Research and a Development we can still work though it is now set up so most of us can work from home. Very thankful for that. In our province we have 103 cases, 2 are critical and we have had 1 death. Our schools now may be done for the year. Normally they get out the end of June and go back in September. So many people out of work. It is so sad. Sorry didn’t mean to whine. Keep on keeping on. Cheers Jean

    1. You are not whining chick! Thanks for the recipe for baking powder... I just hope I can find some Cream of Tartar now! I hope it's warming up where you are now.

    2. Hey Chris I screwed up. I knew I should have looked it up. Basic recipe is 1 part baking soda, 2 parts cream of tarter and 1 part cornstarch. Ah I am right smack in the center of Canada on the prairies. The snow is melting. We actually hit 12C yesterday but alas we get 20cm of snow coming Thursday. We have two lakes north of here that are both over a couple hundred miles long. We don’t really get too warm till the ice melts on the lakes. I am not going to complain though as during the winter we hang around -30C for weeks on end. Good luck finding the cream of tarter.

    3. Anonymous4:02 PM

      I thought you had the measurements different to what my mum used. Mum never used cornstarch and used that amount for each cup of flour


    4. Dee, the cornstarch helps it keep dry if you are storing it, so I've read.

    5. Anonymous10:51 PM

      Makes sense, Mum added it as needed so that’s the way I have always done it.


  11. Had grated cheese and parsley with the salmon also, and no kids I didn't burn the bottom of the pot..THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM

      THE OLD MOO rock!!

  12. We had chicken kievs with those french fries, love them. I am working from home didnt finish until 5.30 so had a quick dinner, my other half is essential services so he goes off to work everyday. Glad to see Steve is on the way up. Take care xx

  13. I am working from home mostly but find it's hard to fill a whole day. I walk to the mailbox every day (even though I get so little postal mail, I used to go once a week). It's about a 15 min walk there and back. It's eerie to see no one else and no cars on the street. I use my treadmill, I read, I cook just for me, I clean, I do laundry and have organized my closet. I try to only watch the news twice a day, once when our Prime Minister does his address and then the 6 p.m. news. I used to watch the 11 p.m. news but found I couldn't turn my mind off afterwards and would be up all night not sleeping.

    I talk to my sons every day and facetime with my sisters and nephews in the UK, I call my mum in the UK every day or so.

    But now you've got me craving hot fish and chips from the chippie truck - which I've not had in over a year!! Small blessing that the truck is shut up for the pandemic.

    I have music going most of the day and revisiting the 70's music from my childhood.

    Stay well Chris and family!

  14. The tree looks so fun! I only have little tree trunks in the front of my house.

  15. I made a grocery run first thing this morning just as the store opened. Looked at 10kg flour it was $15.00 so kept on walking. Keep thinking I'm going to back something but never get around to doing it. In an out in under an hour. Then back home threw the groceries in the fridge and got down to work. Starting this Sunday the grocery stores will close in order to give the staff a bit of a break. The noose tightens even more.

    Glad a to see Steve is starting to feel better. Your tree project looks lovely. Have a good day.


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