Tuesday, March 17, 2020


We should be at the airport now, heading off to Australia for our long awaited holiday.  But... we are not.  Still sad about that, mostly for me Mum.

Because of the situation with Steve, we have still not made any alternative 'holiday' plans.

He is in hospital awaiting test results.
I don't know if he even had his cat scan and ultrasound yesterday.  *sigh*

With any luck he will get some good news today and can go home again.  He's just got to hang in there for now.

While we wait, I might suggest to Stew that we wash the studio's exterior walls in readiness for painting.

I can't just sit here and do nothing! 

The only 'good' thing about us not going to Australia?   We don't have to go into self isolation.  So we are free to go wherever we want here in New Zealand, as long as we don't go to any gatherings of over 500 people.

In fact all large gatherings are banned for the foreseeable future.  
This impacts so many organisatons/sports events/music events/churches and so on!
It's just crazy how this virus has disrupted the entire world!

Stew's gutted.  The Super Rugby is suspended, perhaps even over for the year.  What's a man to watch on the telly now?  lol 

Well... I'm done for now.  I have a bit of housework to get done, then I will crack the whip at Stew.  *smiles*  I'm actually excited to get some paint on the walls to see how it will look.


And WOW!   I just got outta bed and opened a window and... it's actually COLD!  Well OK, not freezing cold but it's certainly cooler than it's been in months.

Autumn is here finally.  I can look forward to not being so damn hot all the time.  In fact, now I can bitch about being cold!    But not today.

Today it's JUST RIGHT.  Like me porridge.  Not too hot... not too cold.  lol

Because it's threatening to rain today, I might hold off on painting, or just do a tiny bit to see what the finished, dry colour will look like?  We will see.

No news on Steve yet, the Doctors have not been around yet.

THIS is what we get to see every morning right now:

ABOVE:  Yeah.... she hasn't brushed it or washed it in a few days... she just ties it up on top of  her head.  That's the result first thing in the morning.  We were a bit shocked the first day she came out like that... we are desensitized now.

TRACY:  Unfortunately for Stew, he can drive me nuts.. to the point where I want to stab him 16 times in the chest (family joke)!  But luckily for  him ... I actually do love him.  So he's safe.

I've heard from Steve.  He does not have gall stones, which could have been the cause of his pancreas playing up.

It's almost definite that the steroids he's taking to control the Pancolitis is what's upsetting his pancreas.  It's pretty much a can't win situation.

So he has to stay in hospital for now, until they can sort out what to do for him.

Meanwhile, I've put the 1st coat of paint on the outdoor cupboard by the back door.  It needs a 2nd coat, which I will do with a roller, as the brush has left ... well... brush marks!   Very obvious brush marks too.

Waiting for paint to dry....

It dried:

 ABOVE:  Well... I seem to always go for the same shade of blue!  It isn't QUITE as vibrant as the photo shows.  

ABOVE:  I got Lacy to do the very low bits this afternoon.  Saved my knees.

And now... we are going to pack and go up to Auckland for a few days.

ABOVE: And here he is... looking a bit sorry for himself. We had a very easy trip up, it only took us an hour and a quarter with the new extension of the Waikato Expressway open.

It was awesome. 

Staying here with Steve for a while then out for dinner before going over to stay with Bex and the boys.

We are now at the house and are going to settle down for the night. 

Catch you tomorrow. 


  1. Fingers crossed Steve gets some news today, the sooner they can work out what is wrong, the sooner they can start treating him. It is a shame about your trip but you can still go at a later date, at least you get to spend some quality time with Stew while he is still on holiday :-).

  2. Good news about the no gallstones. Hope they can get things figured out with Steve. Bex ... happy belated birthday!

  3. I love the blue. Very Chris. Hope Steve is sorted very, very quickly. Penny x

  4. Auckland will give u peace of mind Chris to be near your boy and help Bex take pressure off the boys having grandma and grandad visiting xxx

  5. Oh yay. I was hoping to see some blue paint today.

  6. Aw. I hate to see him not being a "dick" (Your word! - that I get a kick out of : ) ) .
    Get well Steve!

  7. I'm so glad you can be in Auckland at the moment. Steve is definitely not himself in that photo. I hope he gets better soon.

  8. Kiwionholidays9:23 PM

    Thinking of you all up there together supporting Stev and Bex And families

    Take care


  9. Kiwionholidays9:32 PM

    Ps love the blue you and Lacy did today
    Fab to have team Harvey

  10. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Love your hair Lacy lol

  11. Oh man, Steve can't get a break. Sorry to hear that he needs to stay in the hospital for now. I'm glad you and Stew are getting the most out of your "vacation time" as you can with visiting Steve and his family as well as getting a lot done that wouldn't normally get done until a later date.

  12. Sorry about the cancellation of your holiday. Hope Steve feels better soon.


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