Thursday, March 12, 2020


Well... today I have a few more little jobs to do in readiness for our holiday next week.

Nothing major. 

Just have to find some suitcases, carry on bags and so on.  I THINK the carry on bags might be in a back shed?
I do have the one large suitcase we are going to use... it's in the garage.

I think I will start putting stuff we want to take in the spare bedroom, on the bed.  

I'm getting organised so I don't start stressing out on the weekend!

We have decided to go up to Auckland the day before our flight out, so we don't have to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to get to the Airport by 7 am on Tuesday morning.

There is so much to remember!  *sigh*
It's a long time since we traveled anywhere overseas.

We are really looking forward to it though.  Stew and I need the break from everything here (and his work).

First up for the day though, I have to take Stew's blood sugar recorder to the Dr's for him.  He's been doing a three day, multiple times a day testing for the Doctor.  His blood sugar levels were too high, so the Doctor wanted an accurate 3 day record to check what's going on.

I know what's going on!

WE have been really bad diabetics... AGAIN.

But don't ya just get sick to bloody death of always having to watch what ya eat?  NEVER having carbs/sugars is so hard.

BUT... I know that in order to be healthy for as long as we can... I need to alter our lifestyle again.  Cut back on all the shit that causes our blood sugars to spike, and be GOOD.


The overnight temperatures are definitely dropping, as are the daytime temps.  I'm seriously thinking of covering the pool while we are away, so Lacy doesn't  have to tend to it as much.  If it's covered, she will only need to turn the pump on and put chemicals in it once, instead of every day.
I can reassess how it is when I get back, as to whether we will still be swimming in it... or if it's too cold now.

I know I've not been in it these past few days as it's been raining and not so warm.

What else?  I will continue working on the cot quilt I've started.  I'm really happy with how the flowers look. *smiles*
I will show you again once it's finished, which should be in a couple of days, as long as I don't get too distracted by other things.


11.23 am:  And yaaa! Brylee is off for her first day at her new job. I hope it goes well.  And I hope she gets more hours than she's contracted for!  She's only got 19 hours a week at the moment.

I went out and got these:

ABOVE: Yes Lynda, they were already top of my list.
I also got Stew's blood sugar thingee read at the Doctor's.  It showed quite a few highs... so we better get back on the healthy eating track.

 ABOVE:  This room is ready for Lacy to move into.  She's moving in while we are away, and possibly for a little longer afterwards too.
Where she is living right now has been sold, so she has to move out anyway.
So... this will be her room till she finds somewhere else.

ABOVE:  I have started the 'packing' ... well organising.  *smiles*
It feels good to be making a start...  we really are going!

Back in the Studio... plugging away at the quilt, cutting out the letters for the name.
Then comes time to lay it on the batting.
And I think "Hmmm, I wonder if I can get both big trestles up at the same time"... cos that sure would make working with wider projects easier.

So I get it out, put it up and YES!  Still got heaps of room:

ABOVE:  Gosh, how lucky can I get?  This room is so perfect for my sewing!

8.25 pm:  End of the day.  It's been a good day, I got heaps done.  Just finished watering all the gardens and the lawn.

Now... relax in front of the TV for a while until bedtime.


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Enjoy the anticipation. Why not take a bag each in case you want to bring stuff home lol

  2. I'm pretty experienced at packing/travelling these days and never take a really large bag. The bag I take, fully packed, never weighs more than 20kg - too big a bag will take you over your weight limit so check that before you travel. I also never take a carry on bag on a short trip like to Australia, just my handbag. That's just me of course as I hate being bogged down by too much luggage! I know that you will be buying stuff so I'm sure you'll fill your bag space :) Like you, I put everything I need to take on a spare bed as I think of it. I also use 'packing cubes' - seriously they are amazing! Little fabric bags that keep clothes together which makes travelling so much easier.

    I'm so please that you and Stew are doing this and having a good break. Please do watch your diabetes though - it's called the silent disease for a reason, you don't know how sick you are until it's too late. It's a great idea to stay in Auckland the night before too, you will be much more relaxed knowing you don't have such an early start and long drive. Sorry to ramble on, have a fantastic time... I know you both will!!

    1. We are taking the bare minimum and this is not a 'shopping trip'. We are just going to see me Mum and have a total break from here.

    2. I'm glad you have the cubes - they keep everything so organised! Your Mum will love having you both to visit.

    3. I have the cubes but keep forgetting to use them - okay by keep I meant the 2 times I have actually gone anywhere since Sio bought them for me. I just roll everything up & shove it in the suitcase.

  3. Bring one pair of shoes,the most comfortable,and wear them,not going anywhere fancy.Got the meals sorted, I hope.Thank goodness all my clothes will be too small for you,so I won't lose any,and yes we will be going shopping.Already got things for you to take home,so have a bit of spare room.Or we can give you another bag THE OLD MOO.

  4. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Better check to see if you need to bring loo paper over with you lol


    1. My Mum is like me... we always have plenty of everything. I've been trying NOT to stockpile like I always have done! I waste so much food when bottles and tins and packages go out of date! So my pantry is much less full than 'normal'... but I do have plenty of loo paper cos I always have kept heaps on hand. The Coronavirus hasn't changed my shopping habits at all.

  5. No,no, no, we always have plenty of everything, the only things we run out of are fresh fruit and veges.I have a tendency to be like a squirrel.THE OLD MOO.

  6. Hope Brylee has had a great first day at her fnew job. So exciting that next week you are flying to Oz. As the Old Moo says shopping will happen so make sure you leave room. If you are not taking hand luggage you will have 7kg on the way back. I always factor that in!!!

  7. I am thrilled for both you and Stew. You guys are most deserving of a trip away and even better that you get to stay with family so it won't cost an Arm and a Leg with hotel costs. I love the anticipation of a trip abroad, the anticipation is almost better than the trip itself, LOL! :-)

  8. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Are you worried abou travelling at moment with the Covid-19 pandemic?

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time away. It is a well deserved break for you both. Have fun getting ready.

  10. Nice that the room is big enough to do the 2 tables! Mine is long and narrow


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