Monday, March 02, 2020


Well, while it's too hot to sew... I will be at some point today... as I have orders!
I've got a few more zippered coin purses to finish before next weekend's Cambridge market.  And a larger over the shoulder bag to make for a few FBG'ers.

Lacy is due over here sometime this morning, to help me get the spare bedroom back into some semblance of spic 'n' span.

 ABOVE: Stew and I went here last night, it's a new month after all!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  They have the best selection of ice cream!  
I have a feeling Movenpik won't be in Hamilton for long ... going by the patronage (or lack thereof) was certainly quiet last night.
So, we will make the most of it, for now.

Right, I'm off to make a start on my normal morning routine.  Which involves at least half an hour of watering gardens.  All my gardens, and the new lawn need watering, or it's all gunna die.

I drive around the area and see dead trees and plants everywhere now.  It's just so DRY, and has been for months.  

Everyone is praying for a break in the drought we are enduring that's for sure.  Some towns and rural areas in New Zealand are literally running out of water, and having to get it trucked in! 

Luckily in Hamilton we are still allowed to do hand held hosing, but no sprinklers.


Amazingly, it's a cloudy day.  Still stinking hot though.  I don't think having hot flushes helps ... they are much more prevalent in summer.

We have emptied the 'spare' bedroom and put all the stuff being stored in there into a back shed.  Job done.

Now going to pop down to Spotlight for some thingees for the longer straps on the FBG bags.  I'm only going to make 3 as 'prototypes' for now.  No point making a large amount if only a few want them.

***  good news ***

Steve has been having health issues for months and months.  He had a medical procedure late last year to see if he had anything 'nasty' happening (read Cancer), but was cleared of that.

What a relief.

But... in the past few weeks all his symptoms flared up again, very badly.  So today he had to go to Auckland Hospital for more investigations.

He got a diagnosis of PANCOLITIS, which is a chronic inflammatory condition of the bowel.
He will be on medication for the rest of his life, and have to be monitored regularly.

But it's not CANCER... so that is a huge relief to all of us.

This has been an ongoing massive stress for us, Steve, Bex and my Mum.  We have tried to keep it under wraps till now, as we really didn't know what was going on.

Now though, I can finally say what's been going on and that we finally have answers.

Never take your health for granted, it's the single most important thing in your life.  Well that, and ya family.

Our family is totally dysfunctional and fractured, but well... we keep in touch with those that care about us, and make an effort to be in our lives.

And with being said... I am now going to get back to me sewing.  I'm half way through a larger zippered bag for the FBG's to look at.

ABOVE:  The bag itself is fine.  The strap could have been wider and I'm not thrilled with how it fits to the bag.  More work on that needed.

It's an adjustable length strap too... so while it looks quite long on Brylee, it can be adjusted to suit individual people.

LYNDA:  I was asked to make bags that would fit a drink bottle, phone and keys in.  Which is exactly what I made for my FBG girlfriends. *smiles*

And it's almost 10 pm, time to wind up for the day.  It's been a good day really.


  1. We haven't had much rain either. Going to be a drought year here for sure.

  2. Can I suggest that you make detachable straps? A dual use bag... a clip off strap ? I'm actually going to make myself a cross body evening bag and have found so many ideas online!! Yikes, back to sewing :)

  3. So good that Steve got some answers. There is relief in knowing what you are dealing with.

  4. I have never heard of PANCOLITIS. I am glad it is manageable with meds. I am going to look into it because of someone I know who has been struggling to find reasons for bowel difficulties.

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Depending on what you need for bags, check out Bunnings for strapping, d rings, catches etc. Great news about Steve, he finally has an answer

  6. Thank goodness re Steve, I was wondering how he was getting on since last year. Still a lot to deal with but much more manageable than the alternative.

  7. Anonymous3:29 PM

    so relieved for you Steve, bugger about the meds and stuff for like ever and stuff but now they no what's happening and yea 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  8. Oh, I was meaning a small cross body bag (kind of the size you are already making) for just a phone and a credit card. That size bag would be more difficult to walk with in my opinion. Good job though!

    1. Oh OK, I see (about the size)... I'm about to make myself a small bag - it all looks complicated but the videos are so easy to follow.

  9. Anonymous4:10 PM

    My Mother has Pancolitis it's a bugger of a thing her's flared up last week a 2 night stay in hospital at 83 she's doing okay though. If Steve needs any ideas with regards to diet etc just let me know George's Mum.

  10. Kiwionholidays4:11 PM

    Good news about your Steve relief for Bex and the family as well
    Great in this day and age meds can keep up with what’s going on
    Love the bag and Brylee makes a cute model for it,

    Amazing how we all need drink bottles with us now and across the Tassie from you even during winter it’s always handy to have when out and about
    You ones home looks
    Ike the stamp of you all ..

    Great effort

    Cheers 🥂

  11. i like the bags, and the long length too!

  12. Anonymous8:43 PM

    It is good Steve now has a diagnosis and can get things under control...nothing worse than worrying about our kids health...


  13. Great news for Steve that although he has to be on medication for life it is something that can be managed. A great relief for him and the rest of you.

  14. Great news for Steve his family and your family.
    Love the FBG bag 😊


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