Saturday, March 07, 2020


Today I have to head home.
Not that I want to of course. 

Steve's still in hospital... but as I have the Cambridge market tomorrow... I need to go home.

If necessary,  I can always go back on Sunday afternoon. 

I will be visiting him again first thing this morning  before heading home.

Last night Bex made us a really lovely dinner:

ABOVE: Super yummy spaghetti, bacon, onion, pineapple  and cheese on buns! Perfect silly bugger, Friday night dinner *smiles*.

ABOVE: See the money? Yeah. I told them if they misbehaved or made too much noise I'd take one away at a time! 

It's  called blackmail.  It worked.

Archer lost a coin for being naughty... and just like that they were perfect little  Angel's.

Dante didnt want Archer to have less than him, so he was deliberately 'naughty' so he lost a coin too!

How's that for brotherly love?

Right... I'm going. I would like to spend a decent amount of time with Steve before I head home. 


So glad I stayed with Steve long enough this morning to catch the doctor's visit.
I learnt a lot.

Best thing is... he's almost turned the corner and the surgery option (worst case scenario) is now only just clinging to the table with one finger!

They have been watching three factors.  His Blood loss, his Inflammation levels and the number of trips to the bathroom he has to take.

Well... his blood loss had slowed down to very minor, his Inflammation levels are FINALLY dropping.... they were taking their bloody time!  The only thing that hasn't slowed down yet is his trips to the bathroom.

But the Doctor is happy to give him more time for that to settle down... so it's heading in the right direction.

We were hoping he might get to go home today or tomorrow, but maybe that won't happen.

Monday is what the Doctor thinks, IF he is still tracking down with all three factors they are watching.

OMG... it's so good to be home (did I mention I am home?)... and using my computer instead of my damn phone to blog on!  

The house is looking good, the lawn isn't dead, nor are the fish! Stew, Brylee and Lacy did well keeping everything ticking over.

Stew has even done a few 'on the list' jobs this morning.

Well done darling.

 ABOVE:  From Steve's room you can see lots going on .... men working on the building roofs...

 ABOVE:  The Emergency department is right under Steve's room.  We got to watch all the rescue helicopters come and go too.  I saw three separate ones arrive yesterday, all different ones too.

 ABOVE:  You can see peeps of the harbour from Steve's room too... and the SKY TOWER.
It's a lovely view really.

ABOVE:  When I left home this area was a mess. There was a huge pile of house bricks all along the wall.
Brylee moved the bricks to the back of the house, and Stew has tidied it up and put the hose on the wall.  The blue drum is ready to be hooked up to that downpipe.

So, in all... everything is OK in my little world right now.

If things go well with Steve over the next couple of days, I will stay home.  If not... I will go back up to Auckland tomorrow afternoon.

But that's all in the "Don't know right now basket".

Stew went out of his way to make us a really lovely dinner tonight:

ABOVE:  Homemade beef patties, veges in a cheese sauce and potatoes.  It was DELICIOUS... and I was starving!

After dinner I went out and put chemicals in the pool, it's looking good.  Then I watered the gardens and lawn.
Only one potted citrus looked a bit stressed out... but a good watering should sort it out.

Now... I'm watching some TV before we load the car up, ready for tomorrow's market.
I'm so tired I will probably head off to bed super early tonight.


  1. Brilliant money scheme! Laying it out there makes it real for the kiddos! And I love the brotherly sacrifice! How sweet! Good luck at Market with the new zipper bags!

  2. lol kids are so funny! I hope Steve can go home soon!

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Wow pinching that yummy idea for dinner and the coin idea is so clever. I love the brotherly love bit. Hope Steve is feeling a lot better soon and can go home. Kj

  4. Love the money idea. I had forgotten about cheese on buns! What an awesome idea for an easy dinner.

    Hope Steve is feeling better today. No fun at all.

    Much love, Penny xo

  5. How beautiful of Dante to not want more money than Archie so was naghty so they had the it. Glad u home safe...hope u rest a bit you have had a dreadfully stressful week one thing and another. Lok after you too missy.

  6. Great to log in to good(ish) news!
    Bex, have you got the book The Brothers Quibble?

    1. Hello no I havnt I'll have a look on my kindle and check it out. Thanks not so cranky.

  7. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Hi Chris, I have an inkling of Steve’s problems, all I can say is you know when you have a cold and your nose needs tons of wiping which then becomes painful so you apply lanolin, the same thing helps with your butt. Good luck with the markets tomorrow, Jo.


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