Saturday, May 19, 2018


This morning's first blood test reading is the best number so far.... 6.3 !
That's awesome for first thing in the morning, I'm so happy.
5 weeks ago my morning reading was over 16.  WHOOP WHOOP, I know I'm winning.

Sorry this post is late.  I forgot to do it!  Stew wandered down the hallway just now and said to me "Are you alright?  Your family is getting worried... you haven't done a post this morning!"  ha ha ha.
Silly man.

But he's kinda right, if I don't post, SOMEONE inevitably rings/texts or emails me to find out "what's wrong?"

Nothing's wrong!  I'm just tardy.

Today Stew and I are going to the Tamahere Market.  I want to suss out the gazebos people use, because I MAY start doing that market too.  But I need a gazebo, and as they are rather expensive, I want to make sure I get the best one, value for money one.

So, that's where we are heading in about 20 minutes or so.


Well the market was fairly quiet today, usually it's packed!
But we did get to see and talk to several stall holders about their gazebos.  Which was great.

There were quite a few different gazebos!

ABOVE:  on a whole, the most popular one there was the TOUGHOUT one, and that's because of price.  It's a middle of the road price.  Not really cheap and nasty, and not mega expensive.

But after doing my research, I will probably go for a slightly more expensive one, so that I get longevity and good quality.  At this stage I cannot afford one, but will save up and in a month or two I can get one, then do the market.

It was good to have a good look around and see if anyone was selling stuff like mine, and today at least, no one was.

ABOVE:  It's a bit hard to see this stall holder's face, but he was pretty much scowling at me!  I think he thought I was taking a photo so I could copy his 'sayings'.  I reassured him I was interested in the gazebo brand, not his wares!

 ABOVE:  We were lucky with the weather while there, it didn't rain.  Now we are home, it is.

 ABOVE: Stew admired this little bottle holder/opener, so I convinced him to buy it.

ABOVE: How cute is it?  I'm sure it will come in handy.

And doesn't my man look good!  He's losing weight and is looking dang hot!  Though I think he's hot no matter what he weighs.  Love him to bits.

ABOVE:  Tamahere market is held at a Church, and this is part of the cemetery.  It's rather pretty.  I don't mind cemeteries at all, I find them very interesting places to wander through.  

Now?  Lunch, then read some more Coronation Street episodes.

Wow... it's bloody quiet today.  It's been quiet here too.  I've been reading Coro Street, dyeing my hair and generally having a lazy day.
I'm looking forward to this evening, I'm gunna watch the Royal Wedding.

I'm keen to see what Meghan's wedding dress looks like. It's the Chick in me of course.  I reckon 90% of the female population is interested in seeing 'THE DRESS'.  lol

Am I wrong?  Maybe, but who cares?

I'm watching it.  I like Harry, he's cool.

And I might just end the day here, cos ... nothing else is happening here.


  1. Congrats! 6.3 is great! It will get so much easier with time. You are worth it.

  2. Stew is looking great, I bet you are too. Looking forward to seeing a photo of a smaller you soon. (but of course you are great no matter what your size, I just want you healthy)

    1. Awww thank you Maria, lovely words. Photo of me? Nah not for a while if I can help it.

  3. I only want to see the dress too... it'll be such a humungus buildup though....sigh....

  4. I coloured my hair too and I am waiting to watch the royal wedding. Problem being my husbands football team are playing at the same time.

  5. We are watching over here too, thats great numbers Chris.

  6. That's a fantastic blood result!! I'm waiting for the dress but also looking forward to Harry's first look at Meghan as she walks down the aisle! How is the Coro catch up going?

    1. I'm halfway through March 2017, so a way to go yet.

  7. Wendy (UK)10:02 PM

    We have it on now here in the U.K. and I so wish I was so tall and slim like many of the guests & looking forward to seeing Megan’s dress and all good wishes to them both as it is history in the making.Well done in getting the numbers down and with the weight loss for both you and Stew. I am dreading the day I have to use Insulin and hope it is a long way off of in the future. Wendy (UK)

  8. Glad your numbers are improving!
    I love the beer bottle "toolbox"!

  9. That's a nice tent! My first one blew away and wadded up like a ball. Glad I didn't pay too much for that one. Now I have an ez up and weights with sand on the corners. Does it get windy there? We seem to have a lot of gusty wind.


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