Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Everyone is leaving me bright and early today!

Stew is off to Rotorua for his usual Tuesday,  checking in with staff there.

And Brylee and Griffin are off to Auckland on a school Drama trip.

So, by the time I get out of bed they will all be gone!

Nice.  It will be quiet!

I'm off to see my Doctor first thing this morning.  Hoping she can help me with the horrible side effects of taking so much more Metformin?  I also want my own testing kit, I've been using Stew's.

After that, I have to pick up Stewy's prescription (putting it on here so I don't forget!) lol.

Then I'm coming home to get stuck into some cleaning/tidying up.  That sorta shit never ends. *sigh*

One of our pups is STILL piddling inside.  It's totally doing my head in.
So, I'm going to bring them inside individually till I can figure out which one it is.  Then I can try and sort it out somehow.  (90% sure it's Denim)

It's so bloody annoying! They are almost 9 months old!  This should not be a problem anymore.  Grrrrr.

Right, that's about it for now.  I will try and make the rest of the day's blog more interesting with some photos ... later.  Photos of what?  Dunno yet!  lol


Oh here's something I totally forgot to show you on Sunday!

Right across the road from where my stall was, two women arrived in their car, ready to unload their stuff and set up their stall.

Now as stall holders, we are supposed to park, unload and then immediately MOVE our vehicles so potential customers can park and browse the market stalls right?

So back to the start. These two women arrive and park their car... only NOT like normal, decent, considerate people, NOPE.  This is where they parked:

ABOVE:  Can you see it?  They parked RIGHT OVER THE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING!  And on the wrong side of the road, facing the wrong way!!!  Totally blocking anyone from getting on or exiting the crossing unless they walked around their car!
To add insult to injury, the stupid bitches unpacked their car and then proceeded to set up their stall (arrow points at their stall), and left their car there for almost an entire hour!  It beggared belief!

There were a number of people who literally stood in front of their car and were like, WHAT THE HELL?, before walking around it to cross the road ON the crossing.  

Where was a police officer when ya needed one?  Sadly, nowhere.

So, that was 'interesting' to say the least.  

....  onward.

Bloody hell!  My Dr appointment was at 10 am.  Finally got to see her at almost 11 am.
It was absolutely pouring down, like torrential, when I arrived at the Drs... so got in there all wet too.  Yuk.

So, my lovely, adorable Dr tried to drag me off to the nurses station to jab me with insulin!  "Just to see how much it DOESN'T HURT Chris".
Yeah NAH, that was NOT going to happen.

We had a very lively 'discussion' about it, and in the end she conceded it wasn't going to happen.

So, she's changed my medication, for a MONTH'S TRIAL... to see if my blood sugar levels can come down and be under control with the new regime.

ABOVE:  See that!  There is another medication I can take!  I'm to take that one in the morning, and Metformin at night.  

ABOVE: And I have to test my blood every morning and night for a month, then go back to see her with the results.
PRAYING for good results, or I WILL have to go on insulin injections!

God help me if that happens.  I will be a blithering mess every day!  

I am feeling confident I WILL have good results in the next month.  100% confident.  I can't think any other way right now.  The alternative is too scary.

It's now after 1 pm and I need lunch.  I'm bloody starving.  And I need to read up on how to do the blood testing MYSELF, and not rely on Stew to do it for me.  Eeeek.

Well.. it took me FIVE thumb pricks before I had figured out how to make the gadget do a reading!  But I think I've got it now.

Fed the family Chicken steaks, potatoes and cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce for dinner tonight.

Then I buggered off and went to cards with me girlfriends!  Such fun.  I think we all enjoy it tremendously.  Time out, lots of laughs.

Home now and going to sign off for the day.


  1. Good luck with your doctor's appointment this morning. What an ignorant couple of women those stall holders were. If you got their car number plate, maybe you should drop in at your local Police station with your photos and report them.

  2. Maria9:53 AM

    Email photos to the market organiser, at the very lest their stall should be moved to another spot so this never happens again.

  3. what crazy parking!!! To park across the pedestrian crossing like that is absolutely the most selfish thing EVER! PS: good luck today Christy xxxx

  4. Anonymous2:12 PM


    So good you went to the Dr, hopefully you can get the levels down, if you do have to go on the insulin, it is because they don't want you to damage your organs and health any further. As you have had the diabetes for a long time without improvement. I have friends who have the injections and it becomes second nature, so you wouldn't even think about it twice after a while so they tell me. As a nurse I have given the insulin injections and the patients don't even notice as the needle is very small . I hope you are ok...not such fun news...


  5. If you need the insulin then you need it but I am confident you can get this under control. I recommend you and Stew watch The Magic Pill. It's free on Youtube but gets taken down and then put up by someone else. It's there at the moment but if that is deleted search for it. I highly recommend it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxqOIJWOWXk

    It shows two women who control their diabetes with diet amongst other interesting cases.

  6. Anonymous2:32 PM

    The needles dont hurt after a while Chris, im sure with all the positive changes you are maķing and the change in medication you will be fine but you know if you do need injections its a small price to pay compared with the complications diabetes can bring xxxx

  7. Anonymous4:23 PM

    You can only do your best which is what your doing and really well I might add, but if you need insulin for your health and well being I’m sure your be fine, you’ve dealt with so much and come out smiling, imagine if it helps you feel better, Jo

  8. I think I feel sorry for the Dr - trying to get you to do something you don't want to do is brave - trying to get you anywhere near a needle is a suicide mission lol.

    1. Ha ha ha! so true. She did give me a big hug when I left though, so she must still like me. *smiles*

    2. Haha!! Can just imagine the visit!!

  9. I am confused. I thought your blood levels had dropped already with the change in diet. I truly thought that the reason you felt crook was because the Metformin was too high vis your levels had come down. How come they are still wanting you to take insulin? Did she weigh you? Sorry so many questions.

    1. I have always felt sick with Metformin. I wanted to change to something that didn't make me sick so much. She wants me to go on insulin as it will 'level everything out' instantly. I am not doing it! I am going to prove the new diet is working with the new medication and a much lower dose of metformin. No she did not weigh me, I told her I would weigh in on 9th July, 3 months after I have been on this new diet.

  10. Ohhhhhhh. Was she impressed with what you had achieved with your levels since you changed your diet?

    1. Yes she was... though she still wanted me to go on insulin!

  11. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Today I went for an x-ray and the woman on the desk told me she had a gastric sleeve operation last September, she said she went into the operation with diabetes and high blood pressure, both were gone within days of the operation. This is a known fact for these gastric sleeve and gastric banding operations. She said she has lost 24 kilos already and wants to lose another 10. She is not a small woman, probably in her late 50's I figured she may still weigh around 90 or so at the moment. She looks really good and healthy in the face not drawn at all. I went to my nutrition hub appointment today, I am loving the new strategies and program and I have lost some weight already. No special diets or restrictions, exactly what I want.


  12. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Were you advised to do a thumb prick .? I have only heard of finger pricks ( unless a sample is unattainable)

    1. According to the instructions, you can prick your thumb or fingers. The Doctor told me you can also prick your toes or ears! Might give them a miss!

  13. Wow I was hoping she would have looked at your levels instead of trying to get you to do the injections.


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